100 Harry Potter Prompts: Part 1

This list is #$@&%*! amazing, amigos! Thanks for all the submissions. Here is part 1:

  1. Parseltongues aren’t the only ones who can talk to certain animals; There are a number of hereditary abilities that allow wizards to understand and communicate with other species. You are a young wizard who can understand birds, and it is driving you CRAZY.
  2. 10 years later, on the day of the battle of Hogwarts. George is standing in front of the mirror, looking himself in the eyes, wishing that his reflection was someone else.
  3. Harry Potter prompt: The Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets is back! …but now it’s the size of a thread snake.
  4. A muggle angered by the fact that there are only 10 dragons in this world and 7 of them are European, sets off to find more dragons.
  5. Your entire family is full of Hufflepuffs, so during your sorting you begged the Sorting Hat to place you there. Now you’re older and definitely a Slytherin and you need to hide it.
  6. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes has an adult section in the back.
  7. after Ron picks up the wrong hairs for a polyjuice potion Hermione is making, the two find themselves in each other’s bodies.
  8. You are the new heir of Slytherin, capable of opening the Chamber of Secrets and talking to snakes. On your first visit you find the monster dead. Not that you care, you never hated muggles anyway. Instead you start giving guided tours, charging a couple of Sickles for each tour, trying your best not to make the teachers notice.
  9. You’re a muggle born sorted into Slytherin of all places. The other students warn you that the Bloody Baron hates muggles, but to your surprise, the ghost has somewhat of a different view on muggleborns like you…
  10. Harry DOES get sorted into Slytherin when he asks not to be and becomes best friends with Draco as well.
  11. No one knew Voldemort was the last line of defence against them. Now he’s gone, and they are coming.
  12. Many years after the Dark Lord Voldemort was killed, a new dark lord has come. He’s part of the ministry and the new candidate for minister of magic..
  13. When Harry Potter dies in his first year at Hogwarts, Hermoine Granger takes on the duty of defeating the dark lord and succeeds in her task in the second year. The wizarding world is safe once again. Describe how she managed this.
  14. Write about Hermiones struggles and success as Minister of Magic.
  15. The dementors may suck the souls out of their victims with their kiss, but what happens to the soul after that?
  16. As a young gifted wizard, Sirius Black once found the Mirror of Erised; but what did he see as he glanced upon its glass?
  17. Hagrid comes every year to celebrate Harry’s birthday
  18. Harry never got a letter. He goes through his day to day life as a muggle, never noticing obnoxiously weird things around him. Write a day in the life of harry the muggle
  19. You’re invited to Tom riddle’s 6th birthday party
  20. Magical patronuses are extremely rare. It’s said that only the pure or the purely evil can conjure them. You’re a Slytherin trying to prove what they say about Slytherins is wrong. In Defence against dark arts, you just found out your patronus is a Hungarian horntail.
  21. “Don’t worry, Potter,” said the Dark Lord, “killing will get easier. And as my right hand man, you’ll need to get used to it.”
  22. Au where Snape is the chosen one and Harry is the Potions master
  23. In second year, Draco writes in the diary of Tom Riddle instead, and gets some pretty sound advice.
  24. “You went to school for seven years and THIS is what you use your skills on? Just- Just tell us why THIS branch of Animagi…?”
  25. Harry’s a girl, and has to deal with all the Voldemort shit when she has cramps so she’s extra pissed off.
  26. The Nimbus 3000 just came out, you are one galleon short but you desperately want it, how will you get your hands on the new broom?
  27. You somehow stumble into Filch’s office and grab the nearest artifact before you escape.
  28. Both Harry and Neville are the ‘chosen ones’. Only together are they able to defeat the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, everyone thinks only Harry is the ‘chosen one’. Follow Neville and co. as they discover the truth.
  29. Divination has a new muggle-born teacher, who seems more intent on teaching useful life lessons than magic.
  30. “You’re a wizard, Hermione.”
  31. “How many times have I told you to leave your dragons in Romania?!”
  32. “You’re a wizard, Harry.” “No shit!”
  33. All the Harry Potter character have switch roles, so that the heroes are now the villains. Who’s who and what happens?
  34. Mcgonagall, after noticing Harry’s letter is being ignored, goes to the Dursleys to check on the young wizard.
  35. Harry wonders what the fuck kinda school this is when Dumbledore says “ The third floor corridor is out of bounds for anyone that doesn’t want to die a most painful death.”
  36. Hermione Granger is one of those kids who is in classes meant for those a few years older than her, she is a genius.
  37. You are a muggle, yet direct magic doesn’t affect you, you wander into Hogwarts, you are not harmed by the shriek of mandrake plants, a basilisk cannot petrify you, magical devices break at your touch. you are a magic null.
  38. You thought you’d made a simple mistake in potions. As you sit outside the headmaster’s office, straining to hear the grave conversation from behind the door, it dawns on you that your error couldn’t have been as simple as it seemed.
  39. Harry goes on a journey of self-love by hiking around an Arby’s parking lot at 2am.
  40. The series is entirely the same but Voldemort and Snape have swapped noses .
  41. A day in the life of Dobby.
  42. Lucius is sacrificed by Voldemort and dies in the Wizarding War leaving pregnant Narcissa disillusioned and scared. She seeks help from Dumbledore and becomes a double agent.
  43. “Hmm, courage… yes… plenty of intelligence too! Very loyal… but crafty… hmm. Tricky, very tricky. I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to belong in any specific house. Better be… HOGWARTS!!!”
  44. Harry and Ron/Hermione and Ginny become the canon ships.
  45. Hermione and Ron visit America for a family vacation. Write about their adventures.
  46. Sassy harry calling Snape and Dumbledore out on their bullshit   24/7.
  47. Ravenclaws have a chamber of secrets, but it’s just a library of infinite knowledge too nerdy to touch.
  48. Post-apocalyptic Draco and Harry, where Draco needs the help of Harry in order for both of them to survive.
  49. You thought you were a muggle-born witch/wizard and then you find one of your long before ancestors in the portraits of the school’s corridors.
  50. You can do magic without a wand. You are the second most wanted after Voldemort.
  51. Disco balls and disco and lgbt folks at Hogwarts
  52. A student is accepted into Hogwarts only to find out it was a mistake and they don’t actually have any magical abilities. Tell their story of trying to make it through Hogwarts after all these years.
  53. Remus Lupin adopts Harry.  He never lived with the Dursleys. Tell us his happy Wizarding Childhood.
  54. You’re a historian writing a critical paper on The Battle Of Hogwarts. You believe the existing discourse has ignored the significance of one woman: Mrs Norris. Write a paper discussing her much-maligned role in the Battle of Hogwarts.
  55. A story about the lonely, never-useful life of Snape’s shampoo bottle.
  56. Rumour has it the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher has already arrived and is hiding. Whoever finds them gets 500 points for their house.
  57. write the wizarding sex ed pamphlet that gets handed out to fifth years.
  58. everything’s the same except every character is a lizard.
  59. Describe the three trials in the next Triwizard Tournament.
  60. “Nobody knew about the fifth Hogwarts founder, and the secret they hid in the castle… until now”
  61. Minerva McGonagall is quite puzzled by Dumbledore’s recent hires for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and would like to have a serious talk with him about it.
  62. You decide to try flying on a broom just for shits and giggles. It works, and now you need help. A lot of help.
  63. The previous magical protection of the prime minister has been retired. You have taken their place.
  64. The Wizarding World decided it’s time to explore space.
  65. Doleres Umbridge is now the head teacher of Hogwarts and president Snow form panel is the minister for magic. They have reinvented the triwizard tournament to have aspects of the hunger games. Tell the story of this year’s tributes.
  66. “When I wished to be part of the world of Harry Potter, I was hoping for an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, not for the bridge I was crossing to be demolished by death eaters on my way home from work!”
  67. You are a squib from a long line of witches and wizards who has never made any contact with the Muggle world. Today is your first day of high school.
  68. Hermione blinked. “You’re right, Ron. I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.”
  69. Through a series of events, you land yourself in the world of Harry Potter. The catch? You’ve never read a word from the books and have absolutely no clue what’s going on.
  70. The entire series but everyone is emo as hell.
  71. You are Harry Potter’s less famous twin sibling. All you want is a quiet wizarding school life.
  72. Write the science behind magic.
  73. You are in the infamous library where no books have titles. Somehow, you pick up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You want to help in any way you can.
  74. “The wand chooses the wizard” except this time three have chosen the same master. And they’re attempting to duel each other.
  75. Re-write one of the quidditch chapters from the perspective of the snitch.
  76. Harry being raised by Sirius and Remus because they actually caught Wormtail
  77. Dumbledore reads My Immortal and thinks it’s really good.
  78. “The Death Eaters stole this from the Muggles. What is it, Hermione?” “Ron, I…I think it’s a Nuke.”  "WICKED! Dad’s gonna love this!“
  79. Draco and Ron get in a wizard’s fight; Harry has to reveal his love for Draco by protecting him.
  80. While looking through Filch’s files of rescinded objects, you find something extremely dangerous. Just as you put it in your pocket for later investigation, you get caught by Peeves the poltergeist.
  81. A deaf Ravenclaw, a disabled Slytherin, a mute Gryffindor, and a black trans Hufflepuff help together to cope with each other’s’ problems.
  82. You’ve just received a Howler in front of the whole school. What does it say and how does the school react?
  83. A very derpy Dementor who doesn’t even try and suck souls, but just wants to be friends with everyone and gets sad easily so everyone has to cheer it up.
  84. As it turns out, Neville is the strongest wizard of all.
  85. Write a love story about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.
  86. Your boggart and your reflection in the Mirror of Erised show the same thing.
  87. Who maintains the enchanted ceiling at Hogwarts? How did they get the job and what’s their life like?
  88. Finally, Hogwarts gets its Wi-Fi hotspot.
  89. After a traumatising first year at Hogwarts, Ginny Weasley has to learn to deal with the long-term psychological effects of having been possessed by a dark wizard.
  90. Someone didn’t focus enough when trying to apparate somewhere and somehow wound up on Mars.
  91. You show someone the Mirror of Erised for the first time. You ask what they see, and they just look at you strangely. “What? Did you forget how mirrors work? I just see us.”
  92. A story written from the perspective of a student who died in the battle of Hogwarts, and is now a ghost there.
  93. Hogwarts wants to open a school in another part of the world.
  94. It’s been a hundred years, or so, and you’re still stuck in this dusty, shabby place. As a wand, it would be nice if you could finally choose the perfect wizard to wield you.
  95. You hide pictures of Voldemort in most  unusual places to freak other students out
  96. AU where all spells are imaginary. They’re basically running around with sticks yelling nonsense.
  97. The DA learned their most important lesson from Hermione - always bring a gun to a wand fight.
  98. Write about the day the magical world discovered internet (and proceeded to make their own WizNet)
  99. Harry Potter where Harry’s dad survived but is left emotionally destroyed by Voldemort’s attack.
  100. Harry Potter lowers his wand at himself. He swore he would rid the world of Horcruxes. He was about to make good on that promise.

 Let’s make a new list right away. Do you have a prompt for us?

They were a being with galaxies in their hair and constellations on their cheeks. Their five eyes shone, and not with happiness; they glowed, blazing too bright to look at until they closed their second eyelids.  They smiled often, but never with their teeth, and when they spoke with their mouth (a rare occasion) you could swear the inside was less mouth and more void. People called them Tzse; you did too, but in the private recesses of your mind you called them magnificent. You studied them, and they would have studied you if they weren’t so far above it all. You look at them and they look through you.

            You were lovestruck.

            Being in love with one of the Fair Folk almost always ended terribly, you knew; horror stories are whispered on moonless nights about the girl who had offered her beloved a kiss, and when she pulled back her mouth was gone. A boy who fell in love with a changeling and, upon realizing that that was what they were, went to great and terrible lengths to make sure they would stay. You don’t know how truthful these stories are, but you do know that on nights lit by a full moon, you can still hear the calls of spirits long gone, calling to loves long lost.

            This… this would be different. You were positive.

            Positive is a dangerous thing to be at Elsewhere. In a place where reality isn’t quite real, you can’t be positive about anything. But you were, and maybe that was your first mistake.

            You need to approach them. You need to find a way to do that so you would not be merely acknowledged by them, but get them to be as interested in you as you are with them. You need to ask them for a favor. Not just any favor would do, though. You need something unique, something that would draw attention.

            You know what to ask.

            Your heart is beating out the rhythm of your anxiety and you hands are fluttering as you approach them. Nobody is hanging around them, as per usual. Usually the only people that approach them are foolish people that study the Forbidden Major, desperate for a little more insight, a little more of an edge in their classes. Most of them disappeared within the day. The unlucky few that didn’t were never the same, with empty eyes and emptier thoughts.

            This would be different, you think again.

            Tzse looks at you as you approached them, a sudden twist of their head. Their second eyelids are closed, thankfully, but they are still a bit too bright to look directly at. You try to anyway, eyes watering, teeth clenched. This was the first time they’ve looked at you. You need to make a good first impression, or else all of your future interactions would be sour with embarrassment. There will be future interactions.

            A beat of silence. You realize they are waiting for you to speak, their bright gaze telling you to take your time, not because they are gracious or kind, but because time means nothing to a being like them. You swallow thickly before speaking up.

            “I have come to request a boon,” you say, voice shaking only slightly.

            Tzse’s head tilts ever so slightly to the left, their fifth eye’s pupil contracting into a thin line. After another beat of silence, you take that as cue to speak more.

            “I have- I have the essence of a creature long dead, trapped inside a tomb made of stone” You take the object out; a fist sized rock, relatively flat and ovular. Inside was the skull of a mouse; it was a fossil. You may not major in archeology, but fossils had always intrigued you. This one in particular was something of a good luck charm for you. “It holds sentimental value and 14 years of memories, and was my protection for the longest time.”

            That piques their interest. Their eyes flash a bit brighter for only a moment, and the stardust in their hair flurries a bit. From weeks and weeks of watching them make deals with other students, unmake the existence of some of them, you know their tells, their warning signs, their signals. You are prepared.

            Words suddenly appear in your mind, explosive and ancient. It’s not violent, or unwelcome. They had always been there, you think, even though you know they hadn’t. And for what are you asking in return, human-of-flesh-and-bone?

            You take a shaky breath.

            “I ask for the power to hold the stars.”

            Negotiating was tricky. Negotiating is always tricky, but that trickiness is amplified when you are talking to one you have fallen for. You explain terms and conditions, and they respond with pictures and colors and requests. You reach an agreement.

            Your stone-of-memories and your tome-of-life. Your fossil and biology textbook. You make sure to clarify that before sealing the deal; tricky wording can and will lead to an unfortunate end when it comes to the Fair Folk. Their expression doesn’t change and they don’t say a word, but you feel a vague sense of affirmation, so you take that as a yes.

            You hesitate for a moment; different Gentry have different ways of ending negotiations, and you aren’t entirely sure what this ones way of doing so was. You didn’t have to wait long; they float closer to you and hold out a gloved hand. A color unknown to human sight appears in your mind; give it to them. You hand over the fossil and book with shaking hands, and they hold them gingerly before placing them in an ancient looking leather rucksack. You stand there, waiting patiently (as if you could be doing anything else), for your side of the deal to be completed.

            You don’t have to wait long.

            They set their bag down softly. You can hear the rattling of skulls and rocks and shuffling of paper inside, and distantly you wonder what they have in there. Your thoughts don’t stay distant for long, however; as they float back to you, you can hear the blood in your veins and the music of your bones. They are right in front of you, and you realize that their body is the history of a galaxy, stars dying and being born, nebulae and black holes and endless impossibilities.

            A starry hand is on your shoulder, cold and hot and somehow solid. Your attention is drawn to the eye in the middle of the other four, round and bright and blazing. Their other hand is on the other shoulder, and they’re so tall, a solid foot above you, probably, how did you not notice before-

            Their nebulaeic lips are on your forehead, and whispers are planted in your mind. Your nervous system, your blood, your bones and organs and skin; they’re changing. Fire is planted in your lungs and ice in your liver. Your heart stops beating for a moment, and when it starts again the whispers tell you that your veins run silver with mercury and magic. The pain is excruciating, you wonder how this being, how any being could have this power at their disposal. You’re being torn apart, mere humans shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of magic, nobody should be exposed to this kind of magic-

And suddenly, it’s over. They’re gone, like they were never here at all. Maybe they weren’t. Reality is a fickle thing in Elsewhere, after all.

            The position of the sun (so, so dim, compared to the stars in Tzse’s eyes) tells you it’s almost time to go inside. Don’t stay out after dark, your roommate advised your first night at Elsewhere. His eyes were hollow and his voice was too, sending a chill down to your soul. You’ve heeded his advice, especially after the first time someone you knew disappeared.

            You grab your backpack with your new hands, and head to your dorms with your new legs. Your new mind is keeping you up with your new thoughts as you lay down in your old bed, and your new heart is beating too, too slow. You stay up for hours, sleep not coming as easy as you wished. You wonder if you will ever sleep easily again.

            Outside your window, five glowing eyes watch you. Outside your window, five glowing eyes study you. Outside your window, Tzse is floating, and a star on their left shoulder dies.


i was considering waiting until i was Totally Finished to submit this but my plan for this goes on for… a while… so i jst submitted th first part now and hopefully ill get Motivated to quickly continue!! if anything i write goes against canon pleasE tell me because i don’t want to mess up in future parts of this!!


Compatibility: The Basics

First off, I am going to give you the disclaimer that all astrology bloggers love to give: astrology does not dictate exactly how well people get along. A person’s natal chart does not set into stone what the person’s personality or essence is, so it’s important not to take astrological compatibility too seriously. Even if you and your crush or partner are incompatible astrologically, it does not mean you cannot have a happy, healthy relationship.

Second, the best way to get full, proper insight into the compatibility between two people is to draw the synastry and composite charts for them. You can find chart generators for synastry and composite charts on in the Extended Chart Selection. I will discuss these charts further in a future post.

What signs are compatible?

Signs that form harmonious aspects are the most compatible. So, signs of the same element or of the same duality (except for the sign’s sister) are the most compatible.

Pairs between the same sign are also good, but not as strong as harmonious aspect pairs.

Different astrologers view the compatibility of sister signs differently. Personally, I believe that sister signs of the mutable and cardinal modalities are compatible, while the sister signs of the fixed modality are less compatible. However, this is very open to interpretation.

Signs that form square aspects are the trickiest. These are signs of the same modality, not including the sign’s sister.

Semisextile and inconjunct pairs are tricky, but not as tricky as the square pairs.

So, here are the signs that are most to least compatible for each sign (using the order: trine pairs, sextile pairs, same sign, sister sign, inconjunct, semisextile, and square):

  • ARIES: Sagittarius, Leo; Gemini, Aquarius; Aries; Libra; Virgo, Scorpio; Pisces, Taurus; Capricorn, Cancer
  • TAURUS: Virgo, Capricorn; Pisces, Cancer; Taurus; Scorpio; Libra, Sagittarius; Aries, Gemini; Leo, Aquarius
  • GEMINI: Aquarius, Libra; Aries, Leo; Gemini; Sagittarius; Capricorn, Scorpio; Cancer, Taurus; Virgo, Pisces
  • CANCER: Scorpio, Pisces; Virgo, Taurus; Cancer; Capricorn; Sagittarius, Aquarius; Leo, Gemini; Libra, Aries
  • LEO: Aries, Sagittarius; Gemini, Libra; Leo; Aquarius; Pisces, Capricorn; Cancer, Virgo; Taurus, Scorpio
  • VIRGO: Capricorn, Taurus; Scorpio, Cancer; Virgo; Pisces; Aries, Aquarius; Libra, Leo; Gemini, Sagittarius
  • LIBRA: Aquarius, Gemini; Leo, Sagittarius; Libra; Aries; Taurus, Pisces; Scorpio, Virgo; Cancer, Capricorn
  • SCORPIO: Pisces, Cancer; Capricorn, Virgo; Scorpio; Taurus; Aries, Gemini; Sagittarius, Libra; Leo, Aquarius
  • SAGITTARIUS: Aries, Leo; Libra, Aquarius; Sagittarius; Gemini; Cancer, Taurus; Capricorn, Scorpio; Pisces, Virgo
  • CAPRICORN: Virgo, Taurus; Scorpio, Pisces; Capricorn; Cancer; Leo, Gemini; Aquarius, Sagittarius; Libra, Aries
  • AQUARIUS: Gemini, Libra; Aries, Sagittarius; Aquarius; Leo; Virgo, Cancer; Capricorn, Pisces; Scorpio, Taurus
  • PISCES: Cancer, Scorpio; Capricorn, Taurus; Pisces; Virgo; Leo, Libra; Aries, Aquarius; Sagittarius, Gemini

What placements do I use?

Of course, you can’t just use sun sign-sun sign compatibility! Figure out your placements and the placements of your partner/crush, and look at interplanetary compatibility. For example, if you are a Virgo sun, Gemini moon, Libra Venus and your partner is a Sagittarius sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn Venus - you have strong sun x moon compatibility and sun x Venus compatibility because Sagittarius sun is compatible with Gemini moon and Libra Venus, and Virgo sun is compatible with Taurus moon and Capricorn Venus. Here are my favorite planets to compare when it comes to compatibility:

  • Sun x Sun - how well your personalities work together
  • Sun x Moon - how well you balance or understand each other’s emotions and meet each other’s needs
  • Moon x Venus - romantic and emotional compatibility
  • Sun x Venus - romantic, feminine attraction
  • Sun x Mars - sexual, masculine attraction
  • Mars x Venus - physical and romantic compatibility
  • Mars x Mars - sexual compatibility
  • Venus x Venus - romantic compatibility
  • Rising x Venus - initial attraction
  • Sun x descendant - general attraction
  • Juno x Sun - long term attraction

Rated: Mature
[A bath with Zelo]


“Get the hell out of my bathtub you giant!” you yelled as Junhong made himself comfortable in your tub, making the water uncomfortably high, sloshing over the edge.

You had an entire day of tattooing due to the flash designs your shop was doing and you just ached. Your everything hurt, your back was sore from crouching over, your wrist cramped from holding your tattoo gun and you spent close to forty minutes setting up your playlist, candles, bath bomb and bubbles. And here comes this giant throwing off your zen. 

“Why’s the water blue~ Hey it’s glittery” he chuckle at the water, taking a sip of your wine.


There was no way he was comfortable, he was all long-limbed and broad shoulders and your tub was the perfect size for you. You might even consider it a little on the small side. And yet here he was with his legs spread wide on either side of you, trying to make room in a place where there was no room. 

“You said you wanted to take a bath together” he gave you a sheepish look.

“No! I said I’m going to take a bath. That was in no way an invitation for you! You’re too big!”

He smirked, quirking a brow. “Not the first time you said that”

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anonymous asked:

i just keep thinking about taako and lup. its fuckin me up... I imagine taako kind of yelling at lucretia like: "you made me think i was alone! all those horrible years and you made me think i was alone the entire time. she was all i had and you took my sister from me" also curious to see how justin reacts to such a major edition to his character background that he didn't decide on himself??

i can ONLY assume it’s not going to go over very smoothly. like yeah theyve all gotten VERY good at roleplaying at this point but there’s a limit, and i’d figure that limit would come at the “surprise your guy has a twin sister now!” point. no one knows anything about lup, especially justin, so hes got it out for him extra hard since he has to make up exactly how much taako cares about her and also how much taako would openly show it bc hes a tricky tricky boy when it comes to affections.

i love lup stuff in theory so, so, so much but this stuff’s gonna get just… so fucked in canon lol. its gonna be a mess.

anonymous asked:

Hey! This may have been asked before, but I'm thinking about having one of my minor characters betray the group. Any ideas on how I'd be able to make this make sense.

A character who ‘turns’ on his or her friends is tricky to write. Tricky if you do it wrong. How do you do it wrong? By not planning it.

Traitors should be doomed from the start, so to speak. You should figure out why they are going to become traitors far before they do. See, if you don’t know how to make your character sensibly betray the group, that means you probably don’t have a reason for him or her to do so in the first place.

This applies to a lot of questions: if you don’t know how to do something, it could be due to it being forced. Take a step back. What would drive this character to become a traitor, and hurt his comrades? If nothing would do this, or if nothing happened to make the character undergo such a change, then you should understand why it doesn’t make sense.

After you assess, you should either go back and make the necessary changes to the story to accomodate this betrayal, or drop the idea entirely. If there is no prior reasoning or foreshadowing, it may feel forced or strange to the reader.

Good luck.

- The Artificer.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I hope your mom gets better soon and you and your family are ok. You're always so nice and such a sweetheart with everyone and you deserve all the happiness! :) If you're still doing headcanons, do you have any for Nessian?

Friend, I tell you what. I have like zero Nessian headcanons. Except one and it’s hyper specific.

Okay, basically imagine that ACOWAR comes along and either Cassian a) can’t fight because his wings haven’t healed yet, OR b) can’t fight because his wings will never heal. Whatever works for your soul best.

Cassian still does his best to prep the armies and plan strategy, but he knows he can’t fight. Nesta has gotten better at fighting, but the war comes so fast after she’s Made, there’s no way she’s battle ready in time. Luckily for the pair of the, Feyre comes back to the Night Court right before the war kicks off in full force and she has an idea when she sees the state Nessian is in.

They all of have a late night cabinet meeting to go over plans and no one can figure out how to work Cass and Ness into the right places given what’s going on with his wings and her training status. Feyre leans forward and suggests the following:

“What if….”

Cassian leans forward eagerly. “What? What if what?”

Feyre grimaces. “Eh, I don’t know. I have an idea, but it’s… tricky.”

“Tricky is what we do best, Feyre,” Azriel says. Coming from the shadowsinger, it gives her confidence. She takes a breath and looks at Rhys.

“When I killed Tamlin’s sentry out in the woods, Tamlin had shape shifted him into a wolf even though he didn’t have any powers himself. I have that shapeshifting power.” Rhys’s brows knit together. “Do you think it would be possible for me to do something similar for Nesta?”

“I am not letting you turn me into a dog,” Nesta says, hand flat on the table. Feyre rolls her eyes.

“I’m not saying a dog, Ness, but what if I could give you wings? What if I could help you fly?”

The table goes silent. Even Nesta. Feyre doesn’t think her sister knows what to say. Mor’s the one who finally leans in. “To what end, Feyre? She’s never trained with flying before. Nesta would probably be more useful on the ground or behind the maps than in new territory.”

“But from up high, she’d get an overview of what was happening on the ground and in the air. And she could tell Cassian and still relay commands from him for select troops. It would Nesta somewhere useful and still keep Cassian in the game. Goodness knows we don’t want to offend his fragile ego excluding him.”

Mor chuckles and Feyre can see Cassian’s weakened wings give a shake behind him as he gives her an arrogant look. “There’s just one problem, Feyre,” he says. “How is Nesta going to tell me what’s going on if we’re miles apart?”

Feyre doesn’t have to look at Rhys to know he’s smiling at her.

You want to connect their minds, don’t you? Rhys asks down the bond. Feyre grins.

Is it possible? The same way shape shifting Andras was. Can damaeti… share their powers?

Rhys looses a breath considering.

“Will you two stop the silent charade,” Mor says. “This is serious.”

“Since when are you serious?” Rhys snips at her. “Feyre darling, may just be on to something.”

Feyre beams and tells them her plan.

They spend the next two days working tirelessly to get Cass and Nesta ready. Feyre struggles to shape shift the wings at first, but eventually she does and Nesta with all her determination and fire gets off the ground in no time. She doesn’t go into any heavy combat herself, but with the bridge Rhys and Feyre are able to lock in place between her and Cassian, she takes to the skies and monitors the war, relaying info to Cassian who helps her sort out movements and tactics.

Totally not realistic probably, but something I’ve been musing about for a while. :)

Rogue One: Second Viewing

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Watched Rogue One for the second time today on the big screen.  Here are some more thoughts since I’m not inundated by “HOLY SHIT” feelings from experiencing it the first time. There may be some repeat thoughts.

NB, as usual: have only seen the movie and read a small portion of its prequel Catalyst so far. I try to talk about individual characters themselves, but shipping thoughts concerning RebelCaptain (Jyn/Cassian) and SpiritAssassin (Chirrut/Baze) still occur.

Warning: THIS IS REALLY, REALLY LONG. Not exaggerating in any way.

  • Quick General Thoughts 
    • I’d seen the movie a little more than a month ago and have swamped myself in fandom, so I thought I wouldn’t have Extreme Emotions from seeing it again. I even thought I’d be bored for some bits.
      • I was wrong.
    • It’s a beautiful movie, and I honestly liked every single performance by the actors and actresses. I thought they were all really good or amazing.
    • By far one of the most intense movies that I’ve seen in general, not just the Star Wars ‘verse.
  • Lah’mu
    • There’s a piece of symbolism in some Rogue One book material that talks about how the movie bookends the theme of “Jyn” and “home.” AKA: Jyn starts the movie by having a home, and Jyn ends the movie by rediscovering home. Figuratively, this is shown by Lah’mu with her parents (start) and the Scarif beach with Cassian (end) (or you could argue the entire Rogue One team becoming family, a la Baze’s “little sister”, as “home”).
      • However, now I can see there’s also a literal interpretation of this: Jyn’s Lah’mu home is next to a beach. And you remember where she dies? A BEACH.
    • If one of the Stormtroopers was taught even a little bit of forensic science, Jyn would have absolutely been found underneath that damn rock. They live on rich, loamy soil. Anyone heard of footprints or tracks? I guess Death Troopers are too busy learning how to kill people.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Kyle has always been the quiet type. Sweet hearted but shy, he is liked by most but… doesn’t really have someone he can truly call a friend. Kyle goes about his daily life in mostly quiet, his coming and going never causing much notice. And so one day he sees a new student in class with some electronic device. He soon learns that it’s an interpreter device. He walks over and gently taps his shoulder. Waving he takes out a mini notepad and writes down what he’s going to say. “Hi. My name is Kyle. Welcome to our school. Would you like me to sit next to you so I can get people’s attention if you need anything?” He asks.

my prof invited me to watch a performance that was happening between classes and i showed up and he unfolded a chair for me and placed it down and i sat in it and then i looked to my left and there was a trans girl sitting there whom i have never met before and i was like “oh!!” i think my professor intended for that to happen what a tricky tricky trick

Kyle had been in a final meeting with another vampire clan when his phone vibrated. He ignored it at first, whatever it was could most likely wait. But then it continued and soon the texts became phone calls. Irritated, he excused himself and went to the hall to answer his second in command. To his surprise it was Lincoln’s mate, Madelyn, who was calling. She apologized but explained the situation. A few of the betas had been poking some fun at Max, she didn’t saw how, and that when he stopped leaving the manor, she had begged Lincoln to check on him. Lincoln had found him…his heat started. Kyle thanked whoever was out there that his second in command had enough self control to leave instead of taking Max for himself.
Hanging up the phone, he made his apologies to the clan, claiming a pack emergency and hurried to his car. He broke every speed limit there was to get back to Max. He omega hat would be the death of him at this rate. He barely parked the car outside of his house before he was running inside, passing Lincoln who was guarding the door. He would thank the man later. “Max?!” He called out, stripping down to his tshirt and jeans. “Max, you will answer me if you can hear me.” He demanded, pausing to listen for any sign or sound of the wolf.

(this is mostly an answer to @sebonnie‘s post that got a bit too long)

(not really a theory but just a description of how I see the way Night Vale’s reality works. A headcanon, if you will)

It seems like Night Vale can interact with our/other reality, but it’s sort of a Russian roulette. It’s ‘tricky to leave and tricky to find’, but you can do both of these things.

Сarlos and his team, The University Of What It Is’ stuff (ep. 55 ) and the carnival (ep. 54) were able to enter Night Vale from (seemingly) our (normal) world. And The University’s stuff, the carnival and Troy (the novel) were able to leave.

We know that Night Vale is canonically a rumor:

she jumped in and explained that the University of What It Is was concerned about one of their faculty members [Carlos] who had taken a sabbatical to investigate some…probably fantastical rumors about a strange town in the desert, and then had never returned.

(Ep.55 - The University of What It Is)

Now, the commercial airliner from the early episodes is also worth a mention:

A commercial airliner flying through local airspace disappeared today, only to reappear in the Night Vale Elementary gymnasium during basketball practice, . The jet roared through the small gym for only a fraction of a second. And before it could strike any players or structure, it vanished again.

(Ep. 1 - Pilot)

In other news, a commercial airliner appeared today and then disappeared, as suddenly as it had arrived. There is no conclusive evidence that this is the same airliner last seen in the Night Vale Elementary gym one year ago.

(Ep. 25 - One Year Later)

This particular case really resembles well-known real-life incidents when aircrafts and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances while crossing an anomaly area (e.g. Flight 19 , Douglas DC-3).

Time doesn’t work well in Night Vale so several second in there might mean years of disappearance in ‘real’ world, with Carlos’ case as an example (he’s said to be ‘missing for decades’ in his world even though only ~2-3 years have passed for him in NV (ep.55)).

Night Vale seems to be sort of a pocket reality/universe, placed on another plane of existence, but things are able to snick in and out of it.

> So, personally, I see Night Vale as kind of a vile vortex to the rest of the world (e.g. The Bermuda Triangle): an anomaly zone in the US’ desert. Most of the times you can pass through this area with no problem, but sometimes, for an unknown reason, if you’re (un)lucky enough, you’ll end up in Night Vale, a mysterious town from rumors.

Interesing addition: judging from the Night Vale novel, it seems like native Night Vale residents can’t leave the town for long and can’t settle down in another area simply because they damage the spacetime around them, to the point where the place they’re in kind of falls out of it’s regular reality and becomes Night-Vale-like. Apparently, the damage is reversible when all nightvailians are removed from the area, as King City became it’s normal self after all Troys left.

This may be what Huntokar meant by referring to Night Vale as sort of ‘trapped‘ in it’s own reality (’ alone, disconnected from all of the rest of the universe, but safe.’ (ep.109))