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ScReAMINg about Superman!Derek. It was so good! But I have to know- have you put any of your beautiful thoughts towards how Stiles reacts when Derek inevitably has to save Lois by scooping her up in his arms as she falls from the sky?

So, Stiles is not at all jealous of Lois Lane or anyone else Derek saves in a could be romantic way because, frankly, Derek Hale is the most obvious in-love person in the planet and now that they are dating, Derek does stupid stuff like gives Stiles a kiss on the cheek every time he brings Stiles his coffee and writes little hearts on post-it notes and puts them on his desk and it is really a very good thing that they had no intention of hiding their relationship because Derek Hale may somehow manage to keep the whole “Superman” thing on the DL but he is absolutely shit at lying in anything other capacity.

Also, all Stiles has to do is whisper naughty things under his breath at work and Derek Hale turns bright red and starts fumbling. One time when Stiles whispered about his plans for Derek Hale that night, Derek Hale aka Superman tripped over his own feet, dropped 35 pages of edits on the ground, and then whacked his head into a doorknob when he tried to stand up. Stiles laughed for 15 minutes. Derek technically broke up with him but then turned up that evening anyway because… well, Stiles is good at planning.

THAT BEING SAID: Stiles Stilinski knows not to look a gift horse in the mouth. His boyfriend is Superman. He has to take advantage. And so using his would-be jealousy (that he suspect Derek knows it completely put-on), he creates his Rule.

Which is this: Every would-be romantic thing that Derek does with anyone else, he must also do with Stiles. 

That means when Derek rescues Lois from falling from the sky, they will make a date where Stiles jumps from some tall building  or cliff and Derek has to catch him.

When Derek saves someone and they faint in his arms, Stiles reenacts it. When someone Derek saves chooses to take advantage and cling a little too fiercely (sometimes they touch his butt– honestly, Stiles does not blame them), Stiles does the same (usually sans clothing). When Derek saves someone from drowning, Stiles makes them go to a lake or pool so he can jump in, flail around, and Derek can come save him. (Stiles always gets mouth to mouth too). 

It’s a bit more tricky when Derek does things like “stops a falling building from falling on someone” but Stiles manages. Aka he balances the pots very poorly in the drawer in their apartment, closes it so they definitely will fall and then opens it 15 seconds later, forcing Derek to come save him as pots tumble around him. (Sometimes he does this when Derek hasn’t even saved anyone recently.)

Basically, Stiles has the best time dating Superman that anyone could ever have ever. Derek does not really understand why he likes Stiles as much as he does. The man is a menace.

(Catch me, Derek! Catch me! STILES I AM TRYING TO COOK YOU DINNER. DO NOT— oh heck, fine.)