ask-trickster-greedler: He crawled up on his desk and glanced at him “HEY MAN YOU HAVE ANY FOOD?” =w= he asked, tail wiggling.

the-don-onceler: The Don glanced up from his pile of paperwork.
“I still have the ice cubes from the last time you and Zombie visited me,
if you still want them?” he smirked. 


The mafia boss raised an eyebrow. 
“I don’t owe you anything…Pipsqueak.” 
And he poked at the little nose with his index finger,
only to be hissed and scratched at. 

“Nevertheless…” he got up and walked over to the tea table,
coming back with a small pot of honey usually used for adding into Trufulla Tea. 
“Here.” and The Don extended a honey-coated finger.

He didn’t even think twice about it as he licked his finger, pushing his hands aginst his cheeks and letting his tail wiggle happily at the sweet taste >///u///<

Having had his fill of sugary honey,neko-Trickster began clambering up the Don’s chest,clinging onto the fabric of his clothes with his claws,intent on catching some shut-eye on the man’s shoulders. 
“Watch your claws,Pipsqueak.” The Don warned. But Tricky only dug his claws in harder in response.

“I must admit you look rather cute like this.with the mini top hat and all.” The Don mused,“Not that I don’t think you looked cute sprawled over my desk the last time…"he smirked quietly.

"And yet Zombie still thinks that he has no reason to be jealous of me.
I can already imagine our next conversation: 
‘Hello,Zombie.Did I tell you about the last time your lovely trickster came by my office? Licked me and fell asleep on me?’” And he laughed out loud. 

-He just let out a yawn- HUMM WHATEVER -He purred as he closed his eyes- IT’S FUN WATCHING YOU BOTH ARGUE

“It’ll be more fun if you let us both fuck you…” The Don muttered under his breath. Getting slightly irritated from neko-Tricky’s swishing tail.

“…” 8) he digs his claws in to him as response to what he just said “I THINK I MISS HEARD YOU THEN” he huffed as he got himself comfortable agian, tail curling around his shoulder like a scarf “YOU SOUND LIKE A DIRTY OLD MAN” eAe

“…I am a dirty,old man.I just don’t show it.” The Don smirked. Humming softly to the gramophone,and trying to focus on the paperwork instead of letting the ball of fur slip off his shoulder.

“PFT EW” =3= he just closed his eyes agian “DON’T LET ME FALL OF YOU ASS” he grumbled as he slept.

zombie-ler:“STOP. TOUCHING. MY. STUFF.AHHUGHGHGYGYKK&FHJ**&Tohloe9u2ueo//dies”

“…he came onto me,darlin.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m going to kill you in your sleep

Gonna stream tomorrow. First one in a series of 7.

It’s going to be the drawings of Gold hugging the winners of the mini contest I had. You know, for reaching my goal of 700+. I’m probably going to start around lunch time (?)

…I’m going to go in order of the list I made. I’ll tag the people for each stream.

 …Yeah that sounds good.

Good night you guys.

trickster-of-greed replied to your postWell plonking frick buns….
whereisyourmoosetonight replied to your postWell plonking frick buns….

No, you are not sorry, Miss Tricky!! And no, Miss Moose! Apparently everyone saw it! Can’t you see the big black block with a distinctively sad face present between my legs?!

(doesn’t everyone’s dick look like that anyway?)