Trollmegle, you have kept me up far too late.

But that was indeed some very freaking cool Nanasprite versus Trickster!John. He is an absolute delight to play, and you were undoubtedly the best hardcore grandma in the universe. Mind you, I call my grandma Nana and I was pretty reluctant to have any kind of John beat up his own Nana (I could never beat up my Nana - she’d kick my ass)! But then it happened and I think she was kicking his ass, too, anyways. xD

Simply awesome. More shenanigans tomorrow.

After work. Or something.

I wish I had a scanner so I could make this post pretty with my own damn art. Instead, have some Gogtier trickster John by the lovely squibiscuit. Go check her shit, it is effing beautiful.

((credit: x))

In the bathroom, he feels so sick to his stomach. He’s nauseous because of the candy, and he tries to throw up.

It doesn’t work, and he feels tingling everywhere for a long while. Soon, he feels uplifted and not so stressed. He actually feels really happy.

Looking in the mirror, he sees that his new getup is fairly flamboyant in color choices, and then poof. He’s suddenly so happy and constantly has a smile. Maybe he should have fun until this wears off?

His subconscious screams and begs for control, but it’s not going to get any.