trickster zillyhoo!

Zillyhoo, that is Frivolity

from the Book of Memes Names, I guess…?

The name of Zillyhoo is Frivolity - the wages of idiocy, and the refusal to engage with true problems.

The heralds of Zillyhoo are rainbows, candy, the number 11, and spirals on cheeks.

The weapons of Zillyhoo are intoxication, sugar rushes, hammers and mallets, irrational “funny” behavior, or an awe so great that you must kneel in front of it and sing.

You turn Zillyhoo aside by literally turning your face aside, practicing caution while using the alchemiter, being extremely comfortable in your identity, or making the author initiate a timeskip.

Zillyhoo kills you by letting you break boundaries that ought not to be broken, making dangers appear more innocent than they truly are, or sending the plot off the rails.

Zillyhoo is drawn to the Ctrl-T key combination, suckers, clowns, and stupid decisions.

Zillyhoo hungers for assimilating as many people as possible, being alchemized with other things, and the plot.

You may kill Zillyhoo by trapping it in a causal loop, or destroying the universe it resides in.

Zillyhoo is reborn when someone spends one zillion Zillium grist; a bunny is sent back in time; two cherubs send codes to the same person.

You may escape the attention of Zillyhoo by not being a main character.