trickster vriska

Aradia rides out Vriska’s fuckery so well. one of Vriska’s main manipulation tactics is to make her victim feel like the two of them are a team, just them against the world. she did this to Terezi, Tavros, John, and to a lesser extent Equius and Kanaya. But Aradia just shuts that shit down immediately. 


Homestucks at San Japan pt. 1

I recently got into Homestuck and didnt plan a cosplay for it this year, but DEFINITELY did not expect this many cosplays! It made me happy to see them and sad not to participate

If you see yourself, feel free to comment and ask for a tag, but also walk me through that shit cuz i dont know how to do it and I just wanna be nice

Meulin Leijon- lovesthebooty

Trickster Jane- @mintytier

Fem!Trickster John- ladykaylin

Sollux Captor- chillyrainbows

Damara Megido- @koolkorra

(it wouldnt let me tag some people)