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Okay so! This askblog is a year old since yesterday, the 25th(with almost 4k followers ), and I decided to draw all my favorite variations of Cronus that I’ve drawn previously (whether they’ve showed up on his blog already or not ;0 ). I can safetly say that I never really expected to get this far, and I’m forever grateful with all the followers that have stuck by my side! You rock and keep this blog kicking! ))


SOME GODTIER EYE HEADCANONS based on @evil-tricksterness‘s beautiful creative tags on @blackoutballad‘s beautiful and pretty art! Some of these turned out better than others, but I really really wanted to try my hand at illustrating these headcanons,,,


Enova Anderson (Alpha)

Nonbinary Asexual Panromantic

Title: Thief of Rage

Born: November 17, 1993

Screen Name: therapWitchst eldwitchAbomination

Strife Specibi: TarrotcardKind CrystalballKind

Planet: Land of Sludge and Shards

Likes: Positing about the existential and otherworldly.

Dislikes: The Monotony of everyday life.


Homestucks at San Japan pt. 1

I recently got into Homestuck and didnt plan a cosplay for it this year, but DEFINITELY did not expect this many cosplays! It made me happy to see them and sad not to participate

If you see yourself, feel free to comment and ask for a tag, but also walk me through that shit cuz i dont know how to do it and I just wanna be nice

Meulin Leijon- lovesthebooty

Trickster Jane- @mintytier

Fem!Trickster John- ladykaylin

Sollux Captor- chillyrainbows

Damara Megido- @koolkorra

(it wouldnt let me tag some people)

While I prepare the list of cosplays I’ve made in 2014, I wanted to bring you guys this: a list of Homestuck cosplays I’ve made since I started reading it!

As some of us know, Homestuck is a very big part of my life– and also of my cosplay experience! I think the official designs are super fun, and I also adore the AU drawings that the fandom produces! I wanna cosplay everything. EVERYTHIIIIING.

Up until December 2014, I have made 10 Homestuck cosplays. Not bad, uh? (well, actually 9. That purple dress I’m wearing for my Roxy Lalonde cosplay is a dress I had in my wardrobe! I’m going to make the actual purple dress very very soon, though). My first Homestuck cosplay was God Tier Rose, back in 2012. After that, I only produced two Homestuck cosplays in 2013– God Tier Jade and Trickster Roxy. And in 2014, my Homestuck fever started! And I don’t plan on stopping for a loooooong time.


2013 Cosplay Review

Well, everyone else was, so…

Guidestuck Squarewave - Knitted Roxy - Calliope - God Tier Meulin - Trickster Roxy - Bondagestuck Roxy - Soldierstuck Roxy - God Tier Roxy - God Tier Nepeta - Kiichi

Not pictured: Fem God Tier Dave, Wedding Roxy, God Tier Jade

As with last year, it’s mostly just variations of Roxy. It’s a terminal illness.

GT Meulin photo courtesy of this guy, Kiichi of Jessie, and all others of Stella.