trickster strider



я не знаю названия песни, которой в ЭРФФХ был припизан дейвкат, но вк наберите в поисковике “Песня Гриэля - Ты ошиблась мать природа ” чтобы понять :”D

/+ игра слов на английском ;з/


so these are some trickster designs i came up with a million years ago (back when i did that tricksterkat??? wtf that was an eternity ago). and i found these somewhere in the depths of my save files and thought “hey, alex, maybe you could practice coloring, you fool, you colorly inept fool”.
and so i did, and this is the result. the line art is from like six months ago take it with a grain of salt.
also if you’re interested this is the original color scheme? it mostly stayed the same but i like to think this shit is more harmonious now.