trickster sprites


My tavros cosplay was really done in an impulse of 2 days. I was sitting in class scrolling though Tumblr and it just hit me “I want to cosplay Tavros”. I pulled it all together in a matter of days. He is now one of my favorite cosplays and Im even planing to cosplay more versions of him! Such as GrimDark, Sprite and Trickster. (these are all old photo’s of my tav, I have contacts and more now)

But I really have to thank @clock-heart because they are the one who inspired me to even cosplay Tavros. Their art fills me with joy, I just adore it so much.

anonymous asked:

*Tackle hUGS* Dirk-A-Dirk! Heya! How are you?? @askthetricksterbirdboy

Dirk squeaks but keeps his balance. He doesnt mind the hug but he feels the others face gently. He smiled realising it was trickster Dave sprite. He smiled a bit. “Hey there. I’m doing good you? Please remember to be careful when you want to hug me” he stated and patted the birdboys head


And also the info on them:

  • Brobot is made of gold and turquoise, Jadebot is made of white gold and ruby, and aradiabot is made of old gold and jade
  • Weapon-wise, each bot has things that fire from their fingertips: Brobot shoots machine gun bullets, Aradiabot shoots flames like a flamethrower, and Jadebot has poisoned darts
  • Their headpieces have to do with aspects of theirs: Brobot has the ability to manipulate data at unbelievable levels, and can and will steal data; Aradiabot exhales toxic fumes from her chimneys, which are a result from the constant combustion processes happening inside of her; Jadebot has the gift of voice thanks to the speaker on her head, but that thing is more defective than usable, and her voice comes out either distorted or at weird levels most of the time (extra tidbit on Jadebot: her CD eyes spin really fast when she’s excited)
  • As for personality, they are as follow: Aradiabot => absolute lack of emotions aside from anger, despite having a mouth and functioning vocal capabilities she communicated only through emotes, despises all living and breathing things; Brobot => occasional display of emotions which he quickly represses, communicates through binary code which isn’t an obstacle for other tricksters, resents humanity but can hold back his impulses for the most part; Jadebot: => displays emotions constantly, one of the less destructive tricksters, has a tendency to talk too much most of the time