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(( A whole day and 100 layers later…..

Okay so! This askblog is a year old since yesterday, the 25th(with almost 4k followers ), and I decided to draw all my favorite variations of Cronus that I’ve drawn previously (whether they’ve showed up on his blog already or not ;0 ). I can safetly say that I never really expected to get this far, and I’m forever grateful with all the followers that have stuck by my side! You rock and keep this blog kicking! ))

thatuglydino  asked:

Trickster erisolsprite?

the candy is called Neri Ame; it’s a thick syrup u pour onto and knead w/ the chopsticks it comes with until it turns into a fluffy texture for u to eat

strawberry soda is my second favorite of all the sodas and i like a lOT of sodas,, , ,

likewise, trickster dave is my second favorite of all the daves and i like a l ot of daves,,,