strawberry soda is my second favorite of all the sodas and i like a lOT of sodas,, , ,

likewise, trickster dave is my second favorite of all the daves and i like a l ot of daves,,,


(( A whole day and 100 layers later…..

Okay so! This askblog is a year old since yesterday, the 25th(with almost 4k followers ), and I decided to draw all my favorite variations of Cronus that I’ve drawn previously (whether they’ve showed up on his blog already or not ;0 ). I can safetly say that I never really expected to get this far, and I’m forever grateful with all the followers that have stuck by my side! You rock and keep this blog kicking! ))



я не знаю названия песни, которой в ЭРФФХ был припизан дейвкат, но вк наберите в поисковике “Песня Гриэля - Ты ошиблась мать природа ” чтобы понять :”D

/+ игра слов на английском ;з/