trickster kankri


let me state before anything that CronKri!Hercstuck is a thing with me.

a 6IG thing with me.


woowowow what is this!!!! trickster cronus&kankri (´⊙ω⊙`)

also h-happy birthday neko since the top pic is for you…….. but i’m sO LATE FORGIVE ME ・゜・(ノД`)

i added my dumb design sketches as a reference too since i never posted these designs here so there you go (however if you want to use them please credit me! ★)

casually makes 60 posts a day about my trickster kri

i guess i have some headcanons about him?? maybE

  • he’s usually carrying a slice of cake on his head, but sometimes he will carry a WHOLE cake instead because it makes him feel really fashionable
  • he’s rather calm for a trickster but if you touch his cake he will End you in a painful way
  • he kinda wants to eat cronus but they’re friends so he won’t
  • he doesn’t talk
  • the thing on his chest goes beep beep