trickster jane cosplay


Olamot con was lots of fun! On the first day I was Ruby from Steven Universe with a cast (and my Sapphire <3) and on the second day (on the 413!!!) I was trickster!Jane from Homestuck also with a cast.

I took lots of photos and had photoshoots with my casts and I can’t wait to share them with you guys once I have them ^^

Take these two cute selfies for now :>


Heyyyy I was Otakon this past weekend! I’ll be posting pictures as I find them but I was Flarp! Terezi on Friday and Disciple on Saturday with a huge group of homestucks, along with a Max from Paranatural on Fri and a Wendy from Don’t Starve on Saturday! If you have pics of me or of my friends I would appreciate it if you tagged me and/or messaged them to me on tumblr! Also if we hung out or talked at all feel free to talk to me and ask for my skype because i love making friends!
Pictures courtesy of my incredibly patient mom<3 Aside from the bottom one, which i took off of CasuallyPancakes’ post, I hope they don’t mind!
Signless/GT Dave
GT Karkat
Trickster Jane/ Nepeta (my baby sister!)