trickster jade harley


so these are some trickster designs i came up with a million years ago (back when i did that tricksterkat??? wtf that was an eternity ago). and i found these somewhere in the depths of my save files and thought “hey, alex, maybe you could practice coloring, you fool, you colorly inept fool”.
and so i did, and this is the result. the line art is from like six months ago take it with a grain of salt.
also if you’re interested this is the original color scheme? it mostly stayed the same but i like to think this shit is more harmonious now.


Dave Strudel in D2 it was perfect to try the trickster look as was grimbark Jade for C4 (my two anon hs asks that look better when bigger so click, please no more! challenge by soupery!)

((commission info))


okay so i know this will get no notes but here are some icons for you cutes to use if you want!!! all i ask is that credit is given, but other than that, feel free to use!!! i dont think theyre good icons tho because theyre too big, so if your blog theme has a big icon space then go ahead!!!

shut up indigo this is dumb