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so these are some trickster designs i came up with a million years ago (back when i did that tricksterkat??? wtf that was an eternity ago). and i found these somewhere in the depths of my save files and thought “hey, alex, maybe you could practice coloring, you fool, you colorly inept fool”.
and so i did, and this is the result. the line art is from like six months ago take it with a grain of salt.
also if you’re interested this is the original color scheme? it mostly stayed the same but i like to think this shit is more harmonious now.


Some photos from a con i just went to!
Jacksonville Anime Dave
Jade - Me!!
John - @jakey-bakeyy
Rose Quartz - ??
Rose - pangpangthedemoncat (IG)
Roxy - muekri (IG)
Dirk -??
Dave - ??
Trickster! Dirk - mxconsense (IG)
Jake - Vantaslovechild (IG)
•Class swaps•
Jake - Jakewaysii (IG)
Dirk - Dirkways (IG)
Roxy - Jasprosesprite2


okay so i know this will get no notes but here are some icons for you cutes to use if you want!!! all i ask is that credit is given, but other than that, feel free to use!!! i dont think theyre good icons tho because theyre too big, so if your blog theme has a big icon space then go ahead!!!

shut up indigo this is dumb


SOME GODTIER EYE HEADCANONS based on @evil-tricksterness‘s beautiful creative tags on @blackoutballad‘s beautiful and pretty art! Some of these turned out better than others, but I really really wanted to try my hand at illustrating these headcanons,,,