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  • Me when i started reading homestuck: there are so many characters!! And theres so much fanart of even more characters!! All of these versions that I haven't met yet how will I keep track of them all???
  • Me now: ahh yes, that's some beautiful art of bloodswap!godtier!trickster!catstuck!Feferi. Very nice. Very nice.

we deserved a 200 page montage of all the alphas apologizing to each other and then tearfully embracing and promising to treat themselves and each other better from now on 

and then we deserved another BILLION!!!! pages of them patiently working thru each other’s issues and expressing understanding and empathy and HONESTY!!! when those issues frustrate them and basically I just want post-trickster alpha content god damn talk to each other tell each other how much you love each other and when things get hard have healthy conversations even when it’s difficult and show me the tough love show me them not allowing each other to regress into their worst selves show me what they learned!!!!!!! fuckin… show me!! what they fucking! learned!!
True Light, False Light: Yaldabaoth, Racial Identity, and Gnostic Horror
Disclaimer and Prologue
By optimisticDuelist

Hey peeps. So watching the responses to @sam-keeper ‘s thread on how we treat fan creators (which, hearteningly, most people seem to agree with), I noticed Hussie and Homestuck being set apart from the others due to Hussie’s reputation.

I’m not super interested in discussing that. But among the details people cited, between the confused, misinformed history revisions and the outright made up stuff, there were people making pretty understandable and correct critique points.

One that stood out was the focus on Trickster Mode, and how Hussie seemingly mocked his progressive audience with the “Caucasian” joke, way back in the day.

And while I don’t think Hussie’s handling of race was perfect, I do think that joke was legitimately well-earned in the narrative, and that it wasn’t really understood. In my view. This isn’t a defense of Homestuck on racial terms in it’s entirety–I think mistakes were made at some points, for sure. But it is an alternate reading of the Caucasian joke that I think is actually pretty good and funny.

In the context of Homestuck, Trickster mode as a joke sides quite definitely with progressives, in fascinating ways that tie into Homestuck’s own consistent Gnostic logic.

I wanted to advance that reading and present a case for it here. Hopefully it’ll move you and you’ll find yourself enjoying the comic even more. Even if it doesn’t and you find you disagree, well…to spur on any conversation about the comic on this front at all would be just, dare I say it?


Curious to hear from you all. Gonna post stuff on Jane pretty soon too, and I am still working on that next video. For now,

Keep Rising.

anonymous asked:

can i ask for headcannons about the personality of trickster! rose? I'm in a panel as her and i have nO idea what i'm doing


the trickster state is designed to parallel the mario super-star. (jane’s first exploit with trickster mode enabled in particular resembles the setup of a mario level.) it accelerates one’s abilities to the point where most challenges are easy, as seen when jane is going on her horrorterror-blasting crusade. the remarks made by jane and jake about how it seems to fix all their emotional problems are a nod to the way you can pretty much just walk through a level if you’ve got the star. on a deeper level, trickster mode reads as an allegory for substance abuse, thus the overlap between roxy being turned trickster and relapsing, and the multiple references to the kids being high off it. it points to the way that although soporifics can seem to offer solutions, they really just numb the imbiber to the reality of their situation.

the alpha kids turn trickster (with the exception of dirk, but why he’s impervious to trickster mode is a separate post entirely) because of their interpersonal issues, and their failure to acknowledge and work through challenges. so that’s the underlying foundation of most trickster characters: they’re that way because they’re in big denial about a problem that’s probably their fault, and have tried to take the easy way out by numbing themselves to the problem.

about rose, more specifically: her history with alcohol abuse suggests that the numbing route is not one she’s averse to taking. in lieu of her mother’s death, she turns to alcohol as a way to quiet her anxieties, about both kanaya and her mother. so in terms of what problem would be motivating her to turn trickster, it would probably have to do either with her mother’s death or her interpersonal relationships, particularly hers with kanaya. she’d be touchy about those subjects, and likely either avoid them or pretend that there’s nothing wrong with them. it’s the alpha kid approach: jane and jake both “solve” their relationship troubles by pretending not to understand what caused them in the first place and saying things they don’t believe.

on a different tac, i also think it’d be useful to study the numbing agent that rose uses before turning to liquor, namely, grimdark mode. the distinction between grimdark and trickster mode lies in the emotions they emphasize in the affected person and how each coping strategy manifests. grimdarks confront their problems by lashing out and distancing themselves (rose losing the ability to communicate) whereas tricksters ignore their problems and pull their friends into their own downward spiral (jane being “just peachy,” everyone wanting to kiss each other, etc.). rose went grimdark because of her anger and desire for revenge; in my mind, she would go trickster later in the grieving process, after she had processed her mother’s death but failed to accept it. 

so, at last: what would her character be like?

paying attention to the way jasprose behaves would be a good starting block, as she’s effectively just rose without inhibitions or a verbal filter, but also a rose who, in her timeline, went through the death of everyone near and dear to her and endured a traumatic end herself. jasprose deals with a lot of pain and memory by playing up the frivolous cat aspects of herself, to ignore the poignant tragedy that affected the other half of her personality. another reference might be the way rose acts when she’s drunk, albeit with more exuberance. 

generally, in homestuck, intoxication brings out the worst in people (with the notable exception of gamzee). rose’s self-consciousness is made painfully clear when she gets drunk in anticipation of her date with kanaya. roxy usually oversteps her boundaries with dirk most when she’s drunk. jake represses his feelings upon engaging trickster mode, agreeing to do whatever his friend wants to make her happy instead of expressing himself. trickster rose, in my mind, would be verbose for the sake of being verbose, pretentious, and casually dismissive, both of her own emotional issues and of others’. her violent nihilism (see: trying to break the game after realizing it couldn’t be won) would manifest in all the worst ways, probably with a laissez-faire attitude regarding the lives of others and a lack of any hope for the future. 

enjoy your panel; rose’s character is fascinating, and i’m sure you’ll have fun with her however you choose to play it. good luck!