Some Rogue mugshots with prison numbers.

Some of these are possibly not canon, for example the goofy mugshots from the Gambi fashion ad (those would be the ones with the bandages and odd expressions).  I think the canonicity of them probably comes down to personal preference.  The others are definitely canon.


I love how the Trickster’s Magic Cards for the 2017 Trickmurk Circus are the images from Runestones of the Arcanist. It’s a nice tie-in to site Lore in my opinion and makes the Runes even more interesting to me.

I just imagine dragons sitting around with incense burning and candles lit, reading the future from picking rune stones or using the cards like the tarot and it makes me happy^^

(The four dragons are used only as example since they have some of the clearest card images that show some of the runes.)