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I had a thought, during the Fire's in the Oter Rim AU, Anakin becomes known for his ambushes, so much so that he banks on his reputation and defends an empty fort with only a handfull of people by having them sit out in the open drinking tea. The Republic AKA Obi-Wan; shows up, sees Anakin just sitting there in front of the fort drinking tea and is like "NOPE! this is definitely a trap. We're leaving retreat and regroup"


(FYI, if y’all have heard the story this ask is referencing, go check it out. It’s amazing.)

It’s particularly perfect if he uses this trick against Obi-Wan, because honestly this is a trick Obi-Wan himself would pull. Which makes him instantly suspicious. But how suspicious should he be? There are so many possibilities! Is Anakin bluffing and using his own trick against him? Or does he expect Obi-Wan to think he’s bluffing, and call the bluff, only to find a well-armed and impressive militia waiting for him? Or does he expect Obi-Wan to ask that question, and he’s actually bluffing about bluffing about bluffing, and there really aren’t any soldiers? What does it mean?!

(Eventually, years down the road when the Empire has come to power and Obi-Wan’s ended up joining the Free Alliance by default, he and Anakin will become friends and this will be a lasting joke between them.)

(Anakin never admits whether he had a full complement of fighters or not. And he’s sworn seemingly the entire Alliance to secrecy. Obi-Wan never finds out and it’s killing him.)

We all want the same thing.“
"Fashion advice?

The Flash, Season 2, episode 9

Ok but I’d legit watch an episode of Len, James Jesse, and Mark going clothes shopping.

Or like, they’ve formed the Rogues and they get a new member and take them out on the town to find their signature Look. 1990s Dress Up Montage with lots of shenanigans ensues. You know you want that.

My mouth, sewn shut by unbreakable threads
Woven by my enemies in the bowels of the earth
I cannot speak, I cannot make myself heard
Oh the shame, my soul burns with indignity
The injustice rankles, poisons like mistletoe
My tongue is my shield and my dagger in one
Without its use I am helpless against mockery
My punishment comes harsh, cold ears turned away
My crime? I was too clever again. Yet I lost.
—  Speechless
{Les8ifins} S.P.A.R.

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News flash for new-comers: S.P.A.R. stands for ‘Shipping pair art reaction’ the first is them reacting to just average fan art, then shippy fluffy fan-art, then nsfw fan-art of the two of them but I put ‘*~*’ instead. ALSO- ThANK You for the request. I’m happy someone’s interested in my SPARS.

Aranea (Average Fan-art)- (”Awww…” She’d be touched.)

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Meenah (Average Fan-art)- (She wouldn’t say it directly but she heavily likes the art. Especially since she believes that, “I look awesome in everyfin!!”)

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Aranea (Ship Fan-art)- (She’d be a bit shy when approaching the subject of them together but she’d manage.)

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Meenah (Ship Fan-art)- (She’d be down. She isn’t one for being shy and isn’t that sensitive about the subject. She could openly admit that Aranea’s cute. ^^)

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Aranea (*~* Fan-art)- (”Oh my…” She would avoid eye-contact with Meenah for a week or so. If she slipped up at anytime and looked at her, her face could possibly become a blueberry.)

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Meenah (*~* Fan-art)- (After seeing it, she would continue to tease Aranea about it, only to see her blush because Meenah’s Meenah with Meenah intentions.)

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  • Dean:*intense eye-sex with Cas
  • Sam:oh no they're doing it again
  • Crowley:why can't they just kiss, this eye-sex thing is getting annoying
  • Lucifer:*screams out of the depths of hell* JUST DO IT
  • Chuck:This is the reason i left you all alone