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Do you think that maybe Ren won’t have a third tier? Because in Golden Yu didn’t have one. Was there something I missed that says he’s getting a third tier or is all this just amazing speculation.

Tbh it’s all amazing speculation asdfghjk

On one hand, yeah Yu didn’t get one, Ren’s Main Personas are inexplicably tied to the plot itself so it’s not as easy to squeeze it in somewhere, and we didn’t even get a glimpse of a preview like everyone else in the latest Famitsu. Him not getting one is a definite possibility- especially, because, like, how do you outdo Satanael?

…On the ooooother hand, just because Yu didn’t get one doesn’t mean Ren’s guaranteed to not have one, because again, his Persona are more plot-related, and perhaps whatever new thing goes down in January will allow him to unlock a third tier as well. And maybe the reason we didn’t see anything in the latest Famitsu was because a) it’s spoilery and b) they want to save SOME surprises.  Also we barely got to use Arsene the first time, he’s been getting a lot of recognition thanks to all these spinoffs and crossovers and it’d be a shame to shaft him AGAIN, and Satanael came too late to be fully appreciated, so the least they could do here is throw us a bone here asdfghj. But, guess we’ll have to wait and find out!

Small Things to Appreciate About Some SPN Family Members (Updated)

Jensen Ackles: When he laughs, he throws his whole head back and LOLs like no one’s watching.

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Jared Padalecki: Even though he has amazing hair, hiding it underneath beanies only makes him adorable, if not cuter.

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Misha Collins: His strong humor he delivers in a nonchanlant attitude like a monarch.

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Richard Speight Jr.: How he has all the ability to make people laugh while maintaining a hold on his own laughter.

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Rob Benedict: How effortlessly his smile can make someone feel better

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Mark Sheppard: He is not amused bt your shenanigans

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Osric Chau: He’s the king of cosplay and understands geeks more than anyone will ever know

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Matt Cohen: He can be actually more juvenile then J2M and R2

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What if Arsene turns into a shadow and Joker has to convince him the only way to free everyone is breaking everyone’s hearts and risking everything. Or it could be the other way around? Instead of a boss fight it’s a confidant maybe something like Sae’s maybe Arsene is the Judgement Arcana or some version of it and before you can dispel the illusion and confront Kasumi you have to convince him first. Because in order to succeed in this endeavor we’ll need sound judgment. And then boom Lupin.

I just really wanna know what kind of dramatic event has to happen beyond throwing down with god to enable Satanael to become even more of a heroic monster, and this is probably a good first theory asdfghjk

Also extremely fitting! Not nearly as cool-sounding (because I’m lame and simple like that), but I like the lore behind it!

Futaba goes from UFO to orb to floating swiss army supergadget 

Oooo, haven’t heard that one yet! Another good possibility~ 

(Also I don’t care about ponytail Akechi as much as I care about him not wearing dress pants for once asdfghjh RELAX MAN R E L A X)

Ra’Haj,  the fun-loving and romantic cleric with devilish charm . 

Ra’Haj comes from a tiefling tribe in the feywild. He was banished from the tribe once they had found he worships Cyric, the Mad God of Trickery. Though Cyric is often associated with conflict and deception, Ra’Haj is not an evil fellow. He just enjoys to play pranks on people and have a general good time. 

This character was commissioned by: Richard, who sadly informed me that the lovely Ra’Haj died during battle. He will be sorely missed indeed!

I Gave Lemons to my Coworkers

I started the morning saying happy solstice to my co workers and I had a few, in unison say “Happy Solstice Carlos!” They truly meant it and it nearly made me shed a tear.

They had made me in charge of the “Secret Santa” so I made it today…because Yule.

They wanted a potluck, so I made gingerbread, shortbread and brought cider.

Then, after lunch, I placed home grown lemons all over the office. On coffee cups, behind keyboards, in mail piles, in stockings they had for decoration. I made sure everyone had at least one lemon. Once I was done, one of my coworkers asked why I did it.

“Giving citrus on solstice is a tradition honoring the last year, struggles that were felt to actually survive winter in the past and citrus represents the sun, and welcoming spring! Every night after tonight, the days get longer and the nights shorter…

and now that everyone has accepted my lemons, they’re all filthy pagans just like me.”

Happy solstice everyone! If you accept citrus from a witch, you’re a witch now.