Things about uni I learned the hard way

1. Rewriting notes is useless (for me)
2. I should read my textbooks in advance
3. Syllabus of each subject is essential and it’s pretty much a study guide that tells me when I should study what.
3. When teacher says “search it up” or “please read this” or “please watch this video” you better do it …Cause it’s going to be on the test.
4. When teacher tells you to print / download some material you do it asap just in case he’ll delete it later without warning you… (one of my teachers is like that)
5. Never relay on others.
P. S.: Procrastination leads to eternal misery.

Hedgecraft: A Guide to Astral Work

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Hedgecraft: A Guide to Astral Work


What is a Hedge Witch?

A Hedge Witch is a witch who focuses on astral work and energy-based magic. Hedge Witchery is a sect of witchcraft that  comes from the phrase ‘jumping over the hedge’, meaning to cross over into another world. Hedge witches exist between both worlds, Earth and Elsewhere. Elsewhere is my personal name for the Astral Realm, also called The Void, The Spirit World, and so on. They are adept at astral projection, and many usually have any variety of psychic abilities.

Tools of the Trade//

  • A quiet place to focus, or a place they feel most comfortable and at peace
  • Herbal teas
  • Books on Auras, Energy Healing, Color Therapy, Astral Projection, etc
  • Crystals that help with Psychic Abilities

What are some prerequisites to Astral Work?

  • First, it is a good idea to learn meditation. Meditation is the easiest way, for me at least, to astral travel. Different people meditate in different ways, the link will take you to my favorite meditation process.
  • Then, one must learn how to cleanse and maintain their aura. 
  • After you’ve got that down, it’s a good idea to identify your aura color. Your personal Energy Field manifests itself in a halo of color around your skin and is called your Aura.
  • And then, start increasing your psychic sensitivity and learning the basics of energy magic. Energy Work, or Energy Manipulation, is the ability to control energy. It is the driving force behind any kind of witchcraft. 
  • Become familiar with your psychic strong points. Some people have natural psychic talents, while others learn theirs. It is possible to develop a psychic skill without being naturally talented at it, you just have to be diligent and practice a lot!
  • Precognitive dreaming and lucid dreaming are a good start to astral travel. Here are some ways to induce psychic dreams.

How do I Astral Travel?

How can I encourage Astral Travel?

  • You can create a Dream Pillow, or Dream Pouch, to place in your pillowcase to help encourage astral travel in your sleep.
  • You can make an Astral Herbal Tea to help encourage astral projection.
  • You can place certain crystals near or around you while you meditate to help promote astral projection. See below list.

Crystals for Hedge Witches//

  • Amethyst: Peace, Purification, Protection, Helps with Depression, Bi Empowerment.
  • Ametrine: Balance, Soothing, Purification, Intuition, Non Binary Empowerment.
  • Angelite: Peace, Reduces Stress, Astral Travel, Psychic Abilities.
  • Apophyllite: Visions, Intuition, Mental Clarity, Self Acceptance. 
  • Calcite, Clear: Cleanses and Aligns Energy Points, Detoxes Body, New Beginnings, Major Changes.
  • Celestite: Protects Aura, Aids Depression, Reduces Stress, Clarity, Psychic Abilities, Purification.
  • Citrine: Self Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Abundance, Emotional Balance, Ace Empowerment.
  • Hematite: Grounding, Balance, Detoxification, Genderfluid Empowerment.
  • Howlite: Calming, Self Awareness, Harmony, Protection when Coming Out, Dispels Nightmares.
  • Iolite: Intuition, Self Awareness, Connections, Helps with Dissociation, Attracts Platonic Relationships.
  • Jasper, Red: Grounding, Justice, Insight, Calms Emotions, Dream Recollection, Cleans and Stabilizes Aura.
  • Jet: Purification, Support, Removes Negativity.
  • Kunzite, Pink: Unconditional Love, Cleansing, Self Love, Pan Empowerment.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Communication, Storm Calling, Ocean Magic, Intuition, Inner Power, Lesbian Empowerment.
  • Lepidolite: Balance, Peace, Awareness, Transition, Transformation, Trans Empowerment.

Commonly Found Creatures in the Elsewhere//


Spell Writing Tips for Beginners

Hello Lovelies!

So you’ve decided to write a spell, great! Everyone has the capacity and capability to write a working spell. This is a list of some beginner tips for new spell writers, or for experienced writers who feel they need to go back to the basics.

1. Don’t be afraid of your own style.

Some spells are super flowery with long words and Shakespearian phrases. Some spells require 18 ingredients and 3 days to cast them. Some spells require specific times to cast them and the perfect astrological conditions. Some spells are simple, consisting of a single phrase.
Don’t be afraid of your own individual style. A spell written by you, for you, should be a personal experience. Just because your spell doesn’t flow a certain way doesn’t mean it’s “wrong” or won’t work. Spell writing is a form of self expression and each spell will be as individual and unique as the person writing it.

2. Don’t think too much.

Spell writing (for me anyway) is more of a spiritual experience than an intellectual one. I usually sit down with my pen and paper. Then I meditate for a minute thinking about what I want to achieve. Then I just let the words flow out onto the paper, without thinking about what it all means. You can always read it after and make adjustments. If you just sit down and let it happen, you may be surprised by what you come up with!

3. Make your own associations.

Don’t feel like you have to research the meaning of every ingredient or color that you use. I may think red is a color for lust while you see it as a color for anger. Both associations are right. If something doesn’t feel right to you, or you personally feel different about something. It’s ok to use an ingredient in a different way than what is “traditional”.

4 Do research on any ingredients you use.

This may seem contradictory to my last tip, but this time I’m talking about physical properties. Will your gemstone dissolve in water? Is that herb you want to use toxic? Could you have an allergy to that essential oil? It’s important to do your research because some of the ingredients used in spell craft can be very potent.

5. Have fun!

If spell writing is stressing you out, try taking a break and coming back to it later. Whatever energy you have while writing your spell is going to show up in the casting of your spell. If you’re angry while writing a healing spell, it probably won’t work as well as you wanted it to. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. You’re new at this it will take some time. Just have patience with yourself.

I hope these tips are helpful for any new spell writers!
Happy writing!


King Jin makes the shot from an ocean away

Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace Your Exam (+ Free Checklist!)

As we are getting closer to the final season, a lot of us would frantically search for exam study tips and skills to help us better prepare for finals. I have previously covered quite a lot on how to prepare for exams (and I have also got a free email course on how to study for exams effectively. Sign up if you haven’t already), but there is always more tips to add on it! Now, here I am to talk about the following things (with science-backed tips!) that would help you to ace your exam!

  • The attitude that you should have for exams (and studying)
  • How you can best prepare and study on the day before the exam (and why you shouldn’t pull an all-nighter)
  • What you should do the morning of the exam

Read the post here!

- Sabrina |

Stormcraft: A Guide to Wind Magic and Weather Work

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Stormcraft: A Guide to Wind Magic and Weather Work


Stormcraft is the magical practice of harnessing the power of wind, storms and weather to be used in your own personal craft. Storm Witches are witches who have devoted themselves to the art of weather work and storm manipulation.

//Tools of the Trade//

  • Fallen or Broken Branches
  • Stones or Crystals
  • Ashes
  • Storm Water and Rain Water
  • Hail and Snow
  • Storm Mud

//Storm Water//

  • Good for Curses and Protection.
  • Associated with Chaos, Struggle, Passionate Emotions, Weathering a Storm and Power.

//Whistling the Wind//

  • A traditional practice in many aboriginal and indigenous cultures (one particular Native American story comes to mind that says that if you whistle while hunting for a bear’s den it is considered very bad luck, as you will attract the wind and give away your position. Yikes!)
  • A low pitch whistle summons a light breeze.
  • A high pitch whistle summons a large gust of wind.

//Methods of Storm Casting and Summoning//

  • Burning Pansy, Heather and Saffron (Rain-Bringing and Wind-Calling Herbs)
  • Stirring water clockwise in either a ceramic bowl or a hold in the ground and whistling.
  • Sending a large burst of energy into a cumulus cloud.

//Storm Catching//

  • One can catch and bind a storm using a bottle or jar charm or a rope or knot spell to put away for later use.

//Preventing a Storm//

  • “Blow it away” using whistling and weather maps for visualization.

//Good herbs for Storm Witches//

  • Saffron: To Call the Wind
  • Heather: To Bring the Rain
  • Pansy: To Make Rain

//Good Stones for Storm Witches//

  • Pietersite (Tempest Stone)
  • Hemimorphite
  • Azurite
  • Malachite
  • Nebula Stone
  • Lapis Lazuli

//To Make a Storm’ Witches Bath//

  • You can use this as a storm summoning spell, too, by stirring the bath water and whistling.
  • Sea Salt
  • Heather
  • Saffrom
  • Pansy
  • Rosemary

//Nephelomancy: Cloud Colors//
• White: good fortune
• Golden: prosperity and abundance
• Silver: blessings and riches
• Red: warning
• Orange: vibrancy, lively
• Brown: cloudy future, caution
• Green: fruitful, beginnings
• Blue: travel, movement
• Black: self-realization, difficult times ahead

Also called Aeromancy or Nephelomancy, I’ve searched and searched for a good post on cloud scrying and came up with nothing so I did some research and came up with my own! Here goes :3

Types of clouds//
(Highest to lowest altitude)

•Cirrus (wispy ‘mares tails’) Fair
•Cirrostratus (thin sheets)12-24 to precip
•Cirrocumulus (rippled ‘scales’) Fair
•Nimbostratus (thick rain cover) Storms
•Altostratus (‘boring’) steady precip soon
•Altocumulus (vertical streaks) precip
•Stratocumulus (puffy) Dry
•Stratus (hazy) Mist/Fog
•Cumulonimbus (thunderheads) Storms
•Cumulus (puffy) Fair

//The cumulus and stratocumulus are the easiest clouds for scrying because they often form shapes. Here are the basic shapes and their meanings, but remember that scrying is up to the interpretation of the viewer 🙂

•horse- movement, travel
•lion- protection, courage
•rabbit- love
•bird- rising above obstacles
•dragon- imagination, creativity
•unicorn- transcendence
•tree- growth, change
•flower- beauty, peace
•Woman- power, guidance, love
•Man- Diligence
•Cross- convergence
•Heart- introspection

//Energy in the Forces of Nature//


Welcome to winter activity season
Animator's Guide to Creating an Online Presence
Animation veteran Ron Doucet goes over creating a portfolio and maintaining your online presence as an animation artist.

Hey guys! Ron Doucet has a pdf that goes over creating your demo reel and your online website for entering in the animation industry. 

Best part about is you can download this pdf, and keep it for your records. 

It’s really great information on what not to do for your portfolio/demo reel, as well as what to showcase as an animation artist. 

Really great advice, and if you like it, let Ron know about it. I know he’ll appreciate it. 

Violet’s Witchy Tips Masterpost

This is a collection of my most popular witchy tips content posts! I will be adding on to this regularly. It is designed to help witchlings and seasoned practitioners alike! If there is a topic you would like for me to writer about that I have not already covered, please contact me and I will make it!

The Basics//

Getting Started/

Elemental Based Craft//

Location Based Craft//

Internal Based Craft//

Hobby Based Craft//

The Craft, Identity and Health//

The Craft and Conservation//

Open Pantheons//

Cultural Appropriation//

Other Useful Information//

Witch Tip

If you plan on ingesting herbs or using them in teas (not the ones commonly found in stores), please consult with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure there are NO DRUG INTERACTIONS or MEDICAL CONTRADICTIONS. 500 years ago and before, their knowledge might have been considered witchcraft, too, so use that knowledge. I don’t mean to sound like I’m nagging about this, but I care about your health, whoever you are. I don’t want you to do something that will end up causing you harm. - Lady Nephthys

~ Dragon of Steel ~

{{ At first, an attempt at a Teo as an Overwatch hero thanks to @shen-gaoren and @ask-a-rathalos’ ideas. Became a luminous cyborg releasing explosive powder out of his hands with a super classy outfit }}