this is something that works for me that i figure some others will find helpful basically, you make an index card with everything you need to do each day, + weekly tasks to do that day.

i made one for each day of the week. that’s because i need to do some things on some days but not others (i have to water my plant every thursday). i also split up things i have to do once a week (start a load of laundry, make sure my planner is good for the next week, etc) in a second column, and assigned some to each day.

i use a paperclip to keep track of what i have and haven’t done. because most of the things on my list won’t cause heck if i don’t do them (sure, it’s nice to shower every day, but it’s okay if i miss a few days), i leave whatever task was next up this monday for next monday. if you ABSOLUTELY must get something done, i recommend resetting it and putting those tasks at the top.

def label them w the day of the week.

if you have a physical planner, i recommend attaching it here. get in the habit of, say, clearing one row between every other task or something. whatever works. you could tally up how much time is on each index card and make a google calendar event to go through all of it.

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Do you have any links that lead to how to do banners or banner ideas? Like for journals and just writing tbh, hehe :) Fancy titles... idk *hides* hehe

Hi! My Pinterest (@emmastudiess) would probably be a good place to start! I have a few boards dedicated to these kind of things. As someone who can’t draw nicely, it is useful having a single place to get some tips :’-) Here are some links:

Hope this helps x

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hey mun, since you've improved SO MUCH over the past year or so, have you any tips and tricks for doing art? you're so amazing ~<3 also, I would donate to your Ko-fi, but I'm a minor, so I can't. (I don't have a pay-pal) anyways ty for reading this silly message. Have a nice day!!

aaa thank you ;w; <3

Hmm tips and tricks? Well… idk i’m bad at explaining things but what really helped me improve is I basically did a lot of studying! 

I watch a lot of drawing tutorials and when I see an art piece I like, I save it and I usually just kinda… study it? I tend to look at art closely and i’ll zoom in on the details to try and figure out how they put the piece together. Maybe i’m just weird lol, but that’s just something I do that helps me out when drawing

BUT I TOTALLY RECOMMEND DRAWING TUTORIALS!!! They are super helpful! Tumblr has a whole bunch that are pretty good 

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Hi! you're one of my fave anime blogs and I was wondering if you could give me a few suggestions on how to start out my mob psycho page and kinda get myself to be a tiny bit known? Thank you in advance if you'll reply to this!

aawwwwhhhTHANKS!! and OKAY here are my tips n tricks to getting discovered:

just post a lot of your own content in general, like drawings, fics, or story analysis. also in my personal case, being really positive and friendly is a good way to make friends and gain traction. also, just let attention come your way, like make your blog for yourself and the content that you like and people will appreciate you for it. basically, be genuine.

and lemme tell you, putting a lotta nice things in the tags is sure to get you a lot of points. people love compliments and if you enjoy giving them out, you’ll surround yourself with a lot of nice people. like back when i first started this blog i was gushing over people’s art, which i thought was kinda embarrassing but people actually really loved it and even when my art wasn’t as good, people gave me a lot of attention in turn. it really boosted my self esteem and made me post even more, which kept the cycle of content flowing.

tl;dr just post a lot and be nice!

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Heyo! I have another writing question, if that's alright? I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks for choosing titles? Titles are one of my least favorite things, because there's so much pressure to pick one that fits and doesn't sound stupid, y'know? Anyways, I hope you're having a good day! <3

I love it when you ask writing questions!!!! Thank you so much! :D <3 And I have SO MANY OPINIONS ABOUT THIS ONE

So, titles. Baby makes fun of me for my titles ALL THE TIME. I hate titling things. SO MUCH. Heck even in my day job I’ll ask my copy editor or a coworker to help me write headlines. It’s just so much pressure, as you say, to find something succinct that captures the spirit of your story.

BUT there are tons of different ways you can do it! You’ll notice I’m into one-word titles or otherwise very short ones. (Weirdly enough, they usually start with R. Request, Refuge, Reassignment, and SKR was almost called Relativity haha) And the reason I like those one-words is because oftentimes you can find one that means multiple things, or relates to multiple aspects of your story. Or you can find one word that suggests what the story will be about.

My best tip to find those single words or short phrases is to go through your fic and pick out the really effective lines and see if you can turn something from them into a title. I did that with No One Else and Certainty, where at some point there was a line that was really important that used that word/phrase and it also kind of encapsulated the basic premise of each fic.

Or you can do it by motif– a reoccurring image/idea. I titled Request, for example, because the action of that story was driven by multiple requests being made (though that’s a weak title, so maybe not the best example, but it’s still a technique that you can use to greater effect than I have!)

If single words aren’t your style, you can choose a title that tells your reader what the story will be about without having to guess at it, but still leaves the mystery of the plot itself. For instance, my wife titles things this way and she’s working on two stories: Hadrian the Scholar and The Soldiers of Seawind Rest. Both titles give you a clear– if succinct– window into who the main character will be or what the main action will include, but still leave you wondering. 

The technique I use most often at work– and ended up using for To Be Wed– is to use common phrases or idioms. For instance, a spy/espionage romance titled “Blessing in Disguise” <– that’s just off the top of my head, but you know, something like that. 

Now, I LOVE changing a single word of an idiom because it creates a little mental tension, and it can be really playful! Another top-of-the-head example, think a smut fic titled “Drastic Times Call for Drastic Pleasures.” (haha, I cracked myself up with that one).

Anyway, there are tons of other ways to title stories. I think of the Phillip Pullman series where each book is the name of an important object in the story: (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass), or along those lines: an important location in the story (like Jean M. Auel’s The Valley of Horses).

I’m sure there are a thousand other techniques I’m not thinking of, but I hope this gives you some options! And if anyone wants to reblog this with more ideas, feel free!

Witchy Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned Throughout The Years...
  • Meditating during long car journeys helps clear your mind, pass the time and totally counts as practicing.
  • If you like plants, collect plants. If you like crystals, collect crystals. Collect things that makes your soul sing!
  • Charity shops are brilliant. You can always find something you need in there.
  • Salt, salt, salt. I love it and you should at least consider having it in your witchy cabinet as it is brilliant for protection.
  • You don’t need all the tools the books say you need unless you feel they’ll help.
  • Stock up on as many black candles as you can during the Halloween season or wait until they’re on the discount aisle.
  • Love is a powerful tool, don’t abuse it. The love you have for someone or something can help make any spell stronger.
  • Wicca is the religion, Witchcraft is the practice. You don’t have to be Wiccan to practice Witchcraft, You don’t have to practice Witchcraft if you’re Wiccan.
  • If you’re having difficulty with magic and witchcraft, Labradorite can help significantly.
  • Be careful around incense and smoke if your an asthmatic witch! Goodness knows how many time my lungs have almost quit on me during cleansing. You don’t have to use it.
  • Stir a bit of cinnamon into your morning tea to help bring good fortune throughout the day.
  • Respect all living things, including plants and insects.
  • If you’re having trouble visualising your magic and will, try taking inspiration from fantasy media, such as Skyrim or Harry Potter, and visualise the magic from those.
  • If you relate a song to a spell or ritual, put it on and sing along to it!
  • A small rose quartz under your pillow will help ease nightmares.
  • Sometimes a digital grimoire is better and easier to write than a physical one.
  • If your life is getting difficult to manage, take a break from witchcraft if it helps.
  • Craft stores are a great place for mini bottles and jars.
  • You don’t need to be part of a coven to be a valid witch.
  • Anyone of any gender can be a witch.
  • Don’t rely solely on a healing spell or potion to help with an illness, visit your doctor too.
  • Share your knowledge to people who are willing to learn.
  • Some witches use curses, some don’t. Not everybody believes in the threefold law.
  • If you can’t take a bath, put a bath spell in a spray bottle and use it in the shower!

So I just did a post about how I manage my time and my daily schedule and such, and I felt like this part is really important and was getting lost in the minutiae of my day, so I made it a separate post. I was talking about various ways in which my life is not necessarily “normal”, like how I go to bed at 7:30, which people treat as one of my eccentricities, and rightly so. But while it is weird it speaks to the crux of my life philosophy, which I’ve spoken about before as regards dealing with anon hate:

My time and attention are finite resources and they have a value I can bestow where I wish. If something is not necessary to survive, does not solve a problem, or does not provide joy, I stop doing it.

I pay my bills and do my dishes and wash my clothes because you have to do those things. I engage in activism and try to stay current on the news because I believe I have a moral duty to contribute to society, and I run because it’s good for my heart and my body. I have friendships, engage in fandom, play the ukulele, write, go to concerts and movies and art galleries because it brings me joy to do so.

Going to bed early solves a problem for me: I wasn’t doing anything useful with that time anyway, I wasn’t enjoying myself or feeling happy. If I wasn’t getting any benefit from that time, how could I put it to better use? Sleeping is beneficial, so I tried that, and it worked; I get more sleep and I don’t miss anything I can’t catch up with. Work doesn’t make me especially happy or fulfill me in ways we could all wish, but that’s okay. Work is necessary to survive, so I do it. I don’t date much because I tried dating semi-recently and the promise of future joy did not outweigh the lack of joy that dating itself brought to my life; it was painful, ugly, and boring, and so I stopped doing it. 

The dating thing may change in the future, if eventually the promise of a relationship becomes more enticing, but it’s an example of how the pursuit of happiness is non-standard, and you are allowed to weigh the cost against the payoff based on your own personal feelings, not on society’s dictates. Because it turns out when you are doing what makes you happy, when you feel joy, you could give two shits about what everyone else thinks should make you happy. 

Sometimes, what brings me joy is sitting on the couch listening to a podcast I’ve already heard ten times and playing a stupid mindless flash game; I often catch myself thinking “I could be doing something more useful, something cooler, something more active” and remind myself “But this is making me happy, and it’s what I’m capable of doing right now.”

“Does this make me happy” or, if you’re struggling with happiness, “Does this calm and soothe me” is a great metric for what you should be doing in life when you are on your own time. It’s a good way to check in with yourself and lead yourself towards a more fulfilling life on your own terms. 

If you are out at a bar with friends, stop and ask, does this make me happy? Because there is no way in which asking that does not help. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy and if it’s the only time you see your friends, maybe it’s time for a change; you are now free to pursue something that will make you happy. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy but your friends do, and this is one way to bond with them of many, then it’s a cost with a later benefit, and you’ve now become conscious that while you aren’t happy right this minute, you are paying into future joy. And if you like being out at a bar with friends and are having a good time, then you’ve reaffirmed to yourself that you are happy and this is where you want to be. And affirming that you are feeling joy is a great thing to do. 

You don’t have to be happy all the time – but on your own time, when work and chores and the duties of the day are done, you should devote yourself to finding joy in whatever form that takes, be it a nap or a party or a date or your kids or, I don’t know, watching people make fake food on YouTube. 

Believing that your time and attention have value and should only be bestowed on the worthy means coming to believe that you have value, which is so hard to do that I’ll take any shortcut I can get. Devoting your time time and attention only to what is necessary or what is pleasurable means learning a great deal about what you value, and I truly believe leads you to a more fulfilled life.

So when people ask me about time management, I have real tips and tricks to offer – but I think the most important think I can offer is the suggestion that whatever time you have, you should believe it has value because it is yours, and you should direct it appropriately. 

How I turned pro with Tarot Readings (but I still have a lot to learn!) 👌

Divination is a complex art, even though sometimes it doesn’t look like it. As you all know, I do tarot readings and I noticed how this particular method of clairvoyance gets the same reaction as a piece of contemporary art: people look at me and say I could have done it myself, or something along the lines, to which it’s hard not to reply with a Fuck off, why don’t you do it then?

I must admit that when I first got into tarot reading, doubting my abilities was somehow legit, since I kept using just a single tarot spread to answer whatever question I got and the answers didn’t always stick to what I needed to know. Luckily, in the last few years I’ve improved my technique. But how did I reach my level of expertise? 

I changed my perspective on tarots. This was really the first step. At the beginning of my practice the idea I had on tarot reading was completely different. The questions I usually asked all regarded my future, so I made readings whenever I had no idea about how things would turn. Don’t get me wrong, that is still divination, there is nothing wrong in it. But at the point tarot readings to me were just a game I’d like to play when I was bored and all alone or during sleepovers with my friends. Let’s see if he is gonna kiss me this weekend, and I was all ready to throw a tarot spread. It took a lot of years to understand that in tarots there is more than that. When you ask something to tarot cards what you are actually doing is asking for a consult, as if you were in a therapist’s office or talking with a helpline. Tarots gives advice. Which means you have to talk to them heart-to-heart and listen to their words accordingly.

I made tarot readings personal. Whenever a friend asked me for a consult, I wanted to give them the most accurate response there could possibly be. And in order to do that, I couldn’t just use that one and only tarot spread I knew, but I had to choose a spread that was specific to the case. So I decided it was time to start creating them all by myself and it turned out it wasn’t as hard as it seemed to be as long as you keep in mind these simple rules:

🔮 You need to understand where the Consultant mentally is, what they are facing in that moment, where does the question actually come from. Even when people say they just want to investigate their future, their desire probably comes out of something that buggers them.
🔮 You have to turn the Consultant’s request into a series of simple questions, that can help you get the hang of the situation. If the Consultant can’t find a job, I don’t ask the tarots the when’s and the if’s. Instead, I ask why they are blocked in the situation and what they can do to overcome the problem.
🔮 You should choose a layout that helps you get into the right mindset. Avoiding banalities (a heart-shaped layout for a spread about love can be a little too cliche), you can choose a shape that reminds you of the things you are inquiring on, like a Cupid’s bow if you’re asking about new love interests.

I turned off my rationality. As I said before divination really is an art form and, as most of the art forms, it’s easier to understand it if you don’t look at it through the eye of intellect. It might seems illogical, but that is the best way to let the meaning of the cards gets to you. No prejudice, no preconceptions. Sometimes the response could be hard to accept and that’s why I avoid to do readings about controversial or sensible matters. 

Did I really become a pro in tarot readings? There aren’t any tips or tricks to be brilliant at it. It takes time and exercise, and even after decades of practice you’ll find you still have a lot to learn. Some people have a natural inclination, other requires more effort instead. But if you’re receptive enough, tarots will disclose their secrets to you without a hitch.


06.07.17 | 19/100 hello! Aw man I haven’t been active in ages :(( Here’s my spread for June (which I was really not planning to make initially until I realized my life was out of sorts).

I don’t think I’ll make weeklies for June. I’ll just use it to track my study habits. I’m also liking the space theme and the brown paper trend I’ve got going. (Doodles were found on google images!) 

important: pls MESSAGE me if you have any tips/tricks/shortcuts for solving math, chem, physics, or any other kind of problem (specifically for TESTS)!! THIS WOULD TOTALLY BE SUPER APPRECIATED! Plsplspls message me even if you think it’s a commonly known trick! thank you loads <3 

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