tricks of the trade


Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy
From the ashes a new life is born

Do you struggle getting your leaps up? How about getting that back leg to kick out? Need more hang time? Well, keep reading for ways to improve.

Getting your leaps up: This is different than getting hang time. In order to have hang time, you need to get your leaps up. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Work on your leg muscles. Obvious as it may sound, you have to have strong muscles, which will help you get into the air. Try pop squats, burps and toe raises to get those muscles stronger! (If you want to know or need to learn what any of those three are, shoot me a message)
  • Use the step before the leap as a boost. Spring off the back foot to throw yourself into the air.

Getting that back leg to kick out:

  • The instant your in the air, kick the leg right up and out. Again, obvious but you will have some stellar leg muscles and then have the power to kick out right away.
  • Make sure to keep that leg straight once it is kicked out.

More hang time:

  • This goes hand in hand with getting that leg to kick out. The moment you are in the air, lift that back foot up. Getting both legs up in the air as soon as possible will ensure as much hang time as possible.
  • GET UP IN THE AIR! (Go back to the first set of bullet points if you need help understanding what this means)

I hope this was somewhat helpful! If so, message me and let me know! I will continue to do things like this every so often, or maybe every Sundays.

Credit to the owner of this gif.

Loki’s plus one

for Hurricane’s fantastic ‘verse Ticks of the Trade. Loki takes Tony to Asgard as his plus one to the ball and they make out in the dining hall.

Hurricane, I owe you so much more than this shitty drawing. In honor of your awesomeness, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: CotBP while doing this. I was waiting for the opportune moment.

omg Will’s place is between James and Jack #facepalm don’t get between my bbs.

Fun fact:  in Tangled, animators used scenery to hide a cut in her hair between animated/simmed (simulated) hair and painted hair that remained motionless.  in the example above, I made a blue line where they made the cut between the two parts, red is animated and green is painted.

(I remember this from a lecture one of the animators gave at Ottawa.  :>  )

Tricks of the Trade


Thank God! She’d managed to make it through the last day of school without alerting anyone to her changed condition, and she did her best to hurry on home before someone stopped her, wanting to talk. She’d been quiet and jumpy all day, constantly having to hide her hands, and even once found herself having to find her way out of the basement, though thankfully no one had been around to see her when she sank through the school floor.

But now she walked away from the school at a quick pace, a jacket pulled on despite the warming weather, her hood pulled up to hide her face from view. She never knew when her eyes would do that freaky change, after all.

Vlad was walking to Casper High to walk back home with Danny. He had been trying to make more time for his son and he thought this might be a decent way to do it. He looked up and saw Valerie a little ways off. “Hello Ms. Grey, how are you?”

Valerie gave a startled jump as the last voice she expected to hear reached her ears, making her eyes flash for a moment before they returned to normal. She looked up to spot Vlad not too far away, giving a half-sigh of relief that it was only him, and not someone who didn’t already know some of her secrets. “Fine!,” She assured Vlad, perhaps a little too abruptly. “I’m just fine. Just… ah… heading home. Lots of homework to do!" 

She gave the older man a cheery, fake smile before trying to head back off again, not even realizing that her eyes had flashed again. Perhaps it was foolish, given that he was one of the only two or three people who could help her right now, but the need to conceal what was happening was too strong, and she just hoped he’d let her get away without comment.


Things we love: Painted doors. To tackle this project, we typically choose semi-gloss or satin paint in interior or exterior depending on the application. Doors should be easy to wipe down and clean, which is why we love those two sheens. Just remember, the higher the gloss, the more imperfections are seen in the door’s surface, so use putty or wood filler and sand as needed to prep the surface.