tricks of the trade

The case for reparations to the family of Eudocia Tomas Pulido, who died a slave called Lola

In words prettier than most of us will ever write, late Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alex Tizon confesses to an atrocity uglier than most of us could ever fathom: His parents owned a slave — and when they died, he inherited her.

My Family’s Slave,” Tizon’s widely circulated and effusively praised cover story for the June issue of the Atlantic, purports to tell that slave’s story. She was born Eudocia Tomas Pulido. Pulido’s family, Tizon writes, was too poor to provide a decent life for her. He illustrates her family’s squalor by conjuring dirt floors in her family’s hut.

When Tizon’s grandfather, the cigar-smoking family patriarch, tricks Pulido into trading her freedom for the food and shelter he could provide, they no longer call her Eudocia. Instead, they rename her Lola.

Lola is a name the story never quite contextualizes within Philippine culture and our emphasis on family. In Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, “lola” means “grandmother.” Lolas are the backbones of so many traditional Philippine households. It is a name that evokes immediate reverence. Lolas are our second moms. They work. They take care of us when we are sick, even when they are sick themselves. They cook for us — and every child knows their lola cooks better than anyone else does. They never seem to sleep. The name “Lola” likely traces its roots to “dolor,” the Spanish word denoting pain — but Lola, a diminutive of Dolores, connotes the strength that suffering builds.

To call a slave “Lola” and to treat her not only as less than kin but less than human is a malicious perversion of everything that honorific stands for. It is all suffering, no strength. In Pulido’s case, the name shackled her to the domestic duties of a grandmother within the traditional Philippine household, all while affording her none of the respect a grandmother would receive from a family that loved her. Read more (Opinion)

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Boombox Day 4: Role Reversal
I saw a lot of great drawings for this day in the tags, but I decided instead of switching their personalities, I’d switch up both their lives, so that Lucio had to end up surviving in a post-apocalyptic Brazil, and Junkrat lived in an Australian future where a corporation was trying to enslave the outback. God, I’m finally done! It was fun to mix up their designs and come up with my original take on it all, but… jfc. Spent way to much time on this.

Long ass explanation of their switch-up under the cut!

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So....Witchy Discord?

I know there are several already, but it seems like they tend to lean pretty exclusively to one kind of craft or another. I want to make a discord that has channels for many kinds of witches and their crafts.

There would obviously be rules to protect the people who would participate. I can elaborate on these things if and when I actually make it!

I’d like to include:

🌙Introductions (your name, pronouns, focus, religion, Tumblr handle, deity dedications or spirit friends and anything else you like!)

🌙 Sigils create and share sigils!)

🌙 Divination (where you can talk about your decks, pendulums or other divining objects and ask for help interpreting!)

🌙Green witchery (sharing info about plants, how to care for them, what they can be used for and everything else there is to know!)

🌙Kitchen witchery (recipes, ingredients, etc.)

🌙Spirit work ( trading tips and tricks, sharing stories and teaching people how to work with spirits too!)

🌙Curses and hexes (for the curse/hex positive witches

🌙Crystal ( their correspondences, what’s best for what, how to use them and where it’s best to get them from!)

🌙Religion (where you can express your beliefs and ask questions safely!)

🌙Links and References ( a place to share what you think could be useful for others!)

🌙Grimoire Love! (Share your grimoire and ask questions that help you follow your path!)

🌙Sensitive chat (a place to talk about things that may not be safe for minor eyes or people with past trauma)

🌙Find a Mentor/Friend! ( a place to find witches who share your experiences or similar paths so you can continue your paths together!

🌙 Ask the mod! ( a place where you can talk to me! Ask me questions, tell me about your day, what ever you like!)

Like and reblog/comment if this is something you would join! Circulate it! If I can get ten people to commit, I’ll make it! Also feel free to add suggestions for pages!

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This is Twistrose. Her neck looks so odd because she always keeps her head twisted around at a 180 degree angle - which is why the first part of the name she goes by is ‘twist’. The skirt is what inspired the second part, ‘rose’.

It is a common assumption by most students that each section of her skirt is stained with the blood of a different person that she tricked away to Elsewhere. A less common theory is that the blood was traded away in exchange for a talent.


Lick Me ‘Til Ice Cream

A/N: God, forgive me, for I have sinned. Literally, don’t read this if you don’t have the intention to go to hell because I’ll be right there with you for writing this. This is my first ever smut so I hope you enjoy it as much as you can. My imagination went somewhere else in order to write this so make sure there’s some water near you, because you’ll need it.


Warning(s): Just filth. Pure filth, daddy kink, inappropriate use of ice-cream

Word count: 2,975

Pairing(s): Joker x Reader / Joker x OC (Original Character)

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          She thought that she’d never get tired of being intimate with her boyfriend. That they’d always keep it new and playful in the bedroom. Never once thinking that her lover would one day fail to make her feel like their relationship was something extraordinary, as it was. However, no matter how hard he pounded or how deep he filled her, it never felt more than a quick fuck in her mind. The same old tricks of the trade when she knew he had something more up his sleeve.

The man was the Clown Prince of Crime.

The King of Gotham.

The Joker.

He wasn’t a boring man, nor an uninteresting man. In fact, early on in their relationship, he had used toys. He had used foreplay. He even tried his hand at dirty talking. But low and behold, their sex-life had dwindled away to the point where she had no more excitement left in her. It was like their spark had died out and they now had to settle for… simple sex.

She refused to believe that there was nothing they could try to spice things up. But every time she tried to advance on him, he would just shrug her off and slide into bed. Playing it off with a cold,

“The heist took it out of me. We can do it in the morning.”

He was gone before she woke up every morning.

Come to think of it, she hardly saw him anymore, even if he was in the house with her. He was always either out on a heist or in his office all day trying to plan for the next one. She wasn’t allowed in his secret sanctuary of high security safes with stolen money and top secret files only he had the right to just look at.

She missed him.

She missed her lover with his never-out-of-place vibrant green hair she could spot from a mile away. His wild cackle he calls a “laugh” that he only softened for her. His o-so-kissable bright red lips that he always used to steal her lipstick to paint over. His dark, meaningful tattoos that contrasted so well with his beautiful bleached body. The way he moved, the way he expressed himself that made grown men shake in his presence.

She just wanted him back.

She wanted to kiss her boyfriend.

She wanted to hold her boyfriend.

She feared that she might actually go just as insane as he was if she didn’t find a way to attract him again.

Of course, she had the pleasure of making him feel good and that made her happy. But what kind of girl doesn’t want to show herself off for her man? Who doesn’t want that special attention from the one she loves?

Deciding that it was time to take immediate action, she knew that her plan would go one of two ways. Either it would end up with her being sprawled out on the huge mahogany desk in his private office being “taken care of”, or, end up with her being screamed at for thinking she could enter his untouched room without permission and injure their intimacy further.

“Fuck it,” she thought aloud, “Ride or die type, right? Let’s give him the choice of whether or not he actually wants me to ride or die.”

          Coming home with bags upon bags filled with tubs of ice-cream, she now started to wonder if their freezer was big enough to fit all of them inside.

Subconsciously, she shrugged her shoulders as she literally stopped in the middle of their living area to think about it before continuing to haul the bags to the kitchen.

“Oh, Mister J, you’re gonna love me.” She muttered to herself as she giggled at the thought of her plan.

Beginning to put all of the tubs in the freezer, she heard a door slam and footsteps padding along the floor.

Was that him?

He’s out of the office for once in his abnormal life?

Rushing to where the footsteps could be heard, she spotted his signature fluorescent hair and practically sprinted to the man she had grown to love. He was wearing, as usual, no shirt but she didn’t complain. Who would? The man was practically crafted by the Gods. His tight-fitting trousers hung low on his hips, exposing his prominent V-line which made her mouth water. She enveloped him in a giant bear hug as she jumped and swung her legs around his torso while snuggling her face into his neck.

“Doll, you’re killing me here.” His deep, gravelly voice sounded as he wrapped his arms around the girl that had attached herself to him to ensure she wouldn’t fall.

She loosened her grip, only slightly, and lifted her head up to look him in his blue, icy eyes. Another thing she missed about him.

“You’re out! I feel like I haven’t seen you for 53 years!” Her excitement was bubbling as she had no intention of suppressing it.

“But… You’re only 21.”

“You can shut up.”

“I’m offended.”

“Just kiss me.”

And so he did. Their lips crashed together and moulded perfectly, as if they were missing puzzle pieces and were only made for one another. The smiles both of them had on their faces during that rare moment were ones of pure dedication and trust between two people.

The innocent kiss escalated into something more heated when he pushed her up against the wall, his hands either side of her head and her legs tightening around his abdomen to bring him closer. Hands reached up into his silky hair and tugged gently, making a groan escape from his open lips before he nibbled on her bottom lip and moving to her neck. She kept her eyes closed and focused on the man pressing into her as she felt him sucking on her sensitive skin.

She nearly lost herself in the little bubble they had created around them but she realised she still had a plan to carry out amidst all the sexual tension. She caressed his cheek, pulling him up to meet his gaze and bit her lip.

“As much as I want you to take me right here, right now, I got something planned out especially for you, Daddy.”

Unwrapping her legs, she let him go and instantly felt lost without the pressure of his body pushed against hers. Instinctively following behind her, his vision now clouded over with a sense of lust and want, her boyfriend grabbed her wrist and turned her around. She slammed into his chest with the force he exuberated on her before smirking up at him, gently rubbing their bodies together to create friction.

“Where do you think you’re going, doll face? Daddy isn’t finished with you yet.” The low growl coming from him indicating he needed her now and was not prepared to wait for a stupid plan she thought of.

“Mm, but you’ll like this surprise, J, I can guarantee you. Just be patient with me? Please?” She pecked his lips, hoping he’d understand what she was trying to do and listen to her. “Go back into the office and wait for me. I’ll be there in T-5 minutes.”

She knew talking in “heist-terms”, as she liked to call it, made him excited and that’s exactly what happened since she felt him twitch through his tight trousers. A smile and a wink was sent in his direction while she walked off. Surprised that he didn’t protest when she brought up the subject of her walking into his office, she heard him begrudgingly make his way back into the room he finally came out of and close the door.

Working quickly, she rid herself of her everyday clothing, leaving her in her black lacy undergarments. A shiver ran through her body as the cold air hit her, making goosebumps appear on her smooth skin. Forgetting the cold and remembering she had a man waiting for her, probably feeling very uncomfortable in his pants, she took the ice-cream scoop into her hand and carefully placed two scoops of the vanilla sweetness onto a cone, licking it once because she couldn’t resist.

She put the tub of fresh ice-cream back inside the freezer and walked towards the entrance of the one room in the house she had never been in before. Taking a deep breath, she knocked and cleared her voice, “Mister J?”

“Come in.” The invitation took a while to register with her before slowly turning the gold handle and opening the door.

The room was stunning with a high ceiling and marble floor, a white rug sitting in the middle of it. The walls painted to match the rug, her eyes followed up to the sparkling gold chandelier that illuminated the room. A large vault was situated at the back, behind where her man was sitting, and she assumed he had tidied up as he was expecting her arrival. Her jaw almost dropped to the floor as she examined every detail of the area. She didn’t know when she would be allowed back in so took her time to soak in every ornament and burn it into her memory.

“You having fun there, baby?” His voice broke her trance-like state and she snapped back to reality. She felt a sudden coldness running down her chest and in between her breasts before she looked down and realised the ice-cream she was holding had begun to melt and drip down her, not realising she had titled it at a weird angle when she was inspecting the place.

“Shit.” She cursed before licking at the rim of the cone to try and stop any more from running down. All the while her tongue was working it’s way around the cone, J had leapt up from his sitting position and approached his girlfriend, licking up the valley of her breasts to remove the trail of ice-cream. A gasp emitted from her lips as she felt his warm tongue make its way up her chest and push into her mouth as he enclosed her lips with his, making her taste the sweetness on it. Moaning into the kiss, he lead her to the middle of the room and sat her on top of his desk, as she predicted would be there, and ran his pale hands up and down her sides.

“Was this your surprise? Ice-cream?” He questioned, grinning up at the lingerie-clad woman.

“What, I thought I’d try something new.” Her own smile replicated his as she held the cone in front of his lips and watched him suck the some of the melted liquid off the top.

There was something oddly arousing looking at the most feared criminal in the city in the eyes and see him lick an ice-cream cone and have it drip down his chin.

“You know, doll. The ice-cream’s great and all, but I would much rather have your juice running down my chin.” As soon as those words came out of his mouth, she physically twitched and felt her pussy become even more slick, if that was even possible.

“Well what are ya waiting for? Be my guest.” She unclipped her bra and slid the straps off her arms, asking her boyfriend to hold her cone for her beforehand though because she “didn’t wanna drop it”. He shook his head at her, chuckling and pressing his lips against hers once she took the item of clothing off.

Holding the cone, he absentmindedly swirled the ice-cream around her nipple, erecting it almost instantly. A whimper came from her throat before he pulled away from the kiss and started to suck on her breast, lapping at the sweetness it was covered in.

“J…” She sighed and leant her head back as the man standing in between her legs worked her nipple. Slowly, he trailed down her stomach and pushed her body onto the hard surface, laying her down. She took the ice-cream from his grasp, allowing him to pull down her skimpy panties and expose her glistening mound as he let out a growl by just looking at it.

“Oh, baby girl, how I’ve missed your pretty pussy.” He commented before pulling his hand up and teased her by tracing his finger around her lips and inner thighs.

“Please. Don’t tease me.” She looked down at him and pleaded with her eyes.

“Please, what?”

“Please, Daddy.” She answered quietly.

He shifted his gaze to the cone in her hand and his eyes lit up with mischief and desire. Grabbing said cone, he titled it and waited for it to drip on her clit and run down, causing her body to jolt at the sudden coldness and shiver in pleasure.

After a few drops had melted, he decided it was enough for now and flattened his tongue on her before dragging upwards. The mixture of the ice-cream and her own pussy collected in his mouth and it tasted heavenly. He groaned as he sucked on her bundle of nerves which sent vibrations through her body before she moaned out loud and gripped the side of the desk. Her reaction only spurred him on further as he picked up the pace on his assault and run his tongue down to her hole, pushing inside and felt her tighten around the muscle. Starting to fuck her with his mouth, he brought the ice-cream back around and let it drip onto her clit again, the sweet juice running down on his tongue. Her cries could be heard from next door but neither of them cared.

She felt that she was close to her release now and pulled on his hair, bringing him further into her.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop!” She begged and arched her back.

Guess what?

He stopped.

“J, I swear to god, I’m gonna fucking kill you.” Her eyes glazed over with lust, anger and desperation as she watched him innocently take a lick from the cone.

“Oh, but, baby, if you kill me, who’s gonna fuck you like you deserve to, huh? Who’s gonna make you cum when you’re a good girl? And who’s gonna punish you when you’re not?” His voice lowered into a sexy whisper as he unzipped his trousers and let them fall down his legs, palming himself through his boxers.

“… I do like it when you make me cum…” Her eyes fixated on his circular motions his hand was moving on his crotch before she reached out and pulled his underwear down for him, stroking his length.

“I know you do, doll, and that’s why you’re gonna be a good girl for Daddy right now and suck his cock.” He demanded, her jumping off the desk and onto her knees in lightening speed.

Her lips made contact with the tip and rubbed the pre-cum over it before allowing the head to be pushed into her mouth and sucked. His head fell back and grabbed her hair into a make-shift ponytail as he groaned. “That’s it, baby. Take more of Daddy’s cock.”

Wasting no time, she obliged and engulfed as much as she could into her warm mouth and swirled her tongue along the underside, beginning to suck hard. She placed her hands on his thighs to keep herself steady as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, revelling in listening to his sounds of appreciation and tightening his grip on her hair.

She suddenly felt a cold liquid against her lips and looked up. He was rubbing the ice-cream on himself, the kinky bastard. She pulled off with a pop and grinned at him, letting him coat his dick fully. He growled at the sensation of it covering him before she ran her tongue up and down to taste him and hummed on his cock which made his hips buck into her mouth resulting in her gagging. The feeling of her throat closing up on his tip made him go wild and he pulled her off, pushing her back onto his desk and rubbing himself up and down her soaked slit.

“You want this?” He asked with his deep voice and looking her in the eyes. She smirked and grabbed the cone from his hand and licked it.

“Go ahead and fuck me, Daddy.”

He didn’t need to be told twice and slammed himself into her, letting her adjust for a moment as they both cried out in pleasure at the new feeling they hadn’t felt for a long time. Once they were ready, he didn’t hold back in pounding into the tight walls that kept clenching around him, bringing him closer and closer to his orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, baby girl. You wanna feel it in ya?” He reached down and rubbed circles on her clit with his thumb, matching the rhythm of his thrusts and making her moan so loudly she was pretty sure the whole of Gotham could hear her.

“Yes, please, Daddy, I want your cum. I’m so close.”

He felt her pussy clench one more time around him and it sent him over the edge. Releasing himself inside his girlfriend, he stilled his movements and groaned as he felt her do the same. She screamed and gripped the desk so tightly, she could’ve sworn she broke a bone, her juices running down his cock and onto the desk.

Heavy breathing was the only sound that could be heard and the whole room smelled like sex and sweat the two of them created. They rode out their highs before he pulled out and laid next to her, pulling her close while she wrapped herself around him.

“We might need to get some more ice-cream for next time.” He joked, not knowing she bought gallons of the stuff earlier in the day.

Don’t worry about it, Mister J, I got it covered.”


Painted outdoor furniture, string lights and colorful accessories set the stage for a summer get together. 

If you paint outdoor chairs or tables, be sure to pick the right type of paint. Rustoleum 2X spray paint is a great choice, as is Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior (be sure not to use interior paint). A semi-gloss sheen makes painted furniture easier to clean.

Loki’s plus one

for Hurricane’s fantastic ‘verse Ticks of the Trade. Loki takes Tony to Asgard as his plus one to the ball and they make out in the dining hall.

Hurricane, I owe you so much more than this shitty drawing. In honor of your awesomeness, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: CotBP while doing this. I was waiting for the opportune moment.

omg Will’s place is between James and Jack #facepalm don’t get between my bbs.

Yellow can perk up a room, but it can also be a very difficult color to get right. What looks great on a paint chip might be overwhelming on a large wall. Our trick of the trade: Find the color you like on the paint chip, then step it down two shades. Once it’s on the whole wall, odds are that’s the color you were really looking for. 

dancing-thru-clouds  asked:

MOM. MOM I GOT A REALLY GOOD JOB I APPLIED FOR IN THE FIELD I WANNA GO INTO. But now I have to go buy business casual clothing and I just-what exactly is business casual? The internet is vague


And business casual is that weird realm where jeans are not acceptable but you can normally get away with a nice tunic over slacks and flat pump shoes rather than having to wear a fitted shirt/skirt or heels which tends to pass as business smart in most circles. In my experience it’s better to show up slightly overdressed for your first week at work, see what everyone else is wearing, then blend in accordingly. That’s how I’ve been tricking everyone for the last decade that I’m a Real Adult™.

Again, congrats, so psyched for you :D

been waiting for this kind of question since i started this blog but now that someone has asked idk what to do so

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This is a hard question. I’ve read tons of KilluGon fanfics and they’re all amazing, but I usually bookmark those that gave me so much feels so here are some:



Seven Minutes

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then there’s you

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Starry x Night

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the hormonal high schooler’s guide to falling in love

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no sugar no cream

it’s damn slippery out there 

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NEW ONES (04/01/17)

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Hey guys, long time in the making, but finally done…kind of poorly done though, but anyway here is my other fic rec master post that I’ve promissed. Just full warning before you guys go check the fics, this time I couldn’t read through the stories again, so it’s an even more mixed list. Like there’s all types of fics here so pay attention to the tags that authors let in the fics pages for any possible triger warnings. I also tried to put only finished works, so it’s possible that I make another post again, maybe after the jl comes out, who knows. Make sure to check out the first archive…if you want of course.

Find Me If You Can by FictionalKnight (Northern_Star)

Sandalwood and Ozone by Mithen     

Bath Time by skund               

Give My Regards/Another Yearby Merfilly              

Needyand the sequel Wake Up Call by twinsarein       

Whatever It Takesby amphitrite                

Spicy Peppers And Lush Tomatoesby BradyGirl_12        

A Spoonful of Sun by tmelange          

Before This Dance is Through by RileyC               

One Night in Gotham by RileyC                

Freaky (Fifth-Dimensional) Friday by Mithen

Kryptonian’s Best Friend by BradyGirl_12

Victorian Ladies, Elephants, Bulldogs, And The 1939 World’s Fairby BradyGirl_12                

Christmas in Smallville by Trista_zevkia

Tea And Gingerbread by BradyGirl_12              

“When The Moon Hits Your Eye…” by BradyGirl_12               

Understanding by adelaide_rain                

In Case You Were Wondering by RileyC                

The New Frontier I: The Usual Place by BradyGirl_12          

Unneeded by Mithen                

Swoons to a Waltz by AngelZash        

A Prelude to Discipline by dracoqueen22                

That Which We Call a Roseby arysteia                

Stripes by aintitnifty                

Admissionsby AiyokuSama                

Love in the Dairy Aisle (or, Why Batman Doesn’t Do Fights)by FabulaRasa                

Saying the Words (or, Why Batman Doesn’t Do Birthdays) by FabulaRasa

Birthday Gifts by Bekkoni                

Super/Batsby Trxz                

Musings on Empty Calories… and Various Other Subjects by BuckinghamAlice                

It’s Not Time to Worry Yetby simplifyingforces (vigorousplasmids)                

Bruises by FabulaRasa                

Strangers When We Meet by Trista_zevkia               

Focal Fetish by LuciferxDamien                

Any Way You Want It by BuckinghamAlice                

You Tend to do That to Me by Evilpixie                

Partial by whiteroses77               

Intrigue by whiteroses77                

Coming Together by Trista_zevkia

Fatal Flaw by holycheerbatman                

The Power Not to Do by Mithen               

Echo by whiteroses77                

Anteros by whiteroses77

Made To Be Broken by Trista_zevkia 

The Start of Something Good by batsy_rocks                       

As Sure As The Sun Does Burn by agberts               

Tales of the Tiger Tamer by foxyk

The Mentalist and The Mistletoe by Trista_zevkia                

Action and Re-Actionby Mithen               

Hush, Hush by FreshPrincessofCheyne                

When the Hummingbirds Return by Emanium               

Bruised and Scarred by Lopithecus                

The Professional Touch by Lopithecus                

Your Guardian Angel by FreshPrincessofCheyne               

Shadows of the Heart by Saranghae       

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We always advocate that your room should be layered, built over time with interesting things you love and that complement your personality. But literally layering? Yes, we’re fans of that too. 

Layered rugs add dimension to a room. Here, we pair a natural jute rug with a boldly patterned wool bright. To layer in a living room, use a jute rug large enough to fit under your seating area’s furniture. Use a bright rug that is larger than your coffee table to add a pop of color. To layer in a bedroom, use a jute rug large enough to fit under your bed and bedside tables. Use a bright rug tucked under the bottom feet of the bed, or to the side of the bed in smaller rooms. 


Here’s something new I’ve created for all of you, I hope the format is helpful. Feedback and Questions are always welcome, please tell me what you think.

Acting and Body Language tend to go hand in hand, as such I will be working to explain and elaborate on some useful tips and tricks of the trade that should be vey helpful in your in person deductions.