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Jefferson | Once Upon A Time

Y/N: “Trick or Treat!

Jefferson: *Laughs* 

Y/N: “What? Don’t you like my costume?

Jefferson: “Of course not, it’s very sexy… It’s just… Never mind, you wouldn’t understand.

Y/N: “You know, maybe you should be the one wearing this costume. You are clearly more mad then me.

Jefferson: *Laughs Harder*

Y/N: “WHAT?!”       

Halloween Edition: Horror Stories.
  • Kise: Hey, hey, guys! Let's share our horror stories! Any kind of stories!
  • Aomine: Ha? That's stupid.
  • Kise: What? No, it's not! Right, Kurokocchi?
  • Kuroko: I agree with Aomine-kun.
  • Kise: So mean!!!
  • Akashi: We only meet once so let's give it a shot. You go first, Atsushi.
  • Murasakibara: Mm'kay. *shuts the light* It all happened in one specific day and month... Today.
  • Others: !!!
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin... Yes, Muro-chin, he grabbed all of candies and suddenly gave it to the kids who knocked on our door! Ooohhh, spooky. *starts eating again*
  • Others: ...
  • Aomine: You aren't even trying!
  • Kise: Was that supposed to be scary?!
  • Murasakibara: It was for me.
  • Midorima: Ridiculous. That's a horror story for you, Murasakibara? So childish.
  • Murasakibara: Then, Mido-chin, you tell us a spooky story.
  • Midorima: I guess it can't be helped. I will tell you all a story. A horror one.
  • Others: ...
  • Midorima: It happened before November hits. Around 9AM, October 31st, I was watching a show in the living room with my sister... Then suddenly... BAM!
  • Others: !!!
  • Others: ...
  • Midorima: THE HORROR!!!
  • Aomine: Okay... That's enough.
  • Kise: ... I should've seen that coming.
  • Kuroko: Midorima-kun...
  • Akashi: You two... I guess it's my turn.
  • Kise & Aomine: Akashi/Akashicchi!
  • Akashi: It happened last year, before I enrolled in Rakuzan. Everything was perfect for tonight's dinner until...
  • Others: ...
  • Akashi: The phone rings...
  • Others: ...
  • Akashi: But when the maid answered it, there's no voice. None. I took the phone and tried to speak but the other line spoke first and asked for candies.
  • Others: !!!
  • Kise: Was it... Halloween?
  • Akashi: Yes, it was. The maids and I thought it was a prank but it's not. It sounds like someone is dying but they are asking for candies through the phone rather than knocking in the door.
  • Aomine: ... Scary, Akashi. Too scary.
  • Kise: Did you know who did it?!
  • Akashi: Until now, no.
  • Kuroko: It couldn't be anyone, though. It's Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: That's what I thought. Asking for candies through phone...
  • Murasakibara: Ah.
  • Others: !!!
  • Aomine: What?!
  • Kise: Don't scare us like that, Murasakibaracchi!
  • Murasakibara: Oh, sorry. I just remembered something. That was last year, right, Aka-chin?
  • Akashi: Yeah.
  • Murasakibara: I was the one who called. Muro-chin gave every single candies I had to the kids when he and I settled in the dorm.
  • Others: IT WAS YOU?!
  • Murasakibara: Mm.
  • Kuroko: ... I guess it's my turn.
  • Others: !!!
  • Kuroko: I will tell you about yesterday when me and Kagami-kun went to the haunted house.
  • Akashi: Uh, Tetsuya.
  • Aomine: Tetsu, please. Do not continue. We're okay.
  • Kise: Yeah, we're good! Let's end this, guys!
  • Kuroko: Eh?
  • Midorima: Right. It's almost time for trick-or-treating.
  • Murasakibara: Kuro-chin tells a really spooky story so we're good.
  • Kuroko: Eh...?

Aww, Halloween has come to Denmark too, but with little Danish twists of course.

Here the kids say “Slik eller ballade” which means “Candy or trouble”

Also, we have a few American and British families in this area and their kids rarely wear costumes but seem to be the most excited. I assume they didn’t know we celebrate it here too, so when they saw kids trick n’ treating they were like “Oh shit! I gotta go NOW!”

Edit: Haha, a little girl just said “Candy or death!” with the biggest smile.
Halloween fake ah crew x child!reader

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Michael merely shrugged his shoulders. “ it’s no big deal geoff, it’s not that scary anyways. the kid held up better than gavin did anyways.” he pointed out and then gestured to gavin who was hugging the 5 year old tightly.

 “ Besides, little y/n here’s gotta toughen up if she’s going trick-or-treating tonight. right kid?” he asked and the young girl grinned and nodded. 

“ you got it mikey!” you said and geoff sighed.

yes, this was little y/n’s first year trick or treating. to say he was a little worried would be an understatement. los santos at night isn’t the safest place. but los santos at night on HALLOWEEN? Well let’s just say him and the others will be prepared if somebody tries to hurt their baby girl.

but there’s was one thing they didn’t know.

“ are you ever gonna tell us what you’re costume is sweetie?” jack asked and y/n shook her head, her hair tickling gavin’s nose.

“ nope, you’ll find out on Halloween momma!” she said and jack pouted. 

“ i think i know of a way we can make her confess.” gavin said with a grin, jack mirroring the same expression.

“ oh?and what would that be?”

“ we bring out the   TICKLE MONSTER!!!” Gavin shouted and attacked her sides as she laughed loudly.

“ gavvy no please!” she squealed and he shook his head. 

“ sorry love, only if you tell me what your costume is.” he said and continued to mercilessly tickle her. 

“ HAHAHAHHANO PLEASE!!! MICHAEL, DADDY, HELP ME.” Y/N pleaded but to no avail.

“ Sorry princess, no can do.” geoff said with an amused smile as he took a sip of his beer. 

“ same goes for me kiddo. just answer the question and he’ll stop.” michael added in. 

“ RYAN HELP ME!” And as soon as those words passed her lips  Ryan walked into the room and grabbed gavin by the scruff of his neck and pushed him back. y/n laughing in triumph and scurrying off to her room.

“ lay off the damn kid gavin.” he grumbled and sat down on the couch. 

“ please, you just want to be her hero like normal.she kid bloody loves you.” gavin said as he got up and rubbed his jaw, though he wont admit it, ryan was extremely protective over the young girl. he nearly got in a fist fight  with a suburban mother because her son was being rude. ( fuCKING FIGHT ME HELEN)

Ryan merely scoffed and took a sip of his beer. “ i highly doubt that.” he said and began to read the book in front of him while everyone else shared knowing looks.

 even though y/n was basically the crew’s kid, Ryan still acted like he didn’t have feelings for the kid. whenever he did something for her it was always accompanied with a stale voice and a shit-ton of grumbling. Which sucked for him cause the kid absolutely loved him. always staring up at him with a big smile and wide eyes, which she did to everyone. but she seemed to have a bigger respect for him than anyone else, which made geoff pretty pissed. 

“ yeah whatever, so what will you guys be doing while i’m taking y/n trick or treating?” geoff asked and jack froze.

“ excuse me? while YOU’RE taking her trick or treating? uh uh, hell no. im taking her.” she said and ray stood up. 

“ dudes im not missing her first trick or treat either. “ 

“ yeah neither am i ya plebs, right micoo?”

“ yeah, besides i wanna see how many old ladies i can scare with my jason costume.” michael said as he put on his hockey mask.

“ but im practically her dad!” geoff groaned, “ therefore i take her!” jack merely rolled her eyes. 

“ im practically her mom! motherhood trumps fatherhood so suck on that bitch!”

“ but im the cool uncle!” 

“ no youre not dumbass, that obviously me. the kickass puerto rican.”



As the crew began to scream and yell over who got to take their child trick or treating, the said girl walked out of her room in her costume and plopped down in ryan’s lap. who was the only one not partaking int he argument.

“ im ready to go trick-or-treating!” she shouted happily as ryan stared down at her with an awestruck look on his face. as did the other when they stopped arguing and stared at the young girl’s costume.

her h/c hair put up in a pony tail and her face completely painted with the colors orange, black, and white. She wore a plain white shirt and a blue and black leather jacket, a pair of black jeans to match. she had a big smile on her face and everybody just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 

 She dressed up as Ryann for Halloween.

“ your’e…your’e…” ryan stuttered and she laughed, poking his nose.

“ I’m you silly!” y/n said happily, but a frown appeared on her face. “ you’re not angry……are you?”

Ryan’s eyes went wide and he shook his head. “ oh nonononono sweetie of course not! i absolutely love it,” he said with a chuckle. “ but why did you choose me?”

“ yeah why’d you choose that asshole instead of me! i mean id be a great halloween costume!” geoff whined, earning himself a slap in the back of the head. 

“ because youre always so silent and grumpy, like michael-”


“ sorry mikey.” y/n giggled. “ but you always seem so bummed, and you never hang out with me, or any of us really. ” she mumbled and the assassin’s heart dropped. “ but you’re apart of our family! so i need to make you happy!” she said and looked up at him with a feared look. “ did i do a good job.”

“ no sweetie,” ryan said.” you did an amazing job.” her face lit up like a thousand Christmas trees.

“ really!?!” she squealed and he nodded. 

“ yup, now, im gonna go get dressed in my costume and then i’ll take you trick or treating, okay?” he said and the young girl smiled and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“okey dokey ryan!” she said as he walked back to his room with a sweet smile.

“ i would’ve been an awesome costume.” geoff mumbled and jack patted him on the back.

“ dude, just get dressed and save it for next year. “ jack said as she too walked to her room and got dressed. 

once everybody was dressed in their “Halloween” costumes. ( their heist uniforms) they all went out to take the beloved baby of the crew for her first trick or treating. 

it was hard at first, since she was such a shy child. not to mention many people were very concerned about her costume, or the dangerous looking adults standing right behind her with scary smiles and their own candy bags. but it was fun. 

even though the night came to a stop rather quickly. a concerned elderly couple recognized the groups and called the police. Causing ryan to throw little y/n over is shoulder and the crew to haul ass back home. 

but geoff went out the next day and bought a shit ton of twix and skittles. it’s awesome to be rich. 

but mostly, it was the day that ryan truly became somebody in y/n’s life. even though it wasn’t always easy. (puberty was a rough time for them all.) he wouldn’t change it for the world. 


When it comes to trick n treat.

*Ding dong*
*door open*

Goth&Palette: TRICK O- whoa

Palette: cool costume, miss

Palette&goth- TRICK OR TREAT Danielle: (costume? What costume? I guess it’s Halloween since they’re wearing costumes) (guess that doesn’t matter, I think I got some candy) • okay, two kids •There. I hope you two stay safe. Goth: we will. Goth- @nekophy Palette- @angexci (I’m literally sorry if this didn’t make sense)(also, Danielle wasn’t wearing a costume…that’s what she thinks but what they see is…something)
Twick or Tweat

Summary: Halloween at the Winchesters. Part of my husband!Dean AU, An Unassuming Life (master post).

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader, OC’s Henry and Hannah

Word Count: 803

Warnings:  extreme fluff

Author’s Notes: None

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Umm can you imagine being married and having a kid with Kylo. And for Halloween she wants to be Kylo Ren and she asked her parents to be Han and Leia. Hella funny, soo awkward. Aka some shit I would do.

Okayy, so this is beyond adorable and needed to be written pronto so here it is haha.

Modern AU Kylo + “My birthday is October 31st”

Standing in your living room, you adjusted the elaborate hairstyle of dual buns on either side of your head you had fashioned for yourself in the mirror. Finally tucking some hairs into their rightful place you looked over yourself in the mirror once more before you smiled in approval. Stepping away you turned to the stairway to see Kylo coming down the stairs in his costume.

A smile instantly spread across your face as you saw him trudge down the stairs in his blue pants, black boots, white shirt and vest. Though you weren’t entirely surprised, you couldn’t help but gawk at how perfectly the costume of Han Solo fit him. The look on his face was disgruntled as he fidgeted with his vest once more as he took the last step.

“Well hello handsome.”

He gave you a faint glare, tilting his head.

“Please don’t.”

You shook your head with a smirk, “Come on Kylo, you look fantastic.”

“I’d rather not look fantastic in my fathers old clothes ok?”

“I thought you said it was a character based off of him.”

He shrugged with a sigh, “Does it matter?”

Brushing off his shoulders you smiled at him again, gently placing your hands there.

“Well based off of him or not, you look great.”

Kylo smiled, somewhat reluctantly, placing a soft kiss to your lips as he looked you over. Carefully he brought his hands to your hips as he looked you over.

“You look good too, beautiful…you know, besides the buns.”

You rolled your eyes, “You love them.”

“No not really.”

Gasping faintly you gently smacked him in the chest as he chuckled, stepping back from you. 

“I’m only joking. You do look beautiful though.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Looking up the stairs behind Kylo you yelled out, “(Y/D/N)! Are you ready yet?!”

“Just a minute!”

Kylo looked down to his vest as you brought your eyes back to him.

“How long do I have to wear this again?”

“As long as (Y/D/N) wants you to.”

He groaned faintly.

“Kylo it’s her birthday, her only wish was for you and I to dress up with her ok? Consider yourself lucky, she could’ve asked for another dog, or a pony.”

“I know but…out of all the costumes in the world-”

“Ah! Be happy she chose easy costumes ok.”

He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Here I come!”

You both turned to the staircase to see (Y/D/N) come down in her costume. Having been aware ahead of time of her costume choice you smirked with pride and adoration as she came down the stairs in her full Kylo Ren attire. Though you knew Kylo despised the films that had been made retelling his family’s story in an alternate space universe with far more dramatic twists and plots, you couldn’t help but love to see your little girl in the costume.

Kylo however had his jaw hanging loose. Seeing her saunter down the stairs in the infamous black garbs, mask and all, he was utterly shocked. He wasn’t sure how to feel in the moment of seeing his little girl adorned in all black garbs with an intimidating and expressionless mask with a lightsaber in hand.

“Oh honey you look great!”

She hopped off of the last step with a giggle as she rushed up to you both, almost tripping over her robes.

“Do you like it mommy?!”

“I do, you look amazing.”

She turned to Kylo, craning her head an extra bit to see his face through the slit of her mask.

“Do you like it daddy?”

He gulped, looking down at her with hesitation. Timidly she put her hands in front of her, scuffing her shoe against the hard wood floors.

“I wanted to be just like you.”

Kylo’s brows furrowed for a moment, unsure if he should be flattered that his daughter admired the space villain version of him. Considering that interpretation of him had committed patricide, obviously far from reality as Han was still alive, he couldn’t help but feel odd. 

Seeing her patiently watch him as she nervously awaited his response, he slowly melted. Like any other day, he was wrapped around her litte finger. Despite his discontent with the films, he couldn’t be angry with (Y/D/N). If he was being honest with himself, the fact that his daughter looked up to him was more than heart warming to him.

Crouching down to her level he gave her a smirk as she craned her head to look into his eyes.

“I love it, you pull it off better than I ever could.”

From underneath the mask (Y/D/N) giggled, a smile growing across her face as Kylo gently pulled her head towards him and placed a kiss atop it. Gently he pulled the hood from her robes over her head with a smile, holding her at arms length.

“My little dark space knight.”

She giggled, as your heart warmed at the sight of them. 

“You ready to go get some candy?”

She eagerly started hopping with excitement as she turned to face you.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!!”

Kylo stood from his place with a smirk as he watched you hand (Y/D/N) her trick-or-treat bag.

“Alright then let’s go, we’ve gotta get started if you want to be on time for cake at grandma’s.”

She gasped, “I get cake too?!”

You chuckled as you nodded, gently pushing her forward towards the door.

“Well yeah it’s your birthday.”

She hopped towards the door, “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!”

Kylo grinned as he opened the door for her, “Ok settle down, come on.”

She looked up to Kylo, still grinning from ear to ear under her mask.

“But I’m so excited!”

“I know.”

Walking outside you gently closed the door behind you, getting ready to start the trick-or-treating endeavor. As you turned to face the sidewalk you watched as (Y/D/N) lit up her red lightsaber, pointing out to the street.

“I want that candy.”

The sound of her voice attempting to be intimidating only made you and Kylo chuckle as you both nodded. Kylo sighed with a little shrug as he gestured to the sidewalk.

“Then lead the way, Commander.”

With a nod (Y/D/N) turned to the sidewalk as she began marching down your front steps and towards the street. You and Kylo interlaced your fingers with smiles across your faces as you followed behind her.

“Wait until your parents see this.”

Kylo groaned, “I’ll never hear the end of it.”

You giggled at the thought, knowing well it would be remembered for years in the Solo household, including at the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. 

Trick or Treat - Dean x Reader feat Sam & Gabriel

Supernatural Drabble

Written For: Stranded/Stuck Challenge

Stuck in magic handcuffs with: Dean Winchester

Written For: 2 Broke 2 Care Challenge

Prompt: L. I mean it’s life, lower your expectations.

Warnings: language, mention of penis and implied smut

Y/n had been hunting with The Winchester brothers for years and she had fallen in live with the older Winchester, Dean. No matter how hard she tried to hide and ignore her feelings they were still there. She wasn’t the only one hiding her feelings, Dean was as well. He didn’t think he was good enough for her so he pushed his feelings for her to the side. On Halloween night Y/n was with Dean at the hotel, Sam had gone to the library to do some research. Y/n and Dean had decided to watch a movie. “Oh fuck it’s Halloween I thought there’d be a better selection of horror movies on tonight” Y/n said. “I mean it’s life, lower your expectations” Dean said, she giggled and chose a movie. The doorbell rang, she opened it and it was a little boy, in an Angel costume, “Oh how cute, Dean do you have any candy” she said. Dean walked to the door “hey, trick or treat kid” Dean said, “trick” the boy said, he snapped his fingers and Dean and Y/n were locked in magic handcuffs. “Oh what the hell” she said, “okay time to call Sammy” Dean said. Dean shut the door and turned to walk to his phone and he pulled her with him and she fell into his back. “Ow Dean, what the fuck, we’re cuffed together warn me before you move” Y/n said. “Yeah sorry sweetheart” Dean said and he called Sam and told him what going on. “Ok so Sam’s on his way” Dean said. While waiting for Sam they tried watching the movie but it was hard being so close together. “I hate to say this, but I have take a leak” Dean said, “Oh seriously Dean, you can’t hold it” she said, “I’ve been holding it” Dean said. He stood up pulling her with him into the bathroom, “you gonna turn around and don’t look” Dean said. Y/n turned as far as she could and put her free handover eyes. She heard Dean start to pee, she couldn’t help but open her fingers and at his penis. Sam got to the room just as they were coming out of the bathroom, “never tell me what happened in there” Sam said. “Shut up and look at these bitch” Dean said, “hold your hand up jerk, I mean Dean, not you Y/n” Sam said. “I know Sammy, it’s okay” she said, Sam looked at the cuffs, “there’s something written on these, it looks like enocian” Sam said. He wrote down what it said and translated it, “it says magic truth cuffs, is their anything either of you have to admit” Sam said. “Dean, I looked at your penis in the bathroom” she said, “I know you looked, I’m fine with it” Dean said. “Anything a little deeper guys, or do you want to be cursed to be cuffed together forever” Sam said. “Fuck it, Dean I love you” Y/n said, “I love you too, Y/n” Dean said. Gabriel the Arch Angel and trickster appeared, “it’s about time you too admitted your feelings for each other” Gabriel said. He snapped his fingers and the cuffs hit the ground, “happy Halloween” Gabriel said and with that he was gone. “I’ve been waiting to kiss you for years” Dean said, “than go for it Winchester” she said. Dean planted his lips on her roughly and passionately, “Ok I’m gonna get my own room, because I don’t wanna see Dean’s penis” Sam said, going out the door.

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Featuring Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki @samwinjarpad



“Welcome To My Nightmare” by Alice Cooper

Welcome to My Nightmare (1975)

Trick or Treat

A/N: I can’t even believe I’m writing this. It’s 2am and I have to get up in 4 hours.  But I’m seriously so fucked up by that video I have to do something about it.  HE LICKED THE FUCKING SWORD YOU GUYS.

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You were putting the finishing touches on your cat costume when the doorbell rang.  You were feeling a little pressed for time - Niall had invited you to a costume party at the house of one of his sound engineers and would be picking you up any minute.  You’d only been dating a short time, and your nerves still kicked in before each date.  He’d been nothing but sweet and gentlemanly, you hadn’t even had sex yet.  But you seemed to have a real connection and you were excited to see where this was going.

The trick or treaters had been fairly scarce tonight, it was drizzling and cold - keeping most of the younger kids at home.  You grabbed the candy dish and rushed to the door.  

You flung the door open and caught it with your foot to hold it open.  Your mouth dropped open instantly at the sight of Niall.  Dressed as a pirate.  The first thing you noticed was that he was wearing a giant gold earring.  The second thing you noticed was that he had a huge candy necklace hanging around his neck.  You put your hand over your mouth to stifle you laugh - his face was deadly serious.  He pursed his lips a bit and smirked at you.  “Hey babe. Trick.”  He lifted up the fake broadsword at his side and dragged the blade across his tongue.  “Or treat.  Your choice.”

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Imagine Jacob coming up to your door on Halloween, Trick-or-treating

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A/N: Look! Only a week behind! 

It was a clear night. The moon was showing brightly without any clouds to cover it up, creating a great light to help the demons, ghouls, zombies, princesses, firemen, superheroes, and ninjas find their way around the busy streets of your hometown. This was one of your favorite times of the year: Halloween.

You thought you would stay in and give out treats instead of trick-or-treating this year. You liked dressing up in fun costumes, but perhaps you were getting too old to do that anymore.

Sitting in your living room, you were watching shows on Netflix to pass the time. You didn’t put anything you would be too committed to watching; Trick-or-treaters didn’t like to wait very long. You sat and idly watched the Halloween movies, waiting to hear the doorbell ring or the door to be knocked on from the other side. “Being an adult is boring,” You murmured, “How do they put up with it for the rest of their life?”

Knock knock knock.

You were up in a moment, walking towards the door, grabbing the bowl of candy as you headed for the door. You opened the door to be greeted by a sea of children, all dressed in unique costumes, some store-bought, some home-made.

“Trick or treat!”

You held out the bowl, smiling at the children who searched for their preferred candy. You loved how adorable their squeaky voices would say “Thank you!” before they scurried off to meet their parents, who all stood waiting on the sidewalk.

The last trick-or-treater reached for a piece of candy, and you noticed how much bigger their hand was in comparison to the other children. Glancing up, you blinked to see not a child, but a fully grown man standing before you. Clad in a cloak and top hat, he certainly looked like he dressed for the event.

“Er…” You began, not quite sure what to say. Some parents would dress up with their children, but this man seemed like he was by himself. “Do you have a kid with you…?”

The man looked up at you, dark eyes filled with a youthful curiosity, “No, none of those kids are mine.” You nodded at the crowd that was just at your doorstep, now walking away with their parents. You glanced to the side, now feeling quite awkward, “So, you’re all alone?”

“Not anymore.” He replied with a playful tone.

You felt your face turn pink, “Aren’t you a bit old to be trick-or-treating?” You asked, hoping to get an answer out of him. He just chuckled, “Aren’t you a bit young to be stuck up in a house like an old widow?”

“I’m not an old widow,” You snapped, “I’m not even in a relationship…” You added to yourself.

“Maybe you need to get out there. Trick-or-treating is grand fun; it’s like stealing candy, but legally.” The man in the top hat suggested. You scrunched up your nose, “I’m not going trick-or-treating with a stranger.” Not that you’d be against it in this particular instance (His face was gorgeous), but still, stranger danger, right?

“Ah, come on, we’re friends, aren’t we?” He asked with a sarcastic smile. You set the bowl of candy down and crossed your arms, “I don’t even know your name!”

“Jacob Frye, and you, madam?”

“Y/N, charmed.” You replied. Jacob Frye… fitting.

“Well Y/N, since we’re fast friends now, what would you say to-”

“It’s still a no.”

“No? Are you that anti-fun?”
“If I was ‘anti-fun’ I would’ve locked my door and shut off all the lights.”
“Hmm, so you just don’t want to trick or treat with me?” His voice had fake hurt laced in it.

“You’re still a stranger. What if you’re a total weirdo?”
“If I was, what exactly could you do to keep me away? I know where you live. I’m at your house right now, in fact.”

You had to admit, that was a fair point.

Jacob continued, “I understand, madam, don’t feel like you have to force me away. I know a lost cause when I see one.” He bent down, snatched a candy, turned on his heel, and began walking away, “Happy Halloween, madam.”

“Wait-” You called out. Jacob stopped and looked back, one eyebrow raised. “Yes, madam?”

“How about, we go… um… next year… once I… um… get to know you better?” You couldn’t believe you were doing this.

Jacob smirked, “So you’re already making plans a year in advance, then? I’m surprised. I thought you were ‘too old’ for trick-or-treating.”

You wanted to say something along the lines of ‘You make me feel young’, but how corny would that be? Plus, it made you sound like an old widow.

You settled with “I’m game if you are.”

Jacobs’ smile grew, and he nodded, “I’ve been game since I offered.”

You smiled a little, “How about we go get coffee sometime? Get to know each other better?”

“Sounds fine to me.”
You smiled a bit more, “How about next Friday?”

“I’ll be there,” He tipped his top hat, “Until next Friday, madam.”

He turned around and in a few moments, disappeared. You watched him go, a small smile still on your face. You heard the credits roll inside your house, your Halloween movie was over. You picked up the bowl of candy and stepped inside your home, closing the door behind you.

You wondered who really got treated this Halloween.

the-windigos-are-listening  asked:

Can u draw the Winchester bros plus castiel as kids when they go out to trick n treat in Halloween :)

Edit: I wrote Idijots instead of Idjits! >_< so sorry.. T.T

Sam (Batman), Cas (”Angel”) and Dean (Superman) on Halloween and Bobby running after these crazy kids. :3

Thank you so much the-windigos-are-listening for this super adorable request! >u< <3 I probably put more effort in it than I should’ve but I can’t help it xD Hope you like it! <:’D

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