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Body and Mind Health Routine

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Hey, guys here is a list of things you should be doing every day or that I highly recommend for every day. Hope you enjoy and no this isn't particularly studying stuff but it’s really important reminder or even a checklist you can go through to make sure you can do better in your work and keep your body healthy

1. Brush your teeth twice and floss every day. Just do it, it’s like 5 minutes max

2. Drink drink drink! Keep hydrated try this app called “Plant Nanny” it’s where you grow a plant and every time you need to give it water it reminds you to also drink water

3.  Workout or even walk if you can. yes your a super busy person trying to succeed in life and everything seems overwhelming but if you take at the very lease 10 minutes to go a jog you will thank me

4. Wash your face + moisturize No you don’t have to moisturize but I would highly suggest it. Keep your skin looking young and healthy

5. Eat healthy Yes, healthy food is expensive especially if your in college but try your best because even when I’m eating healthier it motivates me to get shit done not shit in front of the tv munching on some pasta

6.Take a deep breath Have some you time. Just take a few moments to breath do some meditation or yoga or listen to some music. Five minutes won’t cost you what you’ll think it will really help you

7. Don’t stare at the computer screen Every so often get up do some jumping jacks, look out a window, get the blood pumping, rest your eyes.

8. Manage your time wisely If. you. wait. till. the. very. last. moment. you. will. want. to. kill. yourself. I’ve had at least three mental breakdowns due to this and I’m learning from my mistakes. I literally started crying and couldn’t breathe in a classroom because I didn’t understand what was going on and it was due the next day.

9. Drop the negative people Trust me if they don’t hype you up about your amazing test scores, or that you shed a few pounds they are not worth it. Surround yourself with people that have the same interests as you so you can motivate each other

10. Think more positively Don’t complain as much. This one hits right at home with me because I’m always complaining no matter what and I’ve been on a minimal complaining mission. Think about all the things you can do.

 Other things that aren’t necessary but definitely nice and relaxing

1. Paint your nails

2. Take a nice bath you can do so much from relaxing to studying; bath bombs make it even better

3. Shave your legs tell me doesn’t feel amazing to get into bed with soft legs

4. Grow your eyebrows I made a little serum to help me achieve the naturally bushy but amazing eyebrow that are actually natural. Mix a bit of aloe with caster oil and a little bit of oil whether it is almond or coconut just a drop will do the trick. Just make sure it’s okay and good for you and doesn’t have any negative side effects

5. Maracuja oil is a multi-beneficial oil with a whole ton of good stuff for you. Yes, im only 14 and I don’t have wrinkle but I put that stuff all over my face and neck to help me in the future.

6. A tiny bit of makeup can go a long way. You’ve been up later studying or doing whatever or you just have dark circle under your eyes. Take a bit of orange color corrector and pat that into the skin followed by some concealer.

Stop making excuses, just do it!

It all starts with self-love!

  • Take your time to get to know yourself + find self-love. This won’t happen overnight, it’s something you need to practice, build + progress.
  • Stop beating yourself up over things you can’t help. Picking on yourself so harshly for things, overthinking + comparing yourself to people.
  • You can never be anyone but YOU. Instead of being negative about it, start working on making a better version of you. 

‘I have this vision but I just don’t know how to get there because…’

  • Stop with this immediate self-doubt. How can something come to you when you’re not ready to receive it?
  • Getting what you want out of life — you’re the only person who can make this happen for yourself!
  • Hoping, wishing, overthinking, complaining about things you don’t have yet… It’s just a waste of time.
  • Oh, but it’s impossible — Hello? Have you looked around? People are doing impossible things every day. It’s just your mindset.
  • Expand your mind to be open, understand that there are endless opportunities for yourself — that may even come unexpectedly. 
  • Push yourself, work hard + set goals — the sooner your start, the sooner you’ll get there!
  • You need to believe in your vision 100,000%. Back yourself, back your dreams, back your vision!

Setbacks + Failure

  • It’s not the end of the world.
  • We’re constantly moving forward + learning. 
  • Question things + reflect on situations WITHOUT judgment.
  • Learn from your setbacks — build + grow from them. Use them to fuel yourself + move forward.

Tips + Tricks:

  • Writing + journalling — Put your thoughts, feelings, goals, drawings + scribbles onto paper! Express yourself, reflect and be non-judgemental.
  • Self-love + care — Nourish your mind, body, soul + spirit. Push yourself to achieve greatness, but remember to take care of yourself to, on the inside and out.
  • Talk to people + listen — If you have a problem, be vulnerable! Tell someone. Listen to what people are really saying, let them inspire you + take care of them.
  • Acceptance — Accept who you are + be proud! Be open to self-development + learning. Be the best you you can be + accept others.
  • Ask questions, go further — Question yourself + situations. You won’t develop nor learn from sitting on the sidelines quietly.
  • Dream big — Make your dreams outrageous + huge! Persist, persist, persist + never give up! 
  • Never stop giving — Life is all about giving + taking, but mostly giving. Make people feel special, spread your energy, love + support!
Healing Spell

A spell to help with healing that can be used for physical or mental wounds. 

You’ll need: 

-A piece of fabric and a string (yellow and green are both associated with healing and regeneration)

-A needle

-Herbs like: garlic, ginger, lavender, onion, peppermint, turmeric (substitutions: bay, cinnamon, cilantro, mustard seeds, rosemary, saffron, sage, spearmint, thyme)

-Crystals like: rhodonite, heliotrope (substitutions: quartz)

-Oils like: chamomile, rosemary, eucalyptus (substitutions: basically any oil of the herbs above)

-Additionally, you could add: A sigil, maybe the ashes or the whole piece or a taglock if you are doing it for someone else

1. Start with putting the ingredients onto the fabric if you use one larger piece. You can also use two smaller pieces of fabric and start sewing them together half way shut. Then also add the ingredients.

2. If you are adding oils don’t use too much and be careful if you decide to burn a piece of paper with a sigil. 

3. Then pick up the edges of the fabric and sew it shut, if you used the other method just finish sewing it. With each time you stick the needle through the fabric imagine binding the flesh together and how the herbs help to soothe the pain. 

4. Put it under your bed or nearby to help your body heal while you are sleeping. If you have to take medication place it next to it so it can “infuse” your meds.

-Headmistress Trick  

Flynnie stands on his tippie toes!

I’m so pleased with him for learning this trick.

When we first tried it, Flynn ended up biting me. He wobbled slightly & then… chompy chompy! At the time, I had no clue the poor baby was suffering from kidney pain, so I couldn’t understand what had upset him - obviously now it’s all too obvious that the movement must have hurt :(

I’ve only come back to the trick again fairly recently & this time, Flynn’s picking it up quickly & clearly enjoying himself!

A List Of Things To Never Be Ashamed Of

•your sexuality
•your identity
•your disability
•your skin color
•your hair type
•your small lips
•your big lips
•your eye color
•your hair loss
•your mental illness
•your big frame
•your little frame
•your hobbies
•what you choose to do with your body
•your breast size
•your stomach size
•your thighs
•your smile
•your beliefs
•your nose
•and anything in between.

Enchanted Sugar Waxing Tutorial

In honor of the impending holidays here in the states, we wanted to provide for you guys an alternative to shaving that has some extremely alluring pulls – sugar waxing. Some stunning factors of sugar waxing is as follows: its last 3 to 4 weeks which is worlds longer than traditional shaving, sugar wax itself only adheres to your hair as opposed to traditional wax used in salons that adheres to the skin thus making sugar waxing much more forgiving for people with a low pain tolerance. We feel obligated to tell you the cons just in case you’re on the fence; sugar waxing is pretty time consuming but the process becomes easier and faster with each use. We’d also like to make note that sugar waxing at home has a reputation for never quite working out the way you want it too. We’ve all seen it I’m sure, pretty close to the standard recipe for disaster: 2 cups of granulated, white sugar, ¼ cup of lemon juice, ¼ cup of water, heat in a sauce pan at medium-high heat ‘til golden brown and wait of the mess to ensue. Whether we’ve attempted this in the mystical hard wax method (kneading into a ball and rolling onto skin to see the hair magically disappear,) or the soft wax method which is pretty much traditional to the core (smear onto skin with a popsicle stick, put strip of cotton onto of wax, rub, and rip to remove hair,) trust us when we say it just usually doesn’t work. We haven’t even scratched the surface of how to make a working hard sugar wax that really removes all of our hair so we’re only vouching for this recipe as a soft wax but once you have an effective foundation, we encourage experimentation.  

The beauty of this method is that it allows for a gorgeous amount of wiggle room, meaning it you don’t get it right or you don’t have the exact ingredients, you’ll still be perfectly fine but there are some things we want to note prior to getting into the actual sugar wax recipe.

  • • Sugar wax only adheres to the hair so for the smoothest hair removal, you’re going to need to have at least 1/6 inch of hair growth, two weeks of hair growth if you’re a regular shaver, four weeks of hair growth if you’re a regular waxer.
  • • To prevent ingrown hairs and infection, make sure to not shave in between waxes.
  • • The first time you sugar wax, you’ll have some stray hair, so it does help to have tweezers on hand.
  • • When cutting strips to use while waxing, you can purchase some organic cotton waxing strips or you can use something at home. Most tutorials on this suggest an old t-shirt, we recommend against that, as t-shirts are generally stretchy. You’ll want to look for something with little to no give, a fabric like linen or muslin. We recommend an old sheet, we actually use a ribbon, our first time doing this, we were scrambling for a something as the circle scarf that we cut up was just too stretchy, we came to a resolve by pulling out a long, red ribbon from our arts and crafts closet, we chopped it up and it was prefect; we’ve been using that ribbon ever since. Another beautiful thing is you just have to drop these into a basin of warm water, wait for the wax to dissolve, drain, and allow for the strips to dry.
  • • Just as the strips are a breeze to clean, sugar waxing as a whole is a cinch because water easily dissolves sugar, so anywhere you make a mess all you have to do is take a rag dampened with warm water and wipe it down. Same goes with any of your utensils used, just soak in warm water to clean.
  • • The recipe that we present you with should be enough your underarms twice, your bikini area and your underarms, your actual arms, both of your legs, you can double it if you’re going full body, no worries at all but we do recommend that if you’re new to waxing, just using the recipe below because you might not be into it and it is a bummer wasting ingredients.
  • • Sugar is known to cause yeast infections but you can use this wax on the bikini area, just take care to not get it on any of your sensitive areas and you should be good to go. (i.e. bikini wax, not recommended for a Brazilian.)

Our enchanted sugar wax recipe:

1 cup of granulated, white sugar

¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tablespoon of water

Again this recipe has a lot of flexibility. If you don’t have white sugar, you can you brown if you’d like, should you use brown, you’re going to have to pay a bit more attention to the overall consistency as the color will be less of an indicator. If you don’t ACV, you can substitute for a different acid such as lime or lemon juice and you can use bottled, no need for fresh if it’s not as readily available for you. You can experiment with adding honey if you’re non-vegan for some more anti-septic properties, whatever you’d like really.

You’ll want to add all of your ingredients to a medium saucepan and mix (we recommend mixing with a wooden spoon). Once you mix those you can go ahead and sit your mixing utensil aside until the cooking process is over. This is crucial because you don’t want crystallization to take place.

Put the saucepan over a medium flame and allow for the sugar to melt and for the water to evaporate (this is why the usual ¼ cup of water is absolute overkill in the recipe.) Once everything melts together (around 3-4 minute on a medium flame,) the mixture with begin to bubble, this is perfect. You’ll want to take the handle of the saucepan and swirl the mixture around bit every 2 minutes or so; this will be your form mixing throughout the cooking process. You’ll want to keep this mixture going on the heat until it’s golden, just slightly lighter than the color of regular store-brand honey. As you swirl the pot, the mixture should be thick, like half the thickness of molasses and you’re set! This process should take around 30 minutes. If you feel like the mixture is getting worked a bit too quickly, just turn down the stove, if the process is a bit too slow for you, keep a vigilant eye and turn up the heat.

Once the sugar is golden, turn off the heat, allow the mixture to sit in the pan for a few minutes (around 3,) then use your spoon to transfer the mixture to a heat-proof container. At this point the mixture is extremely so make sure to let it cool for at least 15 minutes. This is of the utmost importance that you let the mixture cool for 15 minutes and also that you do a test swatch after the 15 minutes to make sure that the wax is comfortable for you because you definitely don’t want to burn your skin.

While the wax is cooling, get out your strips (again use any fabric that doesn’t have too much stretch and cut to around 2” by 1” strips,) you’ll want to make sure to that you’re waxing clean, dry areas.  We use the slightest bit of tapioca starch to absorb any additional moisture on the skin, you can use baking soda, baby powder, cornstarch, whatever you’d like and have on hand or you can omit this step entirely. Lastly, you’ll want something to apply the wax with (we use popsicle sticks.)  

Once your wax has cooled significantly and you have everything else prepared; just hold your skin taut and apply the wax against the hair growth, put one of your waxing strips over the wax and rub the area (the friction will create warm and ensure that the strip is complete connected to the wax, i.e. hair,) then just pull the strip off with the hair growth.

Continue this process until the hair is removed to your liking. Make sure to exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrown hairs and improve the texture of your skin overall, here’s a post on that: Exfoliate

After waxing, we always follow up with a shower. Another plus of sugar waxing is that you don’t have to wait to take warm showers, swim, workout, etc. like regular waxing. Post shower, make sure to use one of your favorite moisturizers, we use our Leighis Body Butter which is stunning for the skin.

Here’s a master post on shaving: Major Key Alert: The Perfect Shave.

If you have any questions at all, just send us an ask!

We’re sending you so much love and so much light,

Curly Leighis

Hey guys, I’m struggling. I have gained weight from my lowest. Almost 4 lbs from my lowest! My mindset hasn’t been the best either. I’m not eating terrible but I am overeating what my calories. I’m not exercising as hard or as often as I would like to. I’m sleeping later when I don’t have any reason too. Honestly, I’ve noticed after finals and after my sister came back home for summer break, I’m just not exercising as much and I am eating more chocolate and things like pasta than I would be. (Shout out to my lack of self control).

I weighed 168.1 lbs this morning (I woke up late so it was the FIRST thint I did this morning) . I feel like I always go through some sort of struggle with this journey but this feels different. I could use some motivation and inspiration or something to help light the fire. This weight gain when I’m supposed to be losing is playing tricks with my head and I easily fall back into the whole I did some exercise and I’m still gaining. I don’t want to give up, I want to keep going. But, I’m struggling to keep up. 😞

I’m getting on to briefly bring up some discourse that lovely @whichwitchami brought me to my attention tonight. She is kind enough to offer free pendulum and tarot readings as some people on tumblr are. This is fine and wonderful and I fully support her but what is not okay is how the witch community abuses this sometimes.
A lot of us won’t answer medical questions because it’s against our code and we think if you’re that worried for your health to see someone who knows something about the matter. Don’t turn to a tarot reader but a health professional. On that note DO NOT FUCKING TRICK SOMEONE KIND ENOUGH TO READ FOR FREE INTO DOING a healthy reading. That says so much about how little respect you have for the reader to not follow her rules and her morale code in the situation.
People constantly send me messages bitching about how a lot of us turned off free readings well this is why. People can be rude, people lie and manipulate us, people make us break our ethic codes and then when you send a loooong message worrying about your health - you TRICKED US. Don’t pull this shit. You’re making someone uncomfortable for your own benefit. That is NEVER okay. Discourse closed and I’m sorry to be posting negative shit lately but I will not tolerate seeing my friends be stressed out by shit like this.


Hey guys, so lately i’ve been having an extremely hard time finding fitness inspiration. Well inspiration in general. I’ve back at home with my parents for the summer, and that always takes a toll on my mental health. I do not necessarily enjoy the town I went to high school in anymore, a lot of ghosts in the closet and I really just want to put them all to rest. Plus being away from school, and all of my friends, and Donny especially.. I just don’t have any heart to do anything right now. Every time I come home I struggle with my depression and anxiety again, which is usually under control. I’m so down about my body right now, I was so busy with school the last month that I actually had NO TIME to focus on my health, meaning I regressed in progress and am now just feeling beaten down. Donny jumped back on the horse, obviously because his whole life is exercise science, but now that I am back here… ugh. Plus, my gym here is full of tons of familiar faces that I don’t necessarily want to see and without my usual gym support system I know what i’ll be able to do is limited. 

Ugh, i’m just feeling so defeated. SOO, I’m reaching out for help?? Any tips or tricks or ideas on how I can start taking charge again? I want to be healthy and get out there, but I feel myself slipping into old bad habits from high school, very unhealthy habits that I would very much like to avoid. Anyway… anyone out there with any ideas for me?

It’s a super easy way to help alleviate many of the symptoms which come from leading a stressful life.  Here’s a list of the main health benefits that you can expect when you practice this posture regularly.

  • Calms your nervous system
  • Brings fresh blood & lymph fluid into your abdomen & organs  – very refreshing
  • Relieves tension in lower back & sacrum
  • Helpful for minor depression & anxiety
  • Relaxes your adrenals
  • Calms your mind
  • Reduces swelling in your feet and legs
  • Releases tension and stress from your legs – they will feel lighter
  • Rests your heart as your feet are above the heart – reversing effects of gravity.

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Simon Dominic request

Genre: soft smut idk

Word Count: 4,156 words (holy shit I wrote this much?) 😭

The place where magic takes place was in Gray’s very studio. The GRAYGROUND was your favourite place to visit within AOMG’s building. This was due to the the ambience it brought, the soothing atmosphere, the music lightly playing though the speakers making you feel things and the perfect place to make love. Yes you read that right. You were a bit of a thrill seeker, I wouldn’t say exhibitionist, more of an introverted version of it I guess.

Kiseok also known as Simon Dominic is a popular character with women. On sets, on shoots and basically around the world. His appearance, deep voice and rapping with sensual verses had people melting whenever they saw him. Since his arrival at AOMG, the re-birth of him was successful and females despised your position. Oh that’s right, you fit in here somewhere. (Y/N) formerly known as AOMG’s makeup artist.

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Can’t afford to get sick? Here’s 4 easy tips on how to support your immune system.

1) make your breakfast a fruit, high in vitamin C.

2) have broccoli/spinach (or another iron rich vegetable) half way through the day. Make it into a smoothy in advance if you don’t have time to cook.

3) Green tea is a great drink, cold or hot. Rich in vitamins and helps to get rid of toxins in the body.

4) GET ENOUGH SLEEP. If you get below 8 hours of sleep, consider taking a (or multiple) short naps in the day to catch up. Napping also helps to process information that you are taking in during the day.

Bonus: Do you suffer from anxiety? Sleeping enough and eating right also significantly helps to lower anxiety levels, as it gives your body to tools it needs to problem solve properly.