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Before and Afters are sneaky sometimes…

Literally took these for fun over the span of 5 seconds on a break between sets!!

There are so many ways to trick the eye! Also a testament to how progress pictures can look like we’re slipping backwards sometimes. Could be lighting, angle, stance, posture.. anything!

Go off how you feel and how your strength has progressed. At the end of the day that’s all that matters anyway 💪❤️

The most important weight loss video you’ll ever watch - CALORIE DENSITY <- Jeff Novick has 400 subscribers on Youtube & he is the best dietician on the planet.   This video has the potential to save millions of human lives & billions of animal lives.

This video should be required viewing for every person in the civilized world.

Set aside an hour of your life this week & watch this with your family members.  Tell them there is this new health trick called “calorie density” & it is helping people get trim & healthy eating MORE food.  


EVERYONE HAS HOMEWORK!  Take Notes!  People pay a ton of money to see this talk, its on Youtube for the 1st time ever in FULL LENGTH.  SUBSCRIBE & let us know if you have questions!

Speed. That’s key to ending the Ebola epidemic, health officials have been saying for months. Now there’s a new tool to help do the trick.

The World Health Organization approved the first quick test for Ebola Friday. The test gives results in about 15 minutes, instead of hours. So people infected can get treatment and be quarantined more quickly. According to the WHO, it’s a huge breakthrough.

15-Minute Ebola Test Approved For Fighting The Epidemic

Photo Credit: Corgenix Medical Corp.