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Hi, I like your blog. I'm from Mexico.... I Dont speak english but, do you know any good Yuri anime? Greetings and kisses!!!!!

Hello friend! I’m glad you like it and in my opinion you should check out these yuri animes: 

Sakura Trick

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Sasameki koto

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Strawberry Panic

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Aoi Hana

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Kannazuki no Miko

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Netsuzou Trap

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Kuzu no Honkai

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TEAM Stark Kids playing EVERYONE because winter is the time for wolves, dammit!

Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)


I look at you every single day and I don’t understand a thing about you. Why do I keep running into you? I met you in the Dalek Asylum. There was a girl in a shipwreck and she died saving my life, and she was you. Victorian London. There was a governess who was really a barmaid, and we fought the Great Intelligence together. She died and it was my fault, and she was you. What are you, eh? Are you a trick, a trap?

Russell T Davies on Steven Moffat

We do not know how lucky we are.

When asked to consider Steven’s finest moments, I was overwhelmed by images. Heores and villains. Battles and beauty. Monsters and children. Then I realised that I’d only got as far as 20 minutes into The Empty Child -round about the joke about Marxism and West End musicals - and had to sit down for a cup of tea.

I think, as fans, we can focus on the detail - Mondasian Cybermen! - at the risk of missing the bigger picture. That picture being, in Steven’s case, that we’ve just seen one of the greatest sci-fi body-horror thriller action-adventure romances (plus comedy) of our entire lives, beamed on to our TVs for less than 10p, written by a world-class master of his craft who’s now so in command of his talent, he’s riffing on ephemera from 1966 and turning it into gold, whisky, sex, whatever turns you on best. We truly do not know how lucky we are to have a man of this calibre writing our favourite show.

Since leaving Doctor Who, I’m approached, now and then, by strangers who remember my withered husk from Doctor Who Confidential. There’s a glint in their eye as they say, “What d’you think of it now?” An awful lot of those people are dying for me to trash it. I think, genuinely, they’re trying to achieve an intimacy. I think, nastily, they want me to say something bad so they can take it online and have some strange sort of fun. And when I say, “I love it!” they often think I’m lying.

I love it. I love every episode the man’s written. I love the other episodes he’s rewritten and I think few people know how many that is. I love the detail, I love the scale, I love the people, I love the jokes. I love the fact that Steven himself is quite down on The Beast Below. The whole of the UK on a spaceship? The whole of the UK is a spaceship? I’d retire there and then, complete. Nope, for him, it just wasn’t good enough.

I love the man, in truth, I love his mind, I love his standards, I love his rigour, his darkness, his kindness, his ambition, his love of TV. I love the man who wrote the very last line of Coupling, which shows what a lovely human being he is.

I love his women. Consider, in bad fiction, which is most fiction, how women’s roles, which have suffered so many years of neglect that they can be summarised as ‘women’s roles’, fall into the same old categories. They are reduced to the Mother, the Wife, the Daughter, the Bride. Agents of sex and childbirth, nothing more.

But then look at what Steven does with those categories. The Bride stands tall at her reception - literally in her wedding dress - and summons the Doctor back itno existence with an Old Maid’s rhyme. When the Bride has a Daughter, it’s a vital part of a galaxy-spanning revenge. The Daughter then becomes the Wife, a woman of such swagger and joy and tenderness, the Time Lord finally falls in love. We’re not done yet. A lesser category pops up, the Dominatrix, complete with eye-patch, but don’t worry, the Bride who’s the Mother of the Daughter who’s the Wife kills her stone dead! Then a lesbian travels the universe and everyone adores her. And nestling at the heart of the show is Doctor Who’s very own problem category, the Companion, a title inherently subordinate to the Man. Until Clara comes along! Companion to every single moment in the Doctor’s life. A woman so strong that in her first appearance, and her last, Death itself cannot stop her. A decade before Wonder Woman, Steven started weaving his own vast female mythology across the stars, in a funny old children’s show on Saturday teatimes.

I could mansplain all day, but the other thing I love in Steven’s writing is the complexity. I’ve heard some tiny, distant rumours that some people might have a problem with that. But I think it’s the very thing that will ensure Doctor Who’s logevity. You see, in the old days, us older fans fell in love with this show because it was porous. It had gaps. It was cheap, it was rushed, it was lovely and brave and unapologetic, using three walls in Lime Grove to create an entire Dalek invasion of Earth. All those gaps allowed us in. We imagined the offstage armies. We embraced the wobbles and bumps. If Sutekh had a secret hand on his cushion, we hooted, or invented a reason why (Clara!). But we either imagined it better, or saw how good it was underneath. Which is exactly like falling in love.

Now, the modern show has a lot more money. You can see those armies centre-stage. Gallifrey is so gorgeous, it has a spare city. Cyber-fleets can explode behind Rory’s head as a throwaway joke. And sometimes, a lossy show allows the mind the slide off. But Steven has created a brand-new porous surface. He invites us into the plots. He gives us stories which vault and somersault and double-back and trick and trap and treat. It’s not so much porous, it’s more like a great big spinning double helix and we’re clinging on, spinning for our lives, and yelling with joy. Yes, it’s complicated, but that’s wonderful. It will keep people thinking about the show forever.

Okay, my favourite moment? It’s my favourite joke. A Good Man Goes to War. Rory approaches River Song in the Storm Cage, and she says she’s been on a date with the Doctor, to the frost fair in 1814. “He got Stevie Wonder to sing for me underneath London Bridge.” And for a second, there’s that lovely shiver as you anticipae the punchline. “Don’t tell him.”

That’s a small momnt from a man who’s created empires. But a favourite joke is a beautiful thing. I just looked up the line and it turns out, I’ve long since paraphrased it, but that’s even better - like I said, Steven makes us part of the text, and now I own it! The point is, I think of that line every few days. Literally, a couple of times a week, every week. Every now and then, when I’m washing up or watching TV, or walking into town, or whatever, it pops into my head. “Don’t tell him.” And I laugh. I laugh, every single time. It’s been making me laugh for six years and it will make me laugh for the rest of my life. Very few people can write a line capable of that.

We have been so lucky.

Ideas for d&d characters:

A thief disguised as a wizard, because they know no one wants to fuck with wizards.Big ol’ quarter staff, robe, pointy hat, the whole nine yards. They would have tons of tricks and traps, smoke bombs, flasks of oil, ect to make them appear to be a wizard. They would know no spells. When asked by the party, it’s all ‘oh I didn’t learn that one’ or 'I don’t have that memorized today’. They will have an explicit preference for magical items and skills in identifying them, because hey, do you know how much those are worth?? They’re a thief after all.

Maintain the ruse as long as humanly possible.

No, your cat is not tricking you or setting a trap for you. You’re just misreading what she’s trying to communicate.

Basically, there are two ways that cats bond with their colonymates (and if you own a cat, you count as a colonymate): grooming, and play. Grooming is self-explanatory; play mostly means wrestling, because cats are hardcore like that.

A cat who wishes to engage in bonding - whether grooming or play - is going to do one of two things: either she’s going to initiate bonding, or she’s going to solicit bonding. A cat who wants to initiate bonding will just walk up and start licking or wrestling with you; conversely, a cat who wants to solicit bonding will indicate, in some fashion, that she wants you to be the one to start grooming or playing with her.

Now, here’s the trick: because play for a cat typically means play-fighting, one of the most common ways for a cat to solicit play is to deliberately adopt a vulnerable position, thereby communicating that her prospective partner should mock-attack her in order to begin a wrestling match.

Sound familiar?

Basically, if your cat rolls over onto her back and looks at you really expectantly, like she’s anticipating some action on your part, and you go in for a belly rub and get your hand shredded, it’s not a kitty prank. Rather, you misinterpreted a solicitation for play as a solicitation for grooming.

You’ll save yourself a lot of blood loss if you learn to tell the difference!

(It’s possible to teach a cat how to roughhouse with a human partner without causing injury, but it takes work. If you aren’t able to put in that kind of training time, it’s usually best to redirect to a different form of play when you recognise that your cat is trying to get a wrestling match going; a game of chase is a popular alternative.)

Boss Machina

Grog is a literal mountain of hit-points and anger. He’s fast, strong, and difficult to hurt. A boss fight that would mostly come down to avoiding being hit or outsmarting him. He can grow to massive proportions and has access to many powerful weapons. No matter what magic or weapons you use, he’ll shrug it off easily. I’d suggest you flee, but Grog doesn’t like it when his playmates get away.

Vax in a dark cave with high ceilings and no light. Extremely fast and can attack from any angle. If you don’t see him before he strikes, you won’t survive long enough to hit back. But is a glass canon. A few good hits is enough to break the raven’s wings if you can hit him in the first place.

Vex in a dark forest. Similar to her brother, she can attack from most angles and is difficult to spot. You cannot hide from her keen eyes and your intentions will be clear as day. If you get separated from your group and can’t fly, you’ll quickly find an arrow in your heart. If you can ground her and get close, you may have a chance, if you avoid her dangerous little Trinket. Perhaps money would suffice her greed? If not, the forest’s brambles will restrain you until she finishes you off, leaving a freshly grown tree to mark your demise.

Percy is a genius. A mad scientist who can build all kinds of traps in his battle area, Whitestone Castle. Loud explosions of fire and metal will slam into you every step you take from the labyrinth Percival calls home. The hex he lays on you will weaken you, and he’ll make sure he takes advantage of it. He’s unnaturally lucky and dangerous. I’d recommend getting close or trying to talk to him. In both cases, Diplomacy will not be on your side, and neither will the law.

Pike is a surprising foe. With the power of a divine god by her side and immense strength for her size you will find that you’ve underestimated her. Every time you think you’re getting somewhere she heals herself and stands again. Even if you do manage to take her down to zero, divine fire will scorch you in an explosion and she’ll rise again for round two. She’s not particularly fast with her armor, and she won’t surprise you, but don’t let this small tank call her goddess for help. If she answers, you’ll never stand a chance.

Scanlan is a silly little man. He has tricks, traps, and troubling ideas. He can become an ancient dinosaur capable of destroying an entire building. Create a massive hand that can crush you into paste. If you bring friends and hope that more targets will make it easier, you may find yourself fighting who you once called a friend. Perhaps you’ll sneakily capture his daughter and demand he surrender. Just make sure the locks are strong, otherwise you’ll deal with two Shorthaults instead of one.

Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest, will be your biggest trial. She can take any form. Dragon, Demon, Beholder, Elementals, and monstrous Beasts. That’s if she wants to play with her food of course. If she was really interested in killing you, she wouldn’t change at all. Instead, she’d summon an elemental and the forces of nature against you. Spell after spell will strike you. You might be shocked by lightning, you could be withered away, a massive tidal wave can sweep you away, perhaps she’ll have mercy and simply drain your mind of thought and make you no more than a stupid doll. She will live longer than the next ten generations of your family and will never get any easier to defeat. Incredibly wise and self-aware, tricking her will prove difficult. She may seem awkward or clumsy, but don’t mistake that for weakness.

Taryon is Glass Joe. It’s the robot to watch out for. Just fight him underwater, and watch the ring.

Bandit, Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (5 m/o), AKC Meet The Breeds 2017, New York, NY • “When you say, ‘I have a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje’, they say, 'Do you take medicine for that?’ They’re new to the sporting group this year. They were bred to walk down the side of Dutch canals and ponds and have birds follow them, like a Toller. Their tails are attention getters. The decoyman leaves food for the birds, the dog shows up, and the birds associate the dog with food. The dog then lures the ducks into a net trap, where they’re brought to market for food. It’s a 700-year-old trick. There are still four traps being used in Holland, though they now just band the birds for flight research.”

Mystic Messenger : Day 7 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

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In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Yes, they just look so unhappy. Yes, Jared sure looks like he was really tricked/trapped into marrying Genevieve. They don’t love each other at all. 😒😒 Stupid haters, go worry about ur own lives and stay out of they’re marriage. Jared and Gen are very happy, very much in love and very much married. Just like Jensen is happy with Danneel, they are also very much in love and very much married. Jared and Jensen are best friends and brothers, they are NOT in love nor married to one another/each other’s significant other. The only relationship they are in is a friendship. Get ur heads out of the clouds and come back to 🌏.

Oh, and stop stalking and hating on Gen or even Danneel. They are their WIVES, not BEARDS. Pull those sticks out of ur butts and rejoin reality. I don’t normally have any problem with a ship as long as it stays harmless but those in the J2 ship that actually believe Jared and Jensen are meant to be need a dose of reality, especially when they post hateful shit on Gen’s posts, forcing her to defend herself. U don’t kno her, or any of them for that matter, which therefore gives u no right to say rude and hurtful shit to any of them.

The hate needs to stop, period. Gen does NOT deserve, nor does Jared or Jensen or Misha or Danneel or Vicki. I see u harassing and/or bullying any of them u WILL be reported.


Miitopia - Jobs In-Depth

So, you wanna play MIITOPIA, Nintendo’s newest Mii-based vidya?

Well, then; let’s talk about JOBS, my boy/girl!

Warrior - Do you wanna hit shit real hard? Do you wanna keep your buddies from getting smacked? Warriors are probably the most well-rounded class in the game, as they can take AND deal a lot of damage to single targets with decent group damage. They don’t do status effects or any form of magic damage, but can smack some sense into your comrades if they get afflicted.

Mage - Wanna stop a fight before it starts? Wanna kill everything on the screen? Mages deal a ton of damage, but eat through MP like a fat kid eats through their pancreas. Your typical glass cannon, mages do have the benefit of high speed, but awful defense.  They deal in flat damage with the option of putting a pal to bed to heal them up, but that’s all they have in the form of utility.

Cleric - Heals, heals, heals. You wanna heal something? Boom. Wanna heal the whole party? Boom. Wanna kill an enemy instantly? Boom - wait, what? Clerics are pretty generic, and even the game refers to them as the ‘go-to support role.’ While they don’t pack much heat, they do get a 1-shot kill further down the trail. Other than that, they’ll heal the shit out of you. More heals than your body has room for!

Thief - They’ll stick ya. With their stickin’ stick, Ol’ Sticky. Just kidding; thieves huck their shivs like a boomerang to deal (diminishing) damage to the enemy squad. They have a, uh… ‘Interesting’ set of moves; not really what you’d expect from a rogue. They can vanish for a turn to deal loads of damage, hit multiple enemies at a time with some ninja tricks, and even set up traps to keep you and your pals safe! If you(!) play as a thief, you can swipe treats from your enemies in case you’re running low!

Pop Star - On the outside, this class might turn a lot of people off due to the weird costumes. Pop Stars are, quite literally, Japanese music idols. They’ll boomerang their mics at the enemy team! Pop Stars fill an important support role, as they’ll exploit the game’s relationship system to increase the chances of cooperation, in addition to ending quarrels before things get nasty! They have a subpar damage game, but they make up for it with their ability to buff allies and disable enemies.

Chef - Hey there, friend; you got the eats? Chefs are Miitopia’s version of Paladins; they deal above average melee damage (which can be enhanced), heal teammates (these heals are fixed - they don’t scale with magic!) and can increase the healing effects of HP ‘naners. They can deal decent magic damage at the cost of damaging a relationship, and at the end of their career, they gain the ability to 1-shot enemies to turn them into delicious foodstuffs! THE WEAK SHALL FEED THE STRONG.

Cat - Kitty’s got claws, and they hurt like a motherfucker. The Cat job is comparable to, say, a ‘Monk’ of sorts. They deal terrific melee damage (which they can take a turn to go even further beyond) while offering decent heals to health and MP. Boasting average defense and high speed, they can obliterate/significantly weaken tough enemies or keep whomever topped off to keep your sprinkles stocked. They can snatch food at high levels, which can be a boon to gettin’ your grub on at the Inn late-game.

Imp - Stabby, stab, stab; how you like that shit? Imps lack the pompadours their monster counterparts sport, but make up for it with demon stuff. Dealing a fair amount of magic and melee damage, Imps specialize in fucking with your enemies by lowering their defenses, softening them up with a hearty magical stab to the face, and hyping up allies to keep your hyper sprinkles in stock. Imps can tank a bit by slurping up HP/MP and gain the ability to insta-gib at later levels.

Scientist - Ah; what a fine day for science. Scientists are crunchier, supporty-er Mages with great fashion sense and wild hair. Their magical attacks focus on damaging multiple enemies at once (for great damage, no less) and they can buff an ally’s attacks (not boomerang style attacks sadly) to deal bonus, group damage or even absorb HP. They have a decent heal for friends and can prevent status effects!

Tank - This line won’t break, but your friendships just might. Tanks have the highest damage and defense in the game, but have literally 0 speed. Living up to their name, Tanks can take a huge amount of damage and simply shrug it off; they can even enhance their defenses and heal themselves should the need arise! Tanks deal so much damage, their basic attacks require 2 MP to be used, while their special abilities deal tremendous damage. Unfortunately… This class will damage relationships when used to full effect.

Princess - ‘Hi, I’m Daisy!’ The Princess is a very interesting class, dealing ‘okay’ melee damage while having a mass of support skills. They can lower the defenses of and disable an entire enemy squad with the added benefits of decent magical damage skills. They can prevent status effects, heal the party’s health/MP for a decent amount, and passively increase their standing with individual members!

Flower - Expecting an ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’ or ‘Undertale’ joke? Boi. Flowers are, ah, an ‘interesting’ class that a lot of people might not be into at first. They have decent heals, deal decent magic damage, and have a boomerang style basic attack. Something that’s unique to them, however, is their ability to enrage allies, increasing their damage and giving them two swings per turn! Might take a bit of getting used to.

Vampire - Nosferatu! Vampires are one of the unlockable classes. They have a boomerang-style basic attack, and a great set of abilities that makes them one of the most unique classes in the game. They deal damage whenever they take it, can bring themselves back from the dead (with one health), can grant allies the ability to self-rez, and have a huge selection of AoE abilities. Of course, you can latch onto your enemie’s throat and tear out little bits of HP, too!

Elf - Remember the Three Fab Fairies? The Elf class is probably the most powerful class in the entire game, and can only be unlocked after beating the main storyline, and not easily. They deal great damage, can disable enemies, heal/shield/restore MP, counterattack… This class might not be for you if you crave a challenge, but it’s fun as hell to unlock it. I’ll let you find out why.

Dance With Me

Brief Summary; You’re a Hufflepuff who doesn’t know what to do about her longing crush on a certain scar-faced boy. When his best friend tries to get close to you but how will it all go over when you see how they really are?

Words; 6195

Warnings; Fluff and Bullying of young Severus, Cuteness but also bullying isn’t cool.

Pairings; Sirius x Reader(Slight), Remus Lupin x Female!Reader.

Note; I do not agree with what James and Sirius did to young Severus, nor do I agree with what Severus did to them. Bullying is not cool no matter who is doing it. I respect both James Potter and Severus Snape. But for the sake of where I wanted the story to go, I did have the reader believe and side with the marauders. Please don’t hate everyone is entitled to their opinion. I love both of these men so much, so it was hard picking a side and I could rant for days about these two so let me not. Anyway, enjoy.

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The Great Hall was bustling with student chatter and excitement. Hogwarts was holding the Tri-Wizard Tournament this year. Which meant the yule ball. Girls were talking about what they were going to wear and boys were dreading having to ask a girl to the ball. Dumbledore rose to address the students.

“This year, we are holding the Tri-Wizard Tournament as many of you already know. This means the Yule ball is fastly approaching. Students in 5th year and up are required to attend. The head of your houses’ will each set a time after classes ended to teach you how to dance. That is all.” He hummed before taking his seat back at the table before the food started to arrive.
Unlike most 6th year girls you weren’t that excited about being forced to attend the dance. You much rather avoid it all together, you fiddled with your black and yellow tie before looking around your house table. Being a Hufflepuff you knew you could find a boy to go with you, even just as a friend. You examined each boy slowly as if trying to figure out who you would have a good time with when your friend Dylan poked your shoulder.

“You’re not gonna believe it but I think those Gryffindor’s are staring at you.” He chuckles softly before pointing, you gaze following where he was looking at the table closest to the far wall, right beside yours. A soft blush coming to your cheeks as you catch the eyes of none other than the Marauders. Quickly averting your eyes down to your food Dylan chuckled again. “What if one of them asks you to the dance?” 

“I hope not, everyone knows those Gryffindor’s love trouble and pranks. It might be a setup.” You were loyal and kind and patience but everyone knew the rep of those four. Letting out a soft sigh you just toyed with your food before glancing back towards the table, your eyes landing on a pair of soft blue eyes. It sent a shiver up your spine, you knew who the eyes belong too. Remus Lupin, the only boy in the entire school to always get injured every week it seemed, then again being friends with Sirius Black could do that to you. Offering a shy smile to the wide-eyed boy you then turned back to Dylan.

“Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Remus asked me.” You mumbled with a smile before finally taking your time to eat your food. Dylan just laughed and shook his head softly.

“How long have you had a crush on that boy? 3 years now? And you’ve never even said one word to him.” Dylan shook his head before shoving a fork full of food into his mouth.

“You aren’t one to talk Mister-I’m-in-love-with-the-Slytherin-Quidditch-Captain.” You huffed before shaking your head talking a sip of your water.

“Ouch that hurts, Y/N. And for your information, I have at least talked to her.” He rolls his eyes softly before looking back over at the Gryffindor table. “They are all looking over here again, I wonder which one is crushing on you.”

“Who said it was me they were looking at?” You retorted slyly before giggling at the thought of Sirius or James crushing on Dylan.

“Oh very funny, Y/N. Hey look here comes Sirius.” He smirks before putting his head down a bit. You didn’t have much time to brace yourself as Sirius sat right across from you with a wide smile.

“Y/N? Right? We have Potions 5th period together.” His voice was dripping charm and pride as you lifted your head to offer him a small smile and a nod. “Well, I just came over here to ask if you wanted to be my partner for the project. I know you’re like the best in potions class and it would be cool if you could teach me a few things.” He seemed sincere and you couldn’t fight the small smile on your lips. You weren’t the best at potions but it was a great confidence booster than someone acknowledged how smart you were. 

“I- uh. Yeah sure why not. I don’t have a partner yet anyway.” You tried not to sound or act too weird, The Marauders practically ran the school and this one project could find you some new friends.

“Great. Meet me at the library? I got grab my books.” He chimed before standing up and smiling. “Oh, and by the way, you look pretty today.” And with that and a charming smile, he headed back to his table. 

You didn’t notice a soft pair of blue eyes staring at you once he knew the news. Your cheeks tinted red as you stared down at your food. You never got attention like this and it was weird. Dylan just smirked and bumped shoulders with you in a way of saying told you so. But you two didn’t talk the rest of the meal. As soon as you were all dismissed you nearly ran back to your common room and up to your dorm. Throwing yourself on your bed you quickly pulled out your potions book and notebook as well as your favorite quill and quickly ran out of there towards the library. 

What you weren’t expecting was to see all of the Marauders standing there as Sirius approached you and smiled. “Hey, you ready to get started Y/N?” His voice was still warm like honey and you gave a shy nod holding your items to your chest. 

Sirius walked beside you as you guys ended into the dungeons, a few classrooms were available for said project as long as you let Professor Slughorn know. And that’s what James and Lily did as Sirius and you headed to the empty potions classroom. You and Sirius took one of the tables in the middle of the classroom as you started to set out your books and notes. Then you turned and headed to the back closet for the supplies you would need for the potion. Bringing them back and setting the items spread out on the table. By then James, Lilly, Peter and Remus were also in the room. 

Taking a deep breath you did your best to try and focus on the potion at hand. Your project was to create a spin on a simple potion you all had been creating for years. It didn’t have to be a major difference, maybe a new color or smell. But it was still a project nonetheless. 

“Sirius, can you add the Eels’ eye?” You hum as you make sure to evenly stir the mixture as you two started. He did as he was told, standing a bit too close to you but it was fun nonetheless. You would call out ingredients and how much and he would add so you didn’t have to stop stirring. This particular potion had to be continuously stirred or else it could explode. 

You and Sirius were almost done and It was almost perfect changing from a light green to the deep purple it needed to be. But then he slipped his arm around your waist giving you a tight side hug making you hesitate and hit the cauldron before looking at him with a soft blush on your cheeks. 

“Thanks for helping me Y/N. You’re the best!” He hummed before biting his lip softly. You had totally forgotten what you were doing. This boy was a walking honey trap, tricking everyone with his soft eyes and velvet voice. 

The sweet moment was almost perfect until your cauldron started to bubble and pop with anger. Your eyes went wide as you quickly tried to fix it, added calming agents and mixing as fast as you could to get it to settle down. But you knew it wouldn’t. 

“Everyone get down!” You called out as it started to overflow with bubbles that were turning red. You were still stirring in an attempt to calm it but there was no use. Everyone had dived under the tables expect you. That was until a strong hand pulled you back to the floor and under the table holding you close as the cauldron exploded shooting the red liquid onto the ceiling and all over the table they were at. It fizzed and turned a soft yellow before finally resting.  

Opening your eyes you expected to see Sirius as you looked up but the soft baby blue eyes held a twinkle as they stared at you. “Remus.” You mumbled no louder than a whisper. The corners of his lips twitched into a soft smile before Sirius grabbed your hand helping you up. You cleared your throat trying not to think about Remus’ warm embrace. Then again he had just saved you from pure embarrassment. 

“You alright Y/N? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to distract you.” Sirius apologized before pulling out his wand and using a cleaning spell on the room. You quickly check all the supplies and they were safe, the potion didn’t affect them at all, thankfully. Professor Slughorn was nice but he wouldn’t have taken kindly to them ruining his ingredients. 

“I’m fine Sirius, promise.” You flash a smile before looking back at the boy who had basically saved you before wiping liquid off of your books before chuckling softly. “Still sure you wanna be my partner?” 

He smiled widely and let out a soft chuckle, “Of course this assignment is gonna keep me on my toes that’s for sure!” 

“You got that right.” You hummed before shooting a thank you smile at Remus
The 6 of you then got back to work this time you were able to perfect the potion without distraction and bottle it before smiling widely. You looked over the deep pink potion before just wrapping your arms around Sirius in a hug. Anyone else might not have wanted to be her partner after she messed up but Sirius not giving up on her meant a lot. 

“Thanks, Sirius.” You smiled and hid your face in the taller males chest. He wrapped his arms around you as well before James cleared his throat.
“We can all live if you and Y/N need some alone time Sirius.” You knew from the sound of his voice that James was just teasing but it made you pull away from Sirius with soft pink cheeks. 

“Oh hush, don’t mind him Y/n.” Lily smiled after hitting James’ arm with her book. “He’s harmless. Promise.” 

You smiled looking around at everyone, at your possible new friends. Sure this time it had been you that messed up. It made you wonder if their reputation was just them each messing up and taking the fall for each other. Either way, it made you smile. You and Sirius then went on to chat about various things while waiting for the others to finish. About home life, your parents, what you both did last summer. He even told you some pretty funny stories about Remus and James. You were laughing and everyone was telling you that’s not how it happened and that Sirius made a lot of it up. Either way, you couldn’t remember the last time you had this much fun. 

But it was soon over as Peter and Remus finished and bottled their potions. The group of you all walked to Professors Slughorns office to turn in this part of your assignment, the other part was an essay which no one was looking forward too. 

Once the potions were all squared away you let out a yawn, realizing it was pretty close to curfew. “I should get going guys, my common room is the farthest away.” You chimed before looking down the hallway at the way you had to go.

“Hey, Thursday do you wanna work on the essay part? We could spend the afternoon in our common room. It’s really nice promise.” Sirius offered as you nodded and held your hand up to your mouth to cover your yawn. 

“That sounds nice. See you guys then.” You waved as you headed down the hall. James nearly jumping on Sirius back as they laughed and made their way to the Gryffindor common room. You were quite pleased with having actually met them and not taking the word of everyone else. Once you reached your common room you saw Dylan sitting by the fireplace reading. Plopping down beside him you sighed loudly. 

“Hey Y/N, how was your time with your future husband?” He smirked as you punched his arm lightly before letting your head fall back onto the couch.
“They are all really nice actually. And it was good until I made my cauldron explode.” You chuckled before Dylan turned to face you, closing the book in his lap. 

“Tell me everything.” Dylan deadpanned before you started the long story about everything that had happened.

The next day flew by and before you knew it all your classes were over with and it was time for the dance lessons. Which would have been fun if a few of the boys didn’t wanna just goof off the whole time. You and Dylan partnered together agreeing it would be easier to apologize to each other if you step on the others foot than a stranger. 4 hours and soon the dance lesson was over and no one had really managed to step on anyone’s feet. 

“I’m glad that’s over.” Dylan laughed before falling onto the couch when they arrived back at the common room. You chuckled and nodded looking around the common room wondering how the Gryffindor one was. Was it really that different or was the color scheme just different? You were so lost in thought you didn’t notice Dylan standing up and waving his hand in front of your face.
“Earth to Y/N” He chuckled before you came back to reality and offered a sheepish smile. “I dunno how you do that so often. C’mon lets go get a game of Quidditch going. I know a few Ravenclaws who are down.” Dylan smiled before you nodded and quickly headed with him. 

It was a very makeshift game. Using old quidditch equipment that was no longer deemed usable. 4 Hufflepuffs’ versus 3 Ravenclaws’ and a Gryffindor. It was quite fun to be able to play without normal rules. No one ever took it to far as to knock someone off their brooms because it was all for fun and games.
Just as you were about to land for a quick water break Dylan beats the ball out of the field you guys were playing in and it lands on the other side of the black lake. 

“I’ll get it guys don’t worry.” You quickly fly over and land picking up the ball and just as you were about to fly back you heard a familiar voice.

“C’mon Snivellus just show us what your writing.” James chimed wand at the ready to steal the notebook he must have been writing in. Severus pulled out his wand and aimed it at the brunet before James zapped it from his hands with ease. 

“Now, now that wasn’t very nice.” James chuckled before looking to see Sirius at his side wand raised as well. Severus let out a stream of curses and possible hexes while he tried to grab his wand but James was too fast and jinxed him so he couldn’t move. 

“That wasn’t very nice Snivellus, let’s wash your mouth out.” And with that James muttered a spell that had bubbles and soap producing inside of Severus’ mouth. You watched in horror for a moment before heading over there to stop all of this. 

“James, Sirius!” You nearly yelled once you were close enough to them. “What do you think you are doing!” At this point, they had Severus upside down threatening to take off his pants. 

“Oh Hey, Y/N wanna watch me remove Snivellus’ trousers?” He hummed as if he was doing nothing wrong at all. Anger bubbled inside you, Severus wasn’t really your friend but you two had talked once or twice. Without much thinking, you held out your wand straight at James and Sirius. 

“Put. Him. Down.” You commanded with as much courage as you could muster. The boys looked at you like you were crazy but as you took a step closer they knew you meant business and let Severus fall to the ground as he tried to fix his robes. 

“You’re not gonna bother him ever again. Got it?” You hissed moving to stand in front of Severus as if to protect him as he tried to grab his wand off the ground. By now Remus had finally walked over and saw you and went pale. He didn’t want you to find out about this. 

“Sure sure Y/N don’t worry. We will be best friends with Snivellus.” Sirius chuckled before lowering his wand when James did. 

“C’mon Y/N it’s all fun in games. No one likes him anyway.” James spoke taking a step closer to you with his hands out. 

“I DON’T CARE.” You shouted as you helped Severus off the ground. “He is a person and that’s not how you treat a person.” You looked to Severus to make sure he was more or less okay. He was finally done spitting soap but his pale cheeks were a deep red. “You mess with him again and I’ll hex you both.” You hissed finally picking up your broom from where you dropped it. 

Hand softly on Severus’ arm leading him away from the Gryffindors and back to where you and your friends were playing Quidditch. Taking the long way instead of both of you riding on your broom.

“Hey, I’m sorry about them. I am, really.” You sigh before glancing to him. His cheeks were a lesser red but still, you knew he was embarrassed.

“I didn’t need any help.” He muttered trying to defend what little pride he had left. 

“I hope you didn’t, but I’m not gonna let those jerks hurt someone who did nothing.” You offer a slight smile as you both approach where you were playing.

“I thought you got lost, Y/n… Whoa. Hey, Severus?” Dylan was confused and looked to you for answers before you just smiled softly and grabbed the extra broom and handed it to Severus. 

“He’s gonna play with us aren’t you Severus?” You hummed as he wrapped his thin fingers around the broomstick looking at you like you were crazy.

“C’mon I’ll teach you.” Now not even Severus could say no to your puppy eyes. The next few hours were full of fun moments. Severus cursing and mumbling about how he hated this game even though you swore you saw him crack a smile a few times when he helped his team. Soon enough it was getting late and you and Dylan were cleaning up and taking the equipment back to the storage closet where you had found it. Severus was going to head back to his dorm but James glared at him. 

“Why don’t you come with us, Severus? We could use the help?” You chimed gesturing for him to grab the extra brooms and follow you and Dylan. Dylan wasn’t giving you a crazy look anymore but just accepted the fact that you were a sweet little Hufflepuff who liked helping people. Soon enough everything was back in the storage closet and you offered to walk Severus to his dorm but he turned down the offer and gave a small thanks before heading down the hallway. 

You stood and watched until he was out of sight. “Why did you bring him along? I’m used to you normally bringing strangers in. But a Slytherin? I thought you hated them?” Dylan asked as he headed back to the dorms with you. 

“I don’t hate Slytherins I hate people who think they are better than everyone.” You corrected as you two walked, you couldn’t believe these amazing people picked on someone who did nothing to them, for no reason. 

“So basically all Slytherins?” He corrected you. All you did was shake your head and sigh. You didn’t feel like talking about it anymore. And as soon as you got back to your common room you mumbled your goodnights and headed straight to bed trying to figure out any reason James and Sirius would mess with Severus. But soon enough you feel asleep and it didn’t matter. 

You even skipped potions, one of your favorite classes just because you couldn’t stand to see Sirius’ face. Hiding out in the hospital wing with a fake stomach ache. However, Madam Pomfrey knew better but let you stay anyway. But as soon as you knew the class would be released you headed out.
“Thanks, Madam Pomfrey I’m feeling much better!” 

“Oh. Ms. Y/L/N, If it’s a matter of the heart don’t fret. You are young and will heal.” She hums without looking up from her paper. You blushed and nodded as you exited and headed to your common room to get ready for dinner and hopefully find Dylan so you two could sit in a different spot today. Luckily you found Dylan and he didn’t mind sitting with the first years to avoid Sirius. One look at you and he knew he couldn’t say no. 

Dinner was over quickly thankfully, Sirius not even walking up or attempting to talk to you. Once dinner was over you and Dylan headed out, you were going to go work on your essay’s together by the lake. That’s when a hand on your shoulder stopped you, your smile fell when you saw who stopped you.
“Y/n You still coming by to work on our essay?” Sirius hums as if yesterday had never happened. 

“How dare you ask me that after yesterday.” You hissed as he looked taken back. 

“Y/n, You know Snivellus started it right? Hexing James and calling Lily a mud blood. James wanted a little revenge. James was still the bigger man, not even physically hurting Snivellus. He had made James bleed last time.” Sirius talked softly before you looked to Dylan. Your heart slightly breaking. Severus? No, he wouldn’t have done that. 

“Slytherins, act like they are you friend and then lie to you.” Dylan huffed before crossing his arms. You didn’t know what to say, maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. 

“Dylan and I were going to hang out by the lake and do them if you wanna come?” You offer looking to Dylan who just shrugs before Sirius nodded.
“I would like that. James and Lily have Quidditch practice but Remus and Peter will probably wanna join if that’s okay?” Sirius asked as you glanced behind him at Remus who had his nose stuffed in a book while Peter was going on about something while Remus just nodded. 

“Sure. See you guys soon.” You nodded and headed off with Dylan to grab your books. 

“Do you really think Severus could have started all this?” You asked him as you both grabbed your books. 

“Slytherin’s are tricky and try to play it so the blame isn’t on them. You only saw a bit of the feud, he might have started it. I don’t blame James if he called Lily that word.” Dylan spoke softly as he tapped his fingers on the bind of his books. “I would hex someone who called you one.” 

You smiled “Thanks, Dylan, you’re the best pure-blood best friend a girl could ask for.” You teased before bumping into him slightly. 

“Yeah well, you’re the best muggle-born witch in the world!” He teased before you made your way over to the lake where the 3 of them already sat waving at you. 

“Boys, this is Dylan.” You introduced your best friend to these Gryffindors. You couldn’t really help but forgive them. Especially since Dylan said he would have done the same. Soon enough you were all working on your essay’s and laughing and making jokes. 

“Okay but this one time. James and I had snuck out and made it all the way to the edge of the forest before Remus realized and came after us still in his pj’s. We needed some unicorn hair for a prank potion we were brewing. So as we are all going through the forest I swear Remus’ bright pj’s were attracting everything but a unicorn. So James suggested that he make some horse noises.” Sirius laughed as he told the story. “And he did! Then a herd of unicorn ran our way and went totally crazy over Remus. One even offered him a marriage proposal!” 

“That’s not even close to what happened. It actually went more like this-“
“Yeah, well Moony no one like your version. Right Wormtail?” Sirius asked looking to Peter who nodded quickly. 

“You’re insane Sirius.” Remus huffed as he kept working on his essay. You were smiling slightly while you all worked away. Even sharing a rather funny story that happened to you and your muggle friend back home. Everyone laughed even Remus. His face was cute when his eyes wrinkled and his smile was wide and showing off his teeth. Once the essays were all finished you all decided to head back for the night. Dylan had slightly pulled you aside and smiled. 

“I think Sirius is gonna ask you to the dance. If you don’t hurry you might be stuck going with him.” He teased as you took a deep breath and nodded.

“Hey, Remus.” You let out a deep breath and smile at him as his eyes met yours. “I uh. Was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance. With.. uh. Me?” You didn’t know what you would do if he turned you down but you had to take the chance before Sirius asked you. 

“Me?” He asked as he glanced to Sirius who looked quite amused. “uh. Sure?” His voice was soft and shy as a slight smile was now on his lips. Peter was grinning ear to ear bumping his shoulder into Remus.

“Cool.” You smiled a soft blush on your cheeks before you and Dylan ran off. You were laughing once you were far enough away. “I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!” You wanted to scream but you couldn’t find the air and your heart was racing. 

“I see that Miss-I-Know-What-I-Want.” He teased before slinging his arm over your shoulder. “At least your going with your crush now.” 

“Oh no. We gotta get you and Emma going together.” You chimed feeling like you could do anything right now. His face paled as he stared at you thinking you were kidding. But all you did was grab his hand and lead him back towards the school. 


The Yule ball was starting within 2 hours and you had even managed to get Dylan going with his crush, none other than the Slytherin Quidditch Captian Emma. You were quite proud that you were able to help your best friend talk to the girl of his dreams. 

“What was that you said about Slytherins?” You hummed as you helped him do his tie and fixed his hair. 

“That they are amazing and super smart?” He sasses back before chuckled softly and pulling you into a hug. “Tonight is gonna be a great night Y/N! I can feel it!” You just shook your head and pulled yourself away from your best friend. 

“Dylan you are absolutely insane, I love it.” You teased before adding on a soft red lipstick to complete your look as you and Dylan made your way to the dance. Remus was waiting outside for you. Dylan squeezed your arm softly and gave you a smile.

“Go on I see Emma.” He whispered before leaving your side as you approached Remus. He smiled sheepishly and quickly pulled out a flower from behind his back. 

“This is for you.” He bit his lip shyly hoping this would do. He wasn’t sure what he was really doing at a dance. This was Sirius’ and James’ thing, not his. 

“Thank you, Remus.” You smiled and sniffed the flower before he held out his arm to you. You wrapped your hand around it as you two headed into the ball. James and Lily were already partying on the dance floor. Even Peter had managed to find a date. And from the looks of it, Sirius found several. You laughed as James started a funny dance towards you before hugging you. 

“I was so glad to hear Remus finally got it in him to ask a girl out.” He teased before you glared up at Remus playfully. 

“Actually.” You started before James chuckled. 

“Oh I know, You asked him out.” He smiled before lightly patted Remus’ shoulder. You were so happy and ready to have the time of your life until a slow song played and James winked at you as he took Lily’s hand and headed onto the dance floor. You smiled at them and looked around even Sirius was slow dancing with one of the girls. 

“Hey. Uh.” You heard Remus say as you looked up at him softly. 

“Yes?” You hummed softly as he held out his hand to you softly and nodded towards the dance floor. What he didn’t expect was you to take his hand and lead him onto the dance floor. He set his hand on your waist tightly holding your other as you set yours on his shoulder. At a time like this, you noticed that he was in fact quite tall and you were glad you were wearing heels to even it out a bit more. 

The soft song played slow and beautifully and Remus seemed to really know what he was doing. 

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm,
The music playing on for only two
So close together
And when I’m with you
So close to feeling alive’

He softly spun you around as you continued your dance, he was right on beat to the music and you were pleasantly surprised that was for sure. He offered you a smile as you shifted closer to him, he danced you in small circles. James even shot a smile over your way and you returned it. Your heart racing in your chest, after all this time you finally were dancing with Remus. 

‘A life goes by
Romantic dreams will stop
So I bid my goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting
Waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close’

By this point, the two of you were spinning flawlessly around the dance floor, but still managing to keep just to the section where your friends were. Remus wasn’t much of a show-off but he did know how to make you smile.
“You look really beautiful Y/N.” He whispered once you locked eyes with him, a smile growing wider on your smile. Your eyes looked at his lips as time seemed to stop and freeze. 

‘So close
To reaching that famous happy end
Believing this was not pretend
And now you’re beside me
And look how far we’ve come
So far
We are
So close.’

Remus wanted nothing more to kiss you and you could tell by the way his eyes danced over yours but he spun you out of his arms and then back in close to his chest smiling widely at you as the music kicked up and you danced around the dance floor, everything felt so natural with him and you were getting quite used to this butterflies in your stomach and your racing heart. 

‘How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?
We’re so close
To reaching that famous happy end’
Almost believing this was not pretend
Let’s go on dreaming for we know we are’

Remus and you had stopped spinning and he held your hand tightly pulling you against his chest as everything became a blur and you wanted nothing more than a kiss right now. It would make everything perfect. You bit your lip waiting, trying to tell him with your eyes what you wanted. He knew and as soon as you saw him lean down towards you, your eyes flutter shut.

‘So close
So close
And still’

You could feel his breath on your lips and it made you tremble in his strong arms, your knees growing weak with anticipation. He was so close and you felt your heart pounding so hard in your chest you were sure he heard it. Hell, it was louder than the soft ending of the beautiful song.  

‘So far’

Just before your lips were about to touch Sirius bumped into you both with his date. 

“Oops, sorry Y/N, Moony. Didn’t see you guys there.” He chimed, both of your eyes snapped open and looked to you. You wanted to glare at him but Remus just chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. Another upbeat song started playing and Sirius grabbed both your hand and Remus’ as he started this weird dance that involved a lot of jumping. His dance just looked happy to be there.
I shrugged looked up at Remus before starting to try and do this weird dance with Sirius, Remus slowly joined in as well. Soon we were dancing to all the songs, even James and Lily were with us. We were laughing and dancing and having the night of our lives. That was until it was basically over. The group of us were one of the lasts to leave. 

“Hey Y/N, Remus? James, Lily, I and Samantha are heading to the astronomy tower to hang out. You two coming?” Sirius chimed as he had his arms wrapped around the pretty blonde he had been with most of the time. 

“Nah, we’re good,” Remus answered before they headed off, I looked up at him and smiled slightly. He took my hand in his and walked me back towards my common room. But we stopped in the front courtyard, the soft music could still be heard and he looked at the half-moon knowing it wouldn’t be long now. You squeezed his hand before cupping his cheek softly getting him to look at you. 

“I had a lot of fun tonight Remus, the most fun ever.” You smiled and he returned the smile as his free hand brushed your hair out of your face and behind your ear. It was stupid but it made you smile more as he leans down and placed a soft kiss to your forehead, wrapping his arms around you as you watched the quiet world around you. 

You two stayed like that for some time before you let out a yawn and he leads you back to your common room door. Smiling at the photo you muttered the spell to open it before holding the painting and looking back at Remus.

“Thank you for everything Remus.” You hummed and turned to head into your common room but he grabbed your hand before you could and pulled you to him as his lips softly met yours. He was trying his best not to mess this up, tonight had been perfect and it all felt so right. You hummed softly and ran a hand through his hair keeping him close. 

The kiss was soft and simple but purely perfect. His soft lips moving carefully against yours, it made you smile and your heart race and it was amazing. You two pulled away breathless and smiled softly before you heard loud laughing as Dylan and Emma rounded the corner. You blushed and laughed as well as Dylan saw you two clearing knowing what was happening.

“I’ll see you later Remus.” You whisper and kiss his cheek as Dylan kisses Emma once before she heads off too. You and Dylan walk into the common room and fall onto the couch smiling. 

“how’d –“ Dylan started. 

“It go?” You sighed happily “Amazing. What abo-“

“Me? Oh, Emma is amazing. Everything I’ve ever wanted. I cannot believe it.” He hums before you both just sit there in silence reflecting on one of the best nights of your entire life. 

And both of you cannot wait to see your ‘Partners’ again.

Another entry for the prompt game with the sweet @tonystarkstoga. Inspired by one of @susieeslei’s Tony&Natasha headcanons. Enjoy!

He could not find the room Natasha had told him about. Bucky’s eyes narrowed. He might have shaken off Hydra’s fucked-up version of a recruitment speech but he hadn’t gone from the Winter Soldier to being unable to find his way in the Avengers’ Tower. With a map.

“JARVIS?” Bucky asked the invisible computerised voice–and boy had that taken time getting used to–suspiciously. ”Is Natasha messing with me?”

“I do not believe so, Mr. Barnes,” the AI answered politely.

Bucky’s suspicion intensified.

“Is Tony messing with me?” Really, it wasn’t even a question. Why had Natasha ever been his first guess?

“I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to share this information with you,” JARVIS responded faithfully–which was all the confirmation Bucky needed.

Walking down the corridor for the sixth time in slow, measured steps Bucky stopped at a spot of ordinary wall he was 80 per cent sure was supposed to be a door.

“Alright, JARVIS, the easy or the hard way?”

There was a slight pause before the AI replied with something scarily close to exasperation, “Sir does not wish to be disturbed for anything less than an Avengers’ call.” 

“The hard way it is,” Bucky confirmed with a nod to himself. Then, without further ado, he slammed his metal hand against the wall.

It was just as well that he hadn’t used his full strength, because the ‘wall’ gave in without any resistance at all, and Bucky found himself stumbling through it gracelessly with a startled squeak.

He regained his balance within a split second of course, but he knew, he knew the footage of this would haunt him for the rest of his life time. He was going to kill them.

“I’m gonna kill them.”

“It has been noted down in your calendar, Mr Barnes,” JARVIS helpfully commented–which meant he was being a cheeky bastard again. “For the twelfth time this week, if you care to know.”

Bucky rolled his eyes and continued along the narrow path, determined but wary. Tony, he had learned the hard way, had an unhealthy obsession with trip wires and other hidden tricks and traps. He really didn’t need to give the rest of the team any more blackmail material than they already had–not that they were faring any better than he was.

The whole insanity had started two weeks ago. Naturally an absent-minded remark by Tony had been responsible for it.

“Are you telling me-,” Clint had demanded, a disturbing look of utter glee lighting up his eyes, after he’d recovered from chocking on his beloved coffee, “That there is a room hidden in this Tower in which you teach Natasha how to pole dance and none of us new about it?”

Tony, hair still sleep-ruffled and covered in a sweatshirt that had been Bucky’s at one point but looked much better on him, had blinked owlishly at them. “What kind of spies are you?” he had asked incredulously. Which they had taken as the challenge it was obviously meant to be.

And thus the grand search for the training room had begun. Personally, what with the faint vibrations of loud music Bucky was beginning to pick up, he felt confident that he was on the right track.

Four days later: 

“Are you telling me you found Tony and Natasha’s secret pole dance training room and instead of letting the rest of us know you decided to join in?”

“Wasn’t that the point?”

The Mysterious Tower of Trickery
What you need to know:

A mysteries tower with no origins appears randomly allowing people to venture inside before it disappears again to re-appear somewhere else.

How it begins:

Given the nature of the tower, it can appear at any time anywhere; during the players’ travels while in a town or city, in a large caravan, etc. The choice is yours, the stranger the location the better, adding to the mysterious nature of the tower.


The tower is made out of smooth black stone and is about 20 meters tall and 5 meters wide. There are no windows and on each wall at the base is a wooden door.

  • -A- The wooden doors are illusion and in fact gelatinous cubes. When a player touches the surface of the door, in reality they are plunging their hands into the cube.
    Note: The gelatinous cubes stats are per the monster manual.
  • -B- Halfway up the tower is a secret door that, when opened, leads inside to part 1.


The door opens into a smooth black stone chamber. A set of oak stairs leads up to a trap door in the ceiling. Two lit torches are on either side of the room held within mounted iron brackets.

  • -A- The wooden stairs are X number of mimics.
  • The mimics will wait till a number of players climb onto of them before they attack.
    Note: The mimic’s stats are as per the monster manual.
  • -B- The trap doors opens to a flat wall of smooth black stone.
  • -C- The torches are levers, and when both are pulled, open a secret door in the wall leading to part 2.


The door opens into a stone hall extending into darkness after 20 meters.
Note: Beyond 20 meters, the hall is shrouded in a continual darkness spell.

  • -A- The floors is an illusion of stone and is actually X number of acid slimes.
    Note: The acid slime stats are as per the monster manual.
  • -B- The end of the hall shrouded in darkness extends only anther 10 meters before it reaches a dead end.
  • In the ceiling, however, is a secret door that when opened leads to part 3.


The door opens into the floor of a stone chamber.

  • -A- If the players close the hatch on the floor and reopen it, it will lead to part 4.
  • To revert the opening back to leading to part 2, the players only need to close the hatch again - a simple, but hopefully clever puzzle your players have to figure out.


The door opens into the ceiling of a smooth black stone chamber. On the back wall is an iron plate on the wall with a lock. On the opposite wall is a wooden bench containing a bunch of keys.

  • -A- The bench has several keys, each having an effect when used on the lock. Also on the bench, there is an outline of a key drawn in the wood.
  • 1 - an iron knobbed key: forms into a fist, getting one attack against the players using it for X D10 damage.
  • 2 - a skeletal finger key: any player who uses this key is drained a level or D6 CON.
  • 3 - a glass key with yellow liquid flowing inside: the key explodes when used, splattering the user with acid for X D6 acid damage and burning a whole into their armor.
  • 4 - a thorny wooden key: when used, a pit trap dropping X meters to spikes opens up under a random player.
  • 5 - a meter long key: when used, all the players double in size for X rounds, bursting out their clothes and armor. Roll saves for the armor to see if its destroyed.
  • 6 - a glowing red key: when used, the entire room bursts in flame for X rounds dealing X D6 fire damage to everyone inside, each round.
  • 7- a black smoking key: when used the chamber fill with thick un-breathable smoke for X rounds, causing the players to suffer the rules for drowning or suffocation till the smoke clears or they leave the room.
  • -B- The outline of the key, when cut out from the wood, can be used as a key to open the lock and slide open the wall leading to part 5.


The door opens into a stone chamber with a single one meter long chain (A) dangling from the ceiling.

  • -A- Chain A when pulled collapses the ceiling dealing X D6 crushing damage to any player inside.
  • The ceiling then opens up to another ceiling 10 meters higher with another one meter long chain (B) dangling from the ceiling.
  • -B- Chain B when pulled for the first time causes the floor to slide open revealing a pit of lava underneath 10 meters below.
    Note: The lava can do normal lava damage or X D6 fire damage if your players are lower level.
  • -C- When chain B is pulled for the second time, panels on the wall slide open and release jets of flames that fill the room dealing X D6 fire damage every round – 1 D6 is what I recommend.
  • -D- When chain B is pulled for a third time, 4 panels on the ceiling open and release one meter long electrified chains that are bolted to the ceiling.
    Note: Any player touching one of the electrified chains is dealt 1 D6 lighting damage.
  • -E- Pulling on any one of the chains has no effect other than dealing damage, but if a player pulls on the 4 electrified chains and Chain B at the same time, then the floor slides closed, the panels on the walls close, the electrified chains retract into sliding closed panels and a panel on the wall opens leading to part 6.


The walls open into a small circular smooth black stone room. Chests of gold and silver lay next to weapons, racks and armored manikin. Coffers of jewelry sit onto sacks of potions.

  • -A- This is the tower’s treasure. All the treasure will be real, but cursed in some way.
  • Every coin will be coated in contact poison, dealing stat damage or regular damage.
  • Every weapon and piece of armor will be hot to the touch as if heated metal has been cast on it, dealing 2 D4 damage or X D6 fire damage.
  • The jewelry will bind to the players and give negative penalties to stats, skills, saves, attack rolls, etc. The jewelry will need a remove curse to be removed.
  • All the potions will have the opposite effect of their intention. Healing will be harm, flight will plunge the players into the earth X meters, invisibility will make the players bright, etc.
    Note: To even this effect out, consider giving 2 to 3 times the normal amount of treasure since some of it ma  end up being worthless, tossed or spent to counter-attack the effects.


The tower, as mysteriously as it appears, leaves after its treasure has been plundered, or does it?

Maybe the tower was a test by some planar creature studying mortals for an important assignment and appears to congratulate the players on a job well done before sending them off on its mission.
Maybe the tower itself carries a curse and by entering its walls, the players contract an illness slowly transforming them into an ooze or blob, then needing to satisfy the tower in some way to be cured of it.
Maybe the treasure is the reincarnated spirits of the adventures who died in its walls and come to life in some way once the players leave. The coins jump about trying to escape, weapons and armor can speak and potion feel violated when drank.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.