15 years ago, a little colt hit the ground, his breeders probably thrusting their dreams of the Kentucky Derby upon him. But as the little colt grew up, his racing career went the same way as his build- downhill. The little colt may have sucked at racing, but from there on out, his big heart and even bigger back legs propelled him into the jumper ring, the cross country field, down the centre line or hand galloping up to the single oxer.
17 months ago that bum high little dude came into my life, and i can honestly say i’ll never be the same. Trick, you’ve taught me more about myself than anything i have or ever could experience in my life. I couldn’t count all the amazing rides and memories you’ve given me- the opportunities to better myself, telling me to F-off when i need it, and saving my ass when i don’t see anything coming into the 2 stride (sorry that happens way to often little man). You’re constantly challenging me, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Your eccentricities make me love you that much more. 
Here is to 15 more years together- university, horse shows, being mistaken for some kind over overweight warmblood, kid lessons- maybe even packing my kids around one day, growing a long mane, being the terrible 30 year old horse everyone is slightly afraid of… Who knows. 
Happy 15th Birthday to my man that has outlasted all the boys. Your my once in a lifetime horse.
Happy Birthday Trick
B34565- May 19th 1998

Trick and I. A Fashion photographer really wanted to expand his portfolio and asked if he could take photos of trick and i. He wasn’t so into taking any help from me, so most of the shoot didn’t turn out, but i think this one is quite cute :)


2 years ago i was in a weird place. I had sold my previous horse and was questioning my drive to continue riding. Did i really want it? I didn’t have a huge budget, and i needed a horse that would take me to a big budget ring. When i searched for my first horse, it took me a year and a half to find one. I was having doubts wether a horse for me- let alone my perfect horse- existed. So upon the recommendation of my trainer, my mom and i drove the 3 hours down to the Evergreen Classic horse show on sunday, August 14th 2011. My trainer had 13 horses lined up for us to look at. After trying 5, loving one, and seriously considering a baby project, we took a break to go watch a little thoroughbred from Oz jump around the junior hunters. Justine warned us that he was very quirky and a bit of a handful to manage and probably wouldn’t be what i was looking for- which was a nice dopey warmblood gelding. Watching him jump around, i was intrigued. I always loved watching old school hunter videos on youtube, and here was my classic hunter. And a horse that snaps his knees to his ears is never a turn off. So my trainer got on, dropped the reins, and jumped up to a 4’ oxer on the buckle. *drooling* I then got on. I had a serious oxer phobia, and after picking to the base a couple of times expecting a stop, i was able to drop the reins and lope up to the oxers. This was my guy. I was in love. He was forgiving, he was cute, and he was quirky as F**K. Who doesn’t love a little attitude? I was done, i didn’t need to see anymore horse. The next 5 horses could have been rumbas for all i cared, Trick was my one. He was wayyy out of my price range, but the stars aligned, and his owners were some of the nicest people i have ever met. I went to evergreen looking for my dopey under ten warmblood small junior hunter, and came away with a 13y/o sassy thoroughbred. I’ve had the life altering privilege to own my eccentric little TB man for two years and i’ve never looked back. All things happen for a reason, and those reasons led me to Trick. This horse is my life, man, partner, monkey, insanity, sanity, friend, ego check, confidence booster, bad day, good day, soaring, trickster, goofball, soul mate. Thank you for the best two years of my life mister man, and heres to so many more.


Well, today is Trick and my 3rd year anniversary, and looking back on this year all i can think about is how blessed I am to have this incredible spirit in my life. It’s been a year of new beginnings, new homes, new friends and new experiences, while never forgetting those that got us to where we are. This is also the first time I can truly say that i own EVERY last hair on him. Making that last loan payment made was such an amazing moment. For three years he has been my everything, but now he is officially MY everything. Thank you so much to my incredible parents Karen & Tim for realizing he would be the only thing to keep me sane through my first years of university, and subsequently paying for first year tuition, board and meal plans on someone not even attending UVic. And to my grandparentsHeather & Gary, you have given me the world, and I will never have the words to thank you properly. Heres to many more years (knock on wood without colic) of being idiots, trail rides, horse shows, pony rides, annoying baths and forcing you to behave through photo shoots. Thanks for the past three years trick- I couldn’t have gone through them without you.