You know those days where everything goes right? Where you see a distance and your horse see’s the exact same one, and it is the PERFECT distance…and you can ride up to the big single oxer, and you feel your horse jump a 10 every time? And you just KNOW, like can really tell, that your horse feels happy and healthy?

I had that day today.

About a month ago I radically changed the way we approached Trick’s health. While we had already been doing energy work, I decided to avoid allopathic medicine and the recommendation of my vet to have Trick put through a CT and subsequent facial surgery. En lieu, we decided to bring in a homeopathic vet, who recommended targeting his overall immune health, rather than the sinus issue. After one month, the fungal infection, which we were told would not heal unless surgically removed, disappeared. 

What I had to shift in my thinking, was thinking of Trick as a HORSE, and not my athletic equine child. Last summer, we didn’t allow him to have turnout, mostly due to the fact that he had had an injury prior to the turnout season. 

I love the fact that I can tell exactly what Trick’s mood is- I know when he is feeling off, frisky, tired, content, etc.. 4 days ago I started turning trick out in the big grass field upon the recommendation of the vet we brought in. 2 days later, and Tricks energy was unreal. He was sooo mellow, and sincerely HAPPY. I could explain for days Tricks personality, and how this impacted it in so many positive ways, but you would be reading all night.

A few weeks of treating him naturally, removing all the chemicals from his system, supporting his immune system, and most importantly, allowing him to be a horse, and my 3'6" ‘AA’ Amateur Owner hunter has NEVER felt better under saddle. When a horse is happy, and their needs as EQUINES are met, you will see that when they are working.

Seriously I have no words for how much I love my horse. I would do anything for him, and that included shifting my thinking.
He had a month and a half off after thermal, beat a surgical infection homoeopathically, jumped one day at 2’… and then flawlessly course-worked at 3'9" today. I suppose it worked.

I am in no way bashing traditional medicine, I myself would like to become a doctor- but for those of you who feel like your horse isn’t the 100% he/she could be, or those of you who are having medical issues- I whole heartedly recommend taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Homeopathic medicine, energy work- it can sound downright BIZARRE, but give it a shot, go into it with an open mind- the results will speak for themselves.

I gave up the bubble wrap. I dare you to too.


He’s actually the most astounding little creature 🙌 thanks @fowleristhepower for being my videographer extraordinaire 😘 #trickottb #trick #bloom #huntvalleyfarm #ottbhunter #hunter #horse #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #babymonkey #perfectboy (at Hunt Valley Farm)

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Things are finally falling in to place.
Trick is back in work, although still pending an MRI/ Surgery, with a better looking outcome… We’ve solidified where he will be going next year, my mom agreed to let me take him to school which i am through the roof about. He’s too much my baby for him and i to be apart.
Life seems to be FINALLY working out.