Your Fave is Problematic: Spiderman Homecoming

-Too much diversity
-Too comic accurate
-Peter Parker needs to be protected at all costs yet he insists otherwise
-Tony and Peters Father/Son relationship is too pure
-Love interests are too gorgeous and smart
-consumes my life and not even out


This makes me smile so much 💕The reflection era was the best! I miss this pls can we go back 😭


Hashtag #CaminahIsReal :)

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Incredibly sketchy doodle of El and Mike (eight years after she disappeared) eating icecream on the porch in the middle of the night. (Sorry for crappy quality, but I might finish this on the computer, so be patient!)

Inspired by the amazing au fanfic ‘Becoming Jane’ which is soooo good and I just love it to bits. If the author happens to see this- please keep writing! You’re so talented and the story is one of the best out there! 💕💖

dinahjane97: Such an honor to perform for our gal @meghan_trainor at the Billboard Women in Music ! I love you so so much ! Thank u for being an inspiration to us ALL! You’re killing the game for us women !! Showering you with lots of love , warm soup 🍵, a blankyy, , and a warm snuggie !! get better soon my love ❤️❤️