*Points at OC* You get all my feelings of inadequacy and fear of never being good enough as well as obeying my abusers so to not face conflict with them.

*Points to other OC* You get all my fear of abandonment and over romanticizing of certain things in my life.

*Points at another OC* You get all my frustration over showing my emotions and are going to be allowed to say all the mean/truthful things I’ve always wanted to say about others but only say internally to myself.

*Points at another OC* You get all my insecurities about myself and fears about how other perceive me.

*Point at yet another OC* And you get all my cockiness but it’s to mask the fact that deep down I really hate myself.

*sets OCs free* Now go my children, go fuck up your lives.

Okay kids! It’s time for your friendly neighborhood autistic to tell you why functioning labels are bullshit! 

It’s time for a Tale of Two Autistics. 

Autistic 1

  • can “pass” as neurotypical
  • not all of their friends believe they’re autistic
  • ran a psychology study
  • has won writing awards at the college level
  • got a 2380 on the SAT 
  • is starting a small business 
  • can care for pets without help

Autistic 2

  • can’t live independently
  • often forgets to shower
  • periodically goes nonverbal
  • can’t drive
  • can’t do bus transfers
  • incontinent
  • hates most clothing textures and rarely even wears matching clothes
  • can’t go shopping without help

So! You’d say that Autistic 1 is high-functioning and Austic 2 is low-functioning, right? 

Trick question! Both of them are me. 

All autistics have different strengths and weaknesses. The problem arises when people try to group us into broad categories instead of assessing each of us individually. Nobody is saying that different autistics don’t need different accommodations; we’re saying it’s ridiculous to assign us accommodations and groups without talking to us first! `The functioning labels as allistics perceive them just don’t exist! We all have different needs, and we all want to be heard. 

“Imagine your OTP” scenarios or actual RotE scenes? You decide:

- Person A is ill and has to stay at Person B’s place; there’s only one bed

- Person A and Person B are not officially a couple, but they act so much like a couple that Person C asks them about it and Person A is intensely embarrassed

- Person A has to pretend to be Person B’s servant for extended period of time Because Reasons

- Person B gives Person A a makeover

-  Person A is the only person Person B trusts to look after them when they’re sick or hurt

- Soulmate AU: Person B can always find Person A, wherever they happen to be

- Person B pines after Person A for years; Person A slowly realises their feelings for Person B without ever putting exact words to them

- Person B is a master of disguise; Person A can always recognise them, even if no one else can

- Whenever Person B is hurt they go to Person A for help

- Person B is heavily implied to be Person A’s soulmate despite Person A’s opinion to the contrary

- Person B seranades Person A in a public place

- They have to pretend to be a couple Because Reasons. Person B is loving it and Person A is disconcerted by how okay with it they are

underwater fight club (alt - youtube playlist)- hey remember how there’s two (in one!) miserable aliens at the bottom of the ocean

1. yea big + kid static - down the river | 2. david wirsig - black eyes | 3. daft punk - derezzed (glitch mob remix) | 4. blur - i’m just a killer for your love | 5. thad kopec - red wolf | 6. bobby darin - mack the knife | 7. miami nights 1984 - ocean drive | 8. les sages fous - dans l’aquarium | 10. purity ring - lofticries | 11. the watson twins - shoot the lights out | 12. so below - drift | 13. eminem ft. rihanna - love the way you lie | 14. the mountain goats - no children | 15. halsey - control | 16. the mae shi - divine harvest

(youtube link included because 8tracks is having weird regional issues with the playlist - if songs get skipped, youtube should do ya.)

radfem or meninist?? u decide!!

“its not a chick if she has a dick!”

“bi women are just doing it for mens attention!”

“i dont want to fuck any women who’ve touched a dick prior to being with me! shes just a fake slut if she has!!”

“straight women can become lesbians just to retaliate against how much they hate men!”

trick question bc theyre all things that both of them say bc theyre all fucking idiots


I watched Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy today (so awesome!!) Can you guess who my favorite character was? Trick question, I loved all of them. But I have to say Gamora surprised me; In a very good way.

Having been a Marvel fangirl for several years now, I’ve noticed a pattern with the kick-ass superhero ladies. We’ve got Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill, and Peggy Carter to name a few. Women who are bad ass and calm in (most) situations. Believe me, I love that, but (and maybe I’m the only one who thinks this) Gamora was different, she was still and awesome assassin, but she also seemed more passionate. In several scenes, I noticed her voice cracked with emotion. This was a stark contrast to her robotic sister (also awesome) who barked orders and was cold throughout the movie.

I have to say marvel has out done itself with GOTG and I can’t wait to see more of these characters. Especially the very 3 dimensional Gamora. I like to see the well rounded and different personalities of Marvel women and so far I haven’t been disappointed.