“Do what you love and try not to look at what other people occupy themselves with. Most people seem restless and bounce around too much to focus or even pay attention enough to themselves to figure out exactly what they really do love, as opposed to what the people that surround them are doing.”

Rodney Mullen

Change can be scary.  And fear is a tricky beast.  It can come at you from all angles until you’re left with nothing but a breathless body and veins that flow quicker than the Passaic River in a flood.  The trick is to picture in your mind exactly how you want the situation to end.  The answer to all questions will come in the form of peaceful happiness.  Run from nothing.  Sit in the situation and allow clarity to settle around you until you can see what’s happening without restriction or judgment.

New studyblr

Hi! My name is Terria. It’s pronounced like Maria but with a T instead of an M. But you can just call me Tea for short.

I am a graduate student studying forensic psychology. I started this blog so that I can connect with other studyblrs and inspire each other and watch each other grow and succeed together.

The types of things you can expect from me are pictures of my studying area, inspirational quotes, pictures of my planner, study tips and tricks, lots of pictures of tea in pretty tea mugs (true to my name) and maybe even the occasional yoga/meditation post to help relieve stress. If you want to connect follow me and I will follow you back :)