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Hufflepuff Through The Seasons.

Summer: Waking up to golden light streaming through your barely closed curtains, the sound of birds chirping, nestling yourself deeper into the few white sheets that cover you. Enjoying the longer days in the sun, the warmth and the earthy smells. Spending hours playing silly, child-hood games with your friends or sitting on the front porch with a cat curled up on your lap. Sipping at chilled, lemon tea, and the sound of the soft chink of ice cubes against the glass. frantic water fights, tag-teaming against your other friends. Then watching as the last rays of sun sink beyond the horizon. The pink glow of the dusk filled clouds. Then finally settling back into bed, with a warm cup of tea and a book, while you listen to the cicadas through the open window. A light breeze sending you off to sleep.

Autumn: Waking up with a few more blankets piled on your bed, most fallen off from the still warm nights. The sun still starting to come up and the air slightly crisp. Mist laying on the distant hills.The sound of the kettle as you make tea, drinking it quietly in your warm bed. Sleeping a few extra hours, snuggling deep in your blankets. Walking through trees, laced with red, yellow and brown. Disturbing piles of freshly racked leaves, collecting a few rare beauties as you go. Stocking piling acorns like a squirrel for no reason, then feeling sad when you accidentally drop or lose one. Roasting chestnuts over an open fire. Watching as the days grow shorter and the trees deader in preparation for winter. Watching the rain pour down from the ledge near the window, nestling into a newly brought jumper. Indulging yourself in the seasonal treats. Trick or treating with your friends even though you know you’re already too old. Falling asleep under growing layers of blankets , to the feint sound of trickling rain.

Winter: Experiencing your first frost. Waking up colder than you wished. Burrowing deeper into your blankets to warm up. Eventually crawling up to make yourself a hot cup of tea while still being wrapped in every blanket you own. Feet crunching through frozen grass to get the mail. Puffing out balls of steam, pretending your a dragon. Watching as the snow begins to fall silently. Having brutal snow ball fights with friends and making snowmen and snow angels. Warming your feet up in front of the fire and drying your snow covered clothing. The sweet smell of steam in the warm air. The smell of wood smoke. Setting up the Christmas lights and the Christmas trees. Wrapping paper littering the floor. Smells wafting in from the extravagant Christmas feast. Waving your friends and family goodbye, feeling content. The sound of the kettle as you search for your long lost hot water bottle. Preparing for the cold night a head. Watching as the sun goes down early, the last blankets off snowing drifting peacefully. The dozens of blankets piled on your bed. Snuggling in deep, feeling like a badger or hedgehog. Falling asleep to the warmth of your hot water bottle.

Spring: Waking up to the fresh noise of bird song. Shoving off your blankets as the days get warmer. Snow melting and plant life is popping up everywhere. The fresh, crisp scent, like the morning after a storm. Yellow Daffodils nodding their heads in the soft breeze. Soft rain showers. Green everywhere. You pick bunches of Daffodils, and make daisy chains for all your friends. You watch as you cat turns another year older. You celebrate Easter with more chocolate than you need, feeling sick by the end of it. You watch as the days, once again, grow longer and warmer. You dance around, making dandelion wishes. Picking plums from trees and eating the sweet fruit. Making over sweet Jam with the leftover plums. Watching as sky lines appear more frequent in the deep blue sky. The silent droning of passing planes, that seem a life time away. watching as new born lambs learn to walk and prance around, giddy to explore. Feeling happy as the world feels reborn. Playing on an old chain swing, tied to a small oak. watching as the sun sets slowly. Prolonged, as if it is reluctant to see the new season’s first day die. You boil up a cup of tea and settle in bed, listening to another shower of spring rain. You sip at your tea, as your cat curls up on top of your covers. You fall asleep, dreaming for the next Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Trick-Or-Treat - Damian Wayne x Batmom

Prompt: Hey! I love your writing and this Halloween idea that you’re doing.. I feel like this has probably been requested but batmom! x Damian where she takes him trick or treating for the first time with some cute bonding?!? Love your blog so much❤️ (requested by @its-electric-love )

“Nightwing, you take the missing persons reports in the East End. Red Robin, you have the recent cyberattacks on Wayne Enterprises RnD server. Red Hood: a major trafficking deal is going down at the docks tonight. Save the citizens, no one dies.” Bruce commanded instructions out to each of the boys for tonight’s patrol.

“Why do you always feel the need to tell me that? Kind of unfair.” Jason said defensively crossing his arms over his chest.

Tt. He mentions it because you’re a trigger happy moron Todd.” Damian bit back with a frown. Jason turned to Damian and looked just about ready to start a confrontation.

“Alright boys, there’s no need to fight.” You reprimanded. Jason visibly calmed at your interference but Damian remained defiant.

“Damian.” Bruce said sternly which worked to divert his attention away from Jason.

“Yes father?” Damian asked obediently.

“You will be going undercover tonight with [Y/N]. There are rumors that trick-or-treat candy in city might be contaminated. I need you to discreetly take samples and report back with your results.” He explained. The two of you exchanged a knowing look that the others failed to catch on to.

“Wait. He gets to go trick-or-treating while the rest of us are working? That’s really unfair.” Jason complained.

“It’s an investigation, Jason.” You reasoned gently in your signature mom voice.

“Yeah and if just so happens to get more candy than he could possibly eat, it’s just a perk of the job right?” Tim piped up.

“If you all finish your work early you are more than welcome to join us on our investigation.” You offered diplomatically.

“Runt better share.” Jason grumbled as he stormed off to hop on his bike and ride off to start his work for the night. The others soon left after Jason to go about their duties. Bruce stopped briefly to lean down and press a kiss to the top of your head.

“Good luck tonight, love.” He whispered.

“Go save the day, Batman.” You smiled reassuringly at him. Bruce squeezed your shoulder supportively before turning to head towards the Batmobile. He gave Damian a waring ‘behave yourself’ look as he passed.

“Do I have to wear a stupid costume?” Damian sighed after his father left.

“No you can be Robin if you’d like. Halloween’s just about the only day you can get away wearing your uniform undercover. I just need a little wardrobe change and then we can leave.” You said with a little smirk as you made your way into the locker room where your uniform for the night lay waiting. You quickly changed into the costume and stepped out with a dramatic flair of your cape.

“Ta da!”

“Batman?” Damian asked with an unimpressed quirk of his eyebrow.

“Close. Batmom. It was your father’s idea.” You clarified.

Tt. Whatever.” Damian rolled his eyes. So much for tonight being about bonding. All you wanted was for your fiance’s son to accept you, on any level. You told Bruce that you refuse to marry him unless every one of his children was ok with it. He understood your hesitation but for some time now Damian was the last to accept you. You hated to keep Bruce waiting this long but you weren’t about to become a Wayne if his youngest son resented you. So in an effort to give you and Damian some much needed bonding time, Bruce suggested you take him out for Halloween in the guise of a mission.

“Well this case isn’t going to investigate itself. Let’s get a move on!” You said cheerfully.

You were only trick-or-treating and uselessly testing candy for traces of contamination for about an hour before Damian caught on.

“This isn’t a mission, is it?” He asked in a tone of annoyance. You sighed at being caught far before you could even attempt to bond with him. Tonight was such a terrible idea. You both should have known it would have never had worked but you were just so desperate for some sort of breakthrough. You had been with Bruce for nearly five years now and Damian still just barely tolerated your presence.

“No it isn’t. Your father thought you could use a night off to be a normal kid.” You explained.

My father thought he could force me to like you if we were forced to spend time together.” He said with an angry pout.

“That too.” You sighed and moved to sit down on the steps of a building who wasn’t participating in the night’s festivities. You took off your cowl and hung your head shamefully in between your knees. “Am I doing something wrong, Damian? Please if I am, tell me. I want nothing more than to be at least amicable towards each other.” You asked with a hint of desperation in your voice. Five years and nothing has changed between you and Damian. Maybe this was your sign that it wasn’t meant to be. To your dread Damian remained silent.

“I can’t marry your father -”

What?” He cried in sudden outrage.

“Let me finish. I can’t in good conscious marry your father knowing that not all of his children approve of me. I’ve been trying so hard since we’ve met to get your approval, but nothing I do or say seems to change your mind about me.” You said defeated.

“You … you won’t marry father because of me?” He asked incredulously.

“I won’t marry your father because I don’t want to intrude on your family when not everyone isn’t comfortable with me being there.” You clarified. “Damian, if you don’t want me to be a part of your family only say the word and I’ll call everything off.” You swore with tears stinging at your eyes. You didn’t want to leave but if you weren’t wanted you didn’t want to be the cause of a rift in the family

“You would do that?” Damian asked softly.

“Of course.” You whispered weakly, not daring to meet the child’s gaze. Suddenly you were thrown back where you sat as Damian tackled you into a tight hug.

“Please don’t leave.” He pleaded. “You’re the most tolerable woman that father has ever brought home. I don’t want you to go.” Damian whispered against you while he hugged you tightly to him. You couldn’t help but to smile and wrap your arms around him in return.

“Really?” You asked. Damian nodded silently against you.

“Please marry my father.” He asked. You smiled warmly and agreed to his request.

“Do you want to continue trick-or-treating? Your brothers shouldn’t be done with their missions for some time.” You suggested kindly. “You don’t have to share your candy with them if you don’t want to.” You offered noticing his hesitation. Damian looked up at you and gave you a broad grin.

“Deal.” He agreed hopping up off the stairs and pulled you to continue working your way down the street. You pulled your cowl back over your eyes and you and Damian continued trick-or-treating for a few more hours until you headed back to the manor. Bruce and the rest of the boys were all in the cave when you got back. Damian walked past them all, giant bag of candy in hand as he moved to go change out of his uniform. Jason tried to snag the bag away from him but Damian brought it to his chest protectively before Jason could get a good grip on it.

“Mine!” He cried possessively. He angled his body away from his brother who was trying in vain to steal a piece of candy from Damian’s bag.

“Mom! Tell the demon to share his candy! I had to work all night!” Jason complained looking to your for intervention.

“Mom said I didn’t have to share.” Damian retorting, sticking his tongue out at Jason tauntingly. Instead of retaliating Jason and everyone else froze in stunned silence at what had just left Damian’s mouth. Your heart swelled and your hand flew up to your mouth to cover your growing grin.

“Oh my god.” Tim breathed in shock.

“He - did he just call her ‘mom’?” Dick asked looking at everyone else to make sure he wasn’t just hearing things. Damian’s cheeks flared up in a deep blush.

“No I didn’t! I - I” Damian stuttered over his words. Bruce walked over to his son and put a comforting hand on Damian’s shoulder. Bruce gave him a proud look but otherwise said nothing on the subject, instead choosing to deflect everyone’s attentions.

“What do you say we all go up and watch a Halloween movie or two? Popcorn and candy all around!” Bruce suggested to everyone. That seemed to distract everyone well enough. They all started to make their way up the steps to the main part of the manor. Bruce hung back and wrapped his arms around your shoulder giving you a sweet lingering kiss when everyone’s backs were turned.

“We’re not watching Rocky Horror again, Jason!” You heard Tim cry out in protest.

“Shut up, nerd! It’s a classic! Just because you don’t understand it …” Jason shot back loudly.

“No one understands it!” Tim shouted. You sighed against Bruce’s lip and he started to chuckle.

“Damage control?” You asked Bruce with a quirked eyebrow.

“Welcome to the family, Batmom.” He said humorously as he led you up the stairs to break up whatever war was looming between your sons.

Trick or Treat; Take Your Pick!

(A BTS choose your ending fic~)

A/N: Hello~! I’m back at it again with one of my outrageous fanfiction ideas! xD This time it’s a choose your adventure fic! Therefore, a fic that has 7 different paths/endings! :D The fun part is that I’m not dropping many hints as to who is who~ hehehe~ So, that being said–let’s get into it!

Words: 1,276

Genre: Smut

“I can’t believe you dragged me here, you pixie bitch,” you snarl at your friend, hating the way her glitter covered face stretches into a brilliant smile—her strap-on wings bouncing on her back with every step. In the distance—only a short ways away now—you see and hear your destination—a frat house with blaring music and the most half-assed Halloween decorations you’ve ever seen.

Biting your bottom lip—the cold air brushing over your barely covered skin—you hug your arms tightly and nearly punch your friend when she whistles.

“Wooo~! Look at that cleavage!”

Skipping in front of you, she reaches her hands out and gropes your breasts, pushing them up more than they already are. You immediately move to kick her away, but she knows you too well and is out of kicking distance before you can blink.

“I will bite you,” you tell her, and she winks, lifting up her already short tinker bell dress to reveal her thong-clad hip.

“Do it baby I’m ready~”

You roll your eyes, pushing past her. Your black heels click against the pavement hurriedly. You don’t even care that you didn’t really want to come to this party anymore—all you know is that it’s too cold out to keep standing here like a fool, so you make for the door—no matter how many drunk, horny college students are inside.

“How many shots have you had already?” you scoff when your friend runs up beside you, wobbling even though she’s only wearing a pair of white flats. She shrugs nonchalantly.

“Only 4.”

You scoff. “Right, well, I’ll expect to see you back at our apartment some time tomorrow—alive.”

“Same to you~,” she grins cheekily, and you roll your eyes. She’s the one here to get laid. You’re here because she’d refused to let you stay home alone on Halloween—cuddled up in a blanket and watching shitty movie reruns. Apparently it wasn’t “fun enough”—so she’d dug out her old costume from last year and shoved you into it despite your complaints of ‘it’s so short!’, ‘there’s no way this is my size!’ and ‘don’t you have a different, less revealing costume?!’

So…here you are. Freezing your ass off and wearing nothing more than the sexy maid outfit she had forced you to wear. You had honestly wanted to kill her when she had presented it to you.

I even have a garter belt for the thigh highs!” she had yelled, and in response you had groaned, tugging on the hem of the skirt and wishing that it’d magically lengthen—just an inch or two. If you happened to bend down in this state everyone around would get an eyeful of your panties (which, smartly, you had decided to change into pure black ones before leaving).

As you push open the front door—the lace on your thigh-highs subtly rubbing together—you get an eyeful of the party laid out before you. There are girls in guys in every direction—some chatting politely and some about ready to fuck where they stand.

“C’mon!” your friend says, tugging you inside when you get distracted by a male dressed as Yu-gi-oh.

And so, the door to the house closes behind you, and you’re trapped.

“Try to have fun!” you friend tells you, turning and grabbing your hands. Grinning giddily, she jumps up and hugs you tightly before patting your ass and scurrying off to find the alcohol and catch herself a man for the remainder of the night. Watching her go, you simply sigh and head for the punch bowl—figuring that if you’re going to spend your night here getting crushed within a throng of people than you should at least have some alcohol in your system to make it a little more tolerable.

Grabbing one of the large solo cups, you press your back against the wall behind you and survey the crowd. Immediately you feel several pairs of eyes on you, and you glance down at your outfit to make sure that you’re not flashing anyone before you subtly begin to search for those who have set their sights on you.

The first male you discover is near the staircase—his styled hair covered by a droopy pirate hat. Across his left eye is a black eyepatch, and adorning the rest of his body are worn out, torn clothing. When you meet his stare he doesn’t look away, simply holds your gaze with his one showing eye, cracks a little smirk, and waggles his brows at you before looking away.

The next male you spot is…a hotdog. Plain and simple. It’s a boy wearing a hotdog suit—his hair swept neatly to the side despite his childish choice of costume. At seeing he has your attention, he bites his bottom lip and then slowly glances away—but you catch him looking at you again a few seconds later, and when he sees that you’re still staring at him, his lips quirk.

The third male you spot is…more normal. He’s dressed as a…working class man—fitted black slacks, a button down shirt with the top buttons popped and tie hanging loosely around his neck. A sexy professor, you decide to dub him. Gently pushing up the pair of glasses on his nose, he scans your body up and down before meeting your gaze. And then—tongue poking out to barely wet his lips—he turns away.

Male number four is…a white sheet. A hastily made ghost, from the looks of it. The eyeholes are rigid and unevenly sized, but even so you can see the dark eyes peering at you from inside. Your stares meet and he doesn’t waver. However, after a few seconds the ghost’s shoulders shake with laughter and he winks before disappearing further into the crowd.

The next person you find looking your way is a male in a toga. An easy costume, but he pulls it off well—his hair parted and revealing his forehead. Atop his head is a small gold halo, and he meets your gaze while moving to readjust the piece. Immediately, he smiles. His eyes crease happily, and then he raises his eyebrows teasingly—breaking the eye contact when someone calls for him.

Surprisingly, yet another male is looking at you—this time one wearing a Scream costume. Dressed in a black cloak and the classic white mask, at first you’re not sure if he’s truly staring at you—unable to see his eyes beneath the mask, but after a minute you’re positive that he is. Lifting his hand, he does the classic ‘I’m watching you’ move before finally looking away.

Lastly—how did you even manage to catch the attention of this many people (you blame it on the outrageously scandalous costume)—you find a devil looking at you. Red t-shirt, dark jeans, fake horns and fake tail. He meets your stare and immediately becomes tentative, but he doesn’t shy away. Instead he casually looks you over and then smiles, winks, and turns back to what he was doing.

Still leaned against the wall—the drink in your hand now empty and the music from the nearby speakers deafening your ears—you debate what to do. You know you hadn’t come here to find someone to hook up with, but…why not let loose, right? Just this once. Just have fun and go with the flow.

But…who to go to?

The pirate? The ghost? The hotdog? Honestly, they’re all tempting, you won’t lie.

Finally, sighing, you throw your cup into the nearby trash, push off the wall, and with confidence stride towards the—








[Three Panel Comic Strip, titled “Trick and Treat”.

Panel 1: Close up shot of a knocking at the front door (view from the inside), with someone saying “Trick or treat!!” from the other side.

Panel 2: The door opens. Standing there is a tired looking older man in a track suit, with no expression on his face, holding a bucket of candy in the shape of a small jack-o-lantern.

Panel 3: The man turns to the side, and points to two disabled girls in wheelchairs at the bottom of the front steps outside. He says “Just to be clear, they’re the ones trick or treating.” The girl to the left, dressed up as Princess Leia, waves and says hi. Her younger sister, dressed up as Catwoman, yells “I’m Catwoman!!!” with a big smile on her face.]

Basically how we rolled on halloween since none of the houses were accessible! Full disclosure, dad’s not miserable there, it’s just his face 😂 (he requested to be even more frowned lol).

Angelic Halloween

gif is not mine

Title: Angelic Halloween

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,290

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is another fic I wrote a LONG time ago, probably one of the first ones I ever wrote. So I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!!

It was a few hours before trick-or-treating began.  You took your costume out of the bag, laying it across the bed.  Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, just a simple salt and burn.  You were left at the bunker, but you weren’t upset about it.  For it was Halloween, and you had the perfect costume.  Sure, you were in a bunker and there was nowhere to really go trick-or-treating, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun and dress up.

You planned on watching scary movies and eating candy all night.  You had picked out an angel costume because it wasn’t too revealing and you had always wanted to wear a pair of wings.  You slipped on the white silky dress that only went a little past your knees.  You were short so the costume was a little longer than it was meant to be.  You put on the wings and the halo, straightening it a bit.

You looked in the mirror that you had in your room, assessing how the costume looked.  You were happy with it.  As you folded your clothes you had worn earlier; the sound of wings fluttering was a pleasant surprise.  You turned around, wearing a proud grin as you put your hands on your hips.  “What do you think Cas,” you asked.

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Hour Thirteen : Brothers

Prompt : “I’d rather trick than treat those imbeciles.”

A/N : 13 out of 24

Pairing : Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

“Come on, Damian!” You said, dragging your reluctant boyfriend out of his room so that he and his brothers could spend some time together.

They were going trick-or-treating of all things, and Damian did not feel like going. Especially with them.

“I’d rather trick than treat those imbeciles!” Damian said in his usual ‘I’m the most superior Robin’ voice. “Y/N, you cannot let them force me to do such…childish things!”

You rolled your eyes, “Trick-or-treating has no age limit, darling.” You told him, handing him a large empty bag so that he could put all of his candy inside it.

“This is preposterous.” He muttered angrily under his breath, “Even my own lover won’t come to my defense.”

“Y/N!” Dick called, “Is Dami ready yet? The candy won’t be waiting around all day, you know. Kids are greedy.”

“One more minute, Dick!” You shouted, facing Damian with a loving expression on your face. “Enjoy yourself, all right?”

His lips pressed in a firm line, “With them? Impossible.”

“I know how much you love them, Damian.” You chuckled, “You don’t have to hide it from me. Spend some time with them before they decide to settle down and become all serious, will you? Who knows, they might not even be here tomorrow.”

“Don’t talk like that!” Damian suddenly lashed out, “Of course they’ll be here tomorrow. This is Drake, Grayson, and Todd you’re talking about, they wouldn’t dare leave me.”

You smiled softly at his way of trying to hide his distress at the thought of never seeing his brothers again. “They wouldn’t,” you agreed, “but sometimes we don’t have a say.”

“You didn’t have to say that, you know.” Damian said after a brief moment of silence. “I would’ve went anyways. I have no choice.”

“I know you don’t have a choice.” You said, “I was just trying to persuade you to loosen up and have some fun with them. They are your brothers, Damian. No matter how many times you try to deny it.”

“Yo, Y/N! Tell the brat we’re coming upstairs to get him if he doesn’t come down!” Jason yelled, impatiently.

“Fine.” Damian sighed, giving in, “I will act as though I tolerate their existence.”

You shook your head fondly. At least you got that much out of him.

G/T post of the Afternoon

Imagine going trick or treating with your tiny boyfriend/girlfriend and you both decided to dress up as Mario. People compliment your costumes but ask the same thing: why didnt one of you dress as Luigi? Your tiny partner never misses a bear and speaks up proudly: “Because! I’m little Mario and they’re Mario after i eat the mushroom to grow!”

GOT7 as Dads react to: Going ‘Trick Or Treating’ with your 3 year old daughter

Mark; Super chill dad Mark would have no problem taking his little lady out trick or treating - holding her hand as he walks her to all the different houses in your neighbourhood and gleefully smiling to himself at how cute she looks when she toddles along beside him trying to keep up with him (he has already slowed down bless him) saying “Let’s see how much candy you and Daddy can get, and we can give some to Mummy when we get home too!” also making silly faces at her just to hear her adorable little laugh c:

Originally posted by blondetuan

Jaebum; Jaebum’s little girl would have him wrapped so tightly around her little finger he wouldn’t be able to say no. If she wants him to dress up as a princess with her for Halloween, you bet your damn ass that Jaebum would have to oblige. Jaebum would carry his toddler in his arms to each house, juggling her and the bag of goodies while saying “Are you gonna share your sweeties with Daddy? Give Dada a bite, ah~ah~”  begging with his mouth wide open while your little girl giggles at his silly faces and shoves pieces of candy into his mouth.

Originally posted by daefsoul

Jackson; I don’t know who would be more excited; Jackson or your three year old, as the two of them hop and skip in between houses in search of candy - a lot of singing and squealing going on in their conversations, but also Jackson making sure that no harm would come to her as he holds her in close, always being aware of any fireworks going off in case she gets scared. “Hold on to Daddy’s hand, let’s go!” as he steers her to the inner part of the path to protect her from any passing cars on the street.

Originally posted by got7ish

Jinyoung; Another Dad that would have his little girl perched on his hip as they both ring the doorbell of each house, always reminding her to say “Thank you” to each person and then thanking them himself. He would shower your toddler in compliments over her choice of Halloween costume, saying while pinching her cheeks “Look at your pretty outfit! Aigoo, next time can you pick mine out too? Let’s go as a matching pair next year - maybe we can bring Mummy along too, wouldn’t that be fun?” while she giggles and gets excited about all three of you going out together.

Originally posted by parkmyjinyoung

Youngjae; Youngjae would be running to try and keep with your little girl as she leads him by the hand to all the houses with her pumpkin pot swinging from side to side. Youngjae’s daughter would be fearless in a sense that she wouldn’t be phased by all the other kids in their scary costumes, but Youngjae would find himself having several heart-attacks along the way, trying to persuade her like “Daddy knows where Mummy keeps the secret stash of sweeties at home! If we leave now, I’ll let you have ALL of them!”

Originally posted by jackandjael

BamBam; Would be hella into it. He’d get matching costumes for him and his baby girl and walk that sidewalk like a damn catwalk, holding on to her hand tightly while having silly conversations with each other. The people of the houses would open their doors to be greeted by an excited father and daughter screaming “Trick Or Treat!!” holding out BOTH their bags as BamBam ‘aint gonna miss out on candy either. Back at home while inspecting their findings, he’d be like “Lemme see what you got! Awww, I’ll swap you some of mine for some of yours!”

Originally posted by markificent

Yugyeom; Would be the type of Dad to dress up as some sort of donkey or horse so he could give his baby girl a piggy-back ride up and down the street while collecting candy. He’d make her giggle while he trots, bouncing her on his shoulders and neighing like a pony. When they get back and show you what they got, Yugyeom and your daughter would then build a fort out of pillows and sheets before all three of you watch a Disney movie before bed. “Now we can eat our candy and watch a movie! Let’s share some with Mummy okay? That’s my good girl~”

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Good Things Come in Threes

Requested by @widow-made-me-do-it

12 and 27 from this list - bondage/restraints/collars and exhibitionism with Bucky x Steve x Reader

A/N: Reposting this because pornbots decided to commandeer it earlier. I’ve mostly sorted that problem and now know how to handle it going forward, so here’s the smut for y’all again. Thank you for the request, darling. Hope you like it!

Warnings: explicit smut, 18+ only please. double penetration, oral sex (female and male receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up people)

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

“A sex club? Those are still a thing?”

You stared at Bucky Barnes, who was draped casually across your bed, in nothing but boxers. Steve Rogers was seated at the foot of the bed, pulling a worn, gray t-shirt over his head.

“What do you mean, ‘still?’” you asked, offended. When Bucky had asked you to consider doing something out of the box, you’d immediately dived into researching the sex club scene in New York City. You’d found an invitation-only underground organization that ran several pop-up clubs all over the five boroughs and excitedly signed yourself and your two lovers up. The “for-your-eyes-only” email response had just arrived with the address for the party and you were excited to show Bucky and Steve what you’d found.

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As You Fade From View

Authors Note: Based on this prompt from @h0lyheadharpies about Sirius falling through the veil into a parallel universe. Don’t really have any other notes. Hope you all enjoy!
Word Count: 3200
Links:, ao3

Bellatrix sent a jet of red light at Sirius head and he ducked, laughing. He knew it would infuriate her, his dear cousin had always hated being mocked. Sirius also knew that while fury fired Bellatrix up for a fight, it also made her erratic, and if he could just throw her off balance…

“Come on, you can do better than that!” he taunted, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Bellatrix growled in response, and Sirius smiled, he was so close, any minute now she would lose it and start fighting more like a rabid animal than an intellectual dueler. Sirius opened his mouth again, another taunt bubbling on his lips, but another jet of red light hit him squarely in the chest before the words could spill forth. He felt himself lose control of his body as the stunning spell took effect and he fell backwards. He passed through something very warm, like a curtain of steam, and then hit the ground hard.

Sirius felt pain spread through his tailbone, and instinctively rubbed his hand over it as he sat up. It took a few seconds for him to realize that he should not be able to run his hands over anything. He had been stunned, he shouldn’t be able to move. Alarmed, Sirius looked at his surroundings, even more surprised to find that he was no longer in the Department of Mysteries. He recognized his new surroundings immediately, and they sent a pang of sorrow through his heart. It was Godric’s Hollow, the fountain in the center square to be precise.

Sirius looked around in confusion. How had he gotten here? Perhaps something in the Department of Mysteries had been a portkey. But then how had the stunning spell been lifted? A portkey would not do that. Sirius pushed himself to his feet and stepped closer to the fountain, staring at his reflection in the water. His face looked younger, with fewer lines and softer edges, as though the weight of grief and sorrow had been lifted from his body.

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#5 Halloween w/ your Daughter (Josh)

Request from anon: 

I was wondering if maybe you could do like a imagine where the reader and josh have a daughter and it’s Halloween and Josh gets all excited because they can go trick or treating etc, just because I think it’d be really cute


This is such a cute request omg. Requests are open, as always. Enjoy!

Warnings: none :)


Your daughter excitedly squirms in your lap as you attempt to wrangle her crazy curls into Rey’s signature three bun look. Your young daughter had insisted on being the new Star Wars heroine for Halloween this year, and you and Josh were happy to oblige, agreeing to go as Leia and Han to match. 

Josh had texted you a few minutes ago saying that he was on his way home from the studio. The three of you had been looking forward to this night for a while, Y/D/N because of the copious amounts candy, and you and Josh because she was finally old enough to take trick or treating. 

Just as you put the finishing touches on Y/D/N’s hair, Josh walks in the door and she excitedly runs to meet him, Josh automatically lifting her into his arms and peppering kisses on her giggling face. 

“How’s my favorite girl today? You ready to go trick or treating?” Josh says with a bright smile. She nods excitedly in response, her grin matching his. 

“She will be after she’s finished her dinner,” you say, giving her a slight mom look. 

Josh leans down and pecks your lips, setting your daughter down. She runs off to go play with her Rey staff, giving you and Josh a moment to yourselves. 

“How was your day?” you ask. 

“It was good, but I was a little distracted all day waiting to get home,” he says, pulling you closer to him by your waist as your hands snake to the back of his neck. 

Halloween has always been one of Josh’s favorite holidays, and he was beyond excited to finally be able to share it with your daughter. 

“You should go get dressed before she explodes with anticipation,” you say with a laugh. He nods and kisses you once more before slipping away to put his costume on. 

You find you daughter in the kitchen, finishing her dinner. You had a surprisingly small amount of trouble getting her to sit down and eat tonight, probably due to the fact that she knew she wouldn’t be able to go trick or treating until she had eaten. 

You take a minute to go into the bathroom and put the finishing touches on your Princess Leia buns and smooth out your white Leia dress. When you emerge, you find Josh in the kitchen with your daughter, now dressed in his full Han outfit, complete with Han’s signature vest and blaster. 

“Looking good, babe,” Josh says and you enter the kitchen, kissing you as your daughter fake gags in the back. 

“Gross!” she proclaims and you laugh as you and Josh pull apart. 

“You’re looking pretty fine as well, Solo,” you reply and turn to your daughter. “And you are of course looking very heroic, Miss Rey.” 

She smiles and twirls around in her costume. You quickly clean up the dishes from dinner as you notice it getting dark outside, Josh and Y/D/N having gone off to have a pretend lightsaber duel. 

You find them in the living room, Y/D/N standing on the couch enlaced in an intense battle with her father. 

“Alright you two, I think it’s time to go!” you say, and your daughter immediately runs to get the pillowcase you gave her to collect candy. 

You snap a few pics of your costumes before heading out the door into the chilled October air. It wasn’t too cold, but the perfect fall temperature for trick or treating. 

The leaves crunch under your feet as the three of you walk hand in hand from house to house, you and Josh making sure she always says please and thank you when getting candy. 

As the night wears on, you pass countless other kids clad in every costume under the sun and walk around your neighborhood until you daughter’s pillow case is nearly over flowing with goodies. 

You and Josh are having nearly as much fun as she is, enjoying watching her run around the neighborhood having the time of her life. And everyone gets a kick out of your family costume. You were even stopped once or twice by fans who wanted a picture with all three of you, the friendly clique members commenting on how cute you all looked.

You notice your daughter start to drag her feet slightly after a while, and even though she insists she isn’t tired, you and Josh can tell she is worn out. Josh scoops her up in his arms, her candy bag clutched to her chest, and carries her back toward your home.  

Once you arrive, you get her out of her costume and into some pajamas, putting her candy in the kitchen for when she wakes up, and Josh tucks her into bed without much protest from the young girl. 

You and Josh also change out of your costumes and curl up on the couch to watch a Halloween movie. Nothing scary, in case your daughter wakes up, but just a light hearted classic, the smile never leaving either of your faces as you think back on your first night of trick or treating with your little one. 


Hope you liked it, thanks for reading!

dem-gabriel-tho  asked:

I'm so ashamed of myself, I started crying because my phone was being a little slow and was struggling to open tumblr

So I was gunna stay off here a bit today but I saw this and I knew it needed to go in the #Georgia speaks.

There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed. Take me crying over rotten lettuce as an example.

Sometimes we are wrestling with so much that a thinly little thing like a rotten lettuce or a slow phone can seem like the end of the world. Crushing down and making it hard to breathe and pulling tears of frustration out of us at the slightest provocation.

I hope you feel better soon darling and if you need a distraction or someone to talk to please feel free to send me a message.

Halloween (Sam Drake Headcanons)

A/N: Hey guys! So I’m still alive as it seems, and work hasn’t fully consumed me. Anywho, as today is Halloween I thought I’ll write some headcanons for Sam. Of course, these are not to be taken seriously as I was trying to be more funny when writing them. So I hope you guys will enjoy it, and Happy Halloween to you all!

  • Halloween is probably one of Sam’s favourite holidays, if not the most. He would probably never admit it, but he’s the type of person who gets excited about Halloween at the beginning of September.
  • It can go two ways, either you will be excited along with him for this holiday or you completely cannot stand the idea of it. But even if you’re not that into it, Sam will make sure you get to have some fun out of it at least.
  • You can expect plenty of decorations to be put up around the house (inside and out). When you do go shopping, you will end up helping him pick out some of the decorations, you can be his go to person for advice.
  • Most likely to spend a romantic evening carving out pumpkins together. Who needs an idealistic, candle light dinner right? When you have Sam Drake, and a dozen of pumpkins by your side. Doesn’t get any better than that.
  • When it comes to dressing up, we all know Sam’s got the pirate outfit on lock. You have probably lost count of how many times he dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. You’d never catch him in anything else. Bonus: Sometimes you would have Nate and Elena join you on all the festive fun at your place, so expect a lot of goofing around with the brothers. You can probably recall a time when both Sam and Nate dressed as pirates, leading to the most ridiculous pirate standoff, with plenty of eye rolls from you and Elena at how silly both of them look.
  • Of course, if you’re someone who also likes to dress up, then it’s always a warm welcome from Sam to see you join in on all the fun. He would probably check you out the whole time, not to mention shamelessly, even if caught in the act he would continue to look.
  • Expect a lot of corny pirate jokes to follow, which only Sam seems to find funny. But sometimes you can’t help but laugh realising how bad his pirate jokes are. Bonus: Whenever you have some youngsters coming to trick or treat to your house, you will probably have to open the door and give them sweets otherwise Sam is most likely to scare the kids away with his ever-growing corny pirate jokes.
  • Probably the type of person to chase you around the house, claiming that he has found his long, lost treasure. Which would only make you run away from him even more.
  • During the late hours, you would spend your downtime watching some scary movie or something of that sort. Even if you’re not a big fan of horror, Sam wouldn’t mind if you cuddle up to him, instead he would welcome it as a smirk spreads across his lips.
  • Gets kind of sad when the day comes to an end, and he has to say goodbye his pirate self. But you reassure him, that he’s the coolest pirate you have ever met.
  • Sam just loves Halloween, and what better way to spend it than with the person he cherishes the most.  

“As a white mother of two black children, three white children, who all have a white father, I have something to say.

Racism exists. It is real and tangible. And it is everywhere, all the time.

When I brought my boys home they were the cutest, sweetest babies ever. Wherever we went, people greeted us with charm and enthusiasm. Well, not all people and not everywhere. But, to me, they were the “wacko” exceptions. I thought to myself, “Get over it.”

Now my boys look like teenagers. Black teenagers. They are 13. Let me ask you these questions. Do store personnel follow your children when they are picking out their Gatorade flavors? They didn’t follow my white kids. Do coffee shop employees interrogate your children about the credit card they are using to pay while you are in the bathroom? They didn’t interrogate my white kids. When your kids trick-or-treat in, dressed as a Ninja and a Clown, do they get asked who they are with and where they live, door after door? My white kids didn’t get asked. Do your kids get pulled out of the TSA line time and again for additional screening? My white kids didn’t. Do your kids get treated one way when they are standing alone but get treated a completely different way when you walk up? I mean a completely different way. My white kids didn’t. Do shoe sales people ask if your kids’ feet are clean before sizing them for shoes? No one asked me that with my white kids. Do complete strangers ask to touch your child’s hair? Or ask about their penis size? Or ask if they are “from druggies”? No one did this with my white kids.

Did you tell your kids not to fight back because they will seen as aggressive if they stand up for themselves? Have you had to honestly discuss with your husband whether you should take your children to the police station to introduce them to the officers so they would know your children are legitimate members of your community? Have you had to talk to your children about EXACTLY what to say and not to say to an officer? Have you had to tell your children that the objective of any encounter with police, or security in any form, is to stay alive? It never occurred to me to have these conversations with my white children. In fact, it never occurred to me for myself either.

There is no question that my boys have been cloaked in my protection when they were small. What I did not realize until now is that the cloak I was offering them was identification with my whiteness. As they grow independent, they step out from my cloak and lose that protection. The world sees “them” differently. It is sweet when they are adopted little black boys so graciously taken in by this nice white family. But when they are real people? Well, it is not the same. And they still look like little boys. What happens to them when they look like the strong, proud black men I am raising?

The reason why the phrase All Lives Matter is offensive to black people is because it isn’t true. Right now, in America, my black children are treated differently than my white children. So when you say All Lives Matter as a response to the phrase Black Lives Matter you are completely dismissing the near daily experience of racism for those with pigment in their skin, curl in their hair and broadness of their nose.

I am posting this so you can see the reality I have witnessed and experienced, because, frankly, I didn’t believe it was true until I saw it up close, directed at two souls I love, over and over again. So, please, use this post as a pair of glasses to see the racism that surrounds you. Then we can actually make progress toward all lives being valued and cherished.”

– Kate Riffle Roper