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Nightmare Jar Recipe

Here is a fantastic nightmare jar that has been of tremendous use for me and my friends and family.  I will say this - it only lasts about a year before you will need to make a new one.


1 small jar you can seal

~8 in. Black Yarn

3-10 strands of hair from the person you are trying to protect

8-20 sharp objects like rusty nails, broken glass, etc.




Rose Petals (optional)

Bay Leaves




Start by placing the hair into the vessel. This tricks whatever is causing the nightmares into the jar. Then put in the sharp objects to poke and prod the negativity and trap it in the jar once and for all.

Next, put in your herbs. Mint and lavender are meant to bring restful and calm sleep, and the bay leaves are meant for cleansing and keeping evil at bay. The rose petals will bring dreams of love. 

SIDE NOTE: In my experience, the rose petals brought a lot of insanely sexual dreams.  So take that and do what you want with it.

Now add about half of your salt. The black yarn absorbs the negative energies. Wrap it up in a little ball and drop it into the jar, visualizing the negativity being sucked into a black hole. Pour the remaining salt into the jar and seal it with wax from your candle.

Feel free to write inscribe protective runes or sigils into the jar with the sharpie if you so choose.

Charge the nightmare jar in the light of the moon, and keep near the bed. A window sill is best as it will need to be recharged from time to time.

Hope this helps everyone - if you have any questions or comments, let me know!

Aliens will hate identifying ships

Don’t believe me? Literally just take a glance at all of the Unmodded and modded creations in the Space Engineers workshop.

Some of my Favorites are:

The Manta Carrier:

The Avocet Nest Carrier:

The Ecliptis B-68 Cargo Carrier:

The Hunchback Planetary Dropship:

The Hydrolite:

Alien Professor: So students. How does one identify a human vessel?

Student: Trick Question. You don’t. It’s better to just assume a ship you have not seen before is Human.

team free will

  • cas gets scrubbed of his person over and over and over again and is hypermanipulated by naomi and metatron for their own personal gain
  • sam is unable to lead a path of life he wants for himself and is also down the road tricked into being a vessel for a rogue angel and is consequently denied of his right to die 
  • dean is desperately and unknowingly bound and chained to a misplaced, problematic sense of responsibility to his brother that was ingrained into him from the earliest days of his life that even he doesn’t realize how it’s damning him over and over again

petition to change team name to team not-so-free will


One-line animation of ‘The Night Grew Dark Around Us’, a poem from TRICK VESSELS.