trick shot battle


  • Full name is Tobin Powell Heath
  • Nickname is “Tobs”
  • Enjoys playing any sport, hanging out with the family and spending time outdoors
  • Also a talented tennis player
  • Loves the beach and the water and was once voted to have the “Best Tan” by her U-20 WNT teammates
  • Is still learning how to surf
  • Loves a good hamburger, as well as waffles and mango
  • Skateboarded around campus and to class at UNC
  • Enjoys all the traveling that an international player gets to do but also gets homesick
  • Starred in four much-viewed videos: “Ball Trick Battle” with Casey Nogueira when both were U-20s in 2006, “Tobin Heath: WALKABOUT” in 2008, which won’s Best Video of the Year, and “Trick Shot Battle” and “Creative Soccer Tennis” with Yael Averbuch in 2011 and 2013 respectively
  • The videos have more than 500,000 combined YouTube views.

First International Trick Shot Battle - USA vs. Australia (I flew ‘Down Under’ for this one!)

Is it just me or is US Soccer’s YouTube game getting weaker?

like thanks for the slow mo stuff but where are the sand castle competitions? where are the snowball fights? the egg tosses? the trick shot battles? the creative soccer tennis? the walk-abouts? the Reece races? the scavenger hunts? the text offs? the studio 90 interviews? the back home series? the content I’d like to see?????? I know y’all just won a World Cup, but get your priorities straight, people! You got thirsty fans to satisfy!


Trick Shot Competition: America vs. Australia

Awesome proof that some people have too much time on their hands.