trick r treaters

Reasons why I'm excited for Autumn/Fall:

*Big comfy sweaters
*Pumpkin spice everything
*The smell of leaves in the air
*Cold rainy days that are perfect for watching horror movies
*Getting to watch all my favorite Halloween movies over and over
*Halloween Town…
*The best horror movies come out in the Fall
*Corn mazes
*Haunted Houses
*Ghost Hunting Adventures…they’re always more fun in the fall
*The veil between worlds is much thinner
*Carmel apples
*Pumpkin pie and apple pie
*Apple cider
*Zombie paintball
*Blanket forts
*Going to the pumpkin patch
*Carving pumpkins
*Making Halloween decorations
*Putting Halloween decorations all over the inside and outside of my house
*Hot Chocolate
*Wearing warm fuzzy socks
*Flannels ♡
*Halloween decorations literally everywhere in every store
*Shopping for Halloween stuff that I just use year round
*Adorable little trick r treaters
*Getting all dressed up in the perfect costume

There’s so many more reasons but those are all the reasons I can think of right now.
Feel free to add more and comment what your favorite things about fall/autumn are. 🎃


These amazing prop replications are created by the talented Rich E. Braden over at Both the life-sized Sam prop and the lollipops are hand made with the utmost care and are available for purchase!

Head on over to his page to check out his other wicked creations, and shoot him a message if you’re interested in any of them

All the lovely high school ToT’s in their school uniforms. It’s mandatory at Cypress High to wear ALL the pieces of your uniform, but it’s not clearly stated HOW you have to wear it.

There are 3 different versions of lighting. Big post coming soon.

Quick thanks to lightningbellesnow for the idea of everyone (especially Wolfy) in school uniforms.