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Perseid, Aurora, and Noctilucent Clouds : Night skies over northern Sweden can hold some tantalizing sights in August. Gazing toward the Big Dipper, this beautiful skyscape captures three of them in a single frame taken last August 12/13. Though receding from northern skies for the season, night shining or noctilucent clouds are hanging just above the horizon. Extreme altitude icy condensations on meteoric dust, they were caught here just below an early apparition of a lovely green auroral band, also shining near the edge of space. The flash of a Perseid meteor near the peak of the annual shower punctuates the scene. In fact, this years Perseid shower will peak in the coming days, offering a continuing chance for a night sky photographers hat trick. via NASA


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dragonofthesky  asked:

I enjoy the MariChat because it feels like those two identities are closest to who they actually are. Like, Ladybug and Adrien seem like ideal versions of the characters, and i want clumsy, brave (cellphone-stealing) Marinette to fall in love with an overeager, punny catboy, and vice versa. I like it when their core personalities mesh up, and the people they are can be the person that gets fallen in love with. (Plus Mari not taking Chats shit is hilarious)

Mmm, I dunno. One of the things I most ardently disagree with is that one version of the characters is somehow more the real character than the other. As far as Chat goes, I wrote an analysis of him here, so you can read that if you want. 

(And now, I’m sorry, but you’re going to be victim of my Mari analysis, so I apologize in advance, haha). 

Mari, though, I don’t really view as being that different from Ladybug. I think one of the biggest differences people tend to notice is that she’s seemingly more take-charge and confident as Ladybug, but she’s like that as Mari too, when she’s allowed to be. 

One of the things about Mari that’s really interesting is that we’re seeing a powerful woman working the system in a patriarchal society. When Mari is Ladybug, she has a mask that gives her power. When she wants something, she gets it. When she gives an order, it’s followed. The fact that she’s a woman is bypassed because she possesses power. Mari doesn’t have power, and so she has to manipulate her surroundings to get what she wants, which is being a woman in our society 101. This isn’t a bad thing–it’s a necessary thing. If a woman wants something, she can’t usually be direct about it. If she is, she’s viewed as a bitch, as a know-it-all, etc. And so women who want to succeed in in our society have to become skilled at manipulating their situations. 

Mari is naturally very manipulative. Or “resourceful,” as some would call it. It’s clear in her powers as Ladybug–she is literally given a tool with which she has to manipulate her surroundings in order to use. When she can’t get what she wants as Mari, her first instinct is to manipulate the situation to change that. She needs Alya’s phone? She steals it and lies about it. She wants Adrien’s phone? She steals it and slips it back into his bag as though it’d been his mistake the whole time. She want to help Juleka? She intends to break into an office, delete the photo, and trick the photographer into taking another. She wants Adrien to notice her? She comes up with an elaborate plan to walk by him inconspicuously at the park, or follow him to the theatre. Mari is the type of person who wants what she wants and will do just about anything to get it. 

Sometimes her manipulations are bad, sometimes they’re not. I’m not saying this is a bad part of personality–it’s a trait many women share. Women who help, women who are good. It’s not a bad thing. For example, she realizes her mistake with the photo, and so returns Chloe’s phone and the stolen memory card. But do you know what she does a second later? Pleads with and praises the photographer into doing what she wants–she manipulates the crap out of him by telling him how great he is. I love Mari, but girl doesn’t know when to quit. Which, again, is not always a bad thing. If Mari is anything else, she is just and kind, and almost overly caring of the people around her. She almost always puts others before herself, which is what lands her in hot water a lot of the time to begin with.

However, there are times when, as Mari, she’s offered a bit of power and so she runs with it. Getting elected class president, for one. She’s clearly a leader there, despite initially not wanting to deal with it (but she can’t resist, ultimately). Entering the gaming competition–she knows she has the skills to be number one and so is confident in playing despite everyone (except Adrien, bless his feminist heart) doubting her. Mari and Ladybug aren’t different at all, they just have to utilize different tactics to get what they want because, as only a teenage girl, Mari doesn’t have the influence Ladybug does. 

As far as Mari being clumsy, this isn’t exactly something I agree with. I think Mari thinks she’s clumsy, and other people do because she tells them she is, but the only time Mari gets clumsy is when she’s flustered, overwhelmed, or excited. Mari is a type-a personality–she gets focused on one thing and can’t think about anything else. When that focus gets hijacked by excitement or stress, she gets so nerved up that she becomes clumsy. She wasn’t clumsy in Gamer when she was being chased by laser beams, despite eventually being outgunned by a giant robot. She wasn’t clumsy when she was chasing down Chloe and the akuma in Princess Fragrance (though she did trip over a vacuum cleaner as a result of being attacked). She was clumsy as Ladybug in Origins in the beginning, when she was nervous and uncertain. 

That’s the thing–her clumsiness is completely mental. It’s a manifestation of her insecurity and uncertainty. Like when she tripped over the bag in Princess Fragrance–she was distracted and worried about Tikki, as well as concerned about approaching Adrien. When her nerves get the better of her, she becomes absentminded–much like she becomes thoughtless when she wants something and is coming up with manipulations to get it. 

That’s just the way her brain works–both as Ladybug and Mari. We see it in her emotional responses too. What does she do when she gets jealous? Zeroes in on the cause and acts rashly. What doe she do when she’s irritated? Blocks out solutions or leaves in an emotional huff (this happens in Anti-bug and Evillistator, that second episode being another one FULL of Mari’s manipulations). 

Mari is a confident girl trying to get the best of everything in a world where women who are leaders are frowned upon. Where a girl who acts demure and vulnerable may get further than one who simply makes demands. She can be rash, thoughtless, and insensitive, as well as the exact opposite. Mari is SO complex, and a victim of a society where women have to fight and claw to get ahead. 

Ladybug gives her that advantage without all the work she has to do as Mari. The people love her and so that gives her confidence in her decisions. She doesn’t doubt herself, doesn’t get flustered, doesn’t get overwhelmed, because she’s adapted so well to finally getting the power she’d otherwise be struggling to get. In a lot a ways, being Ladybug is just as liberating for Mari as being Chat is for Adrien. 

And yes, the societal structures of our society do impact the media put out. Look at Gamer, for instance. This is a clear example of a male doubting a female simply because she’s female. Even Alya is victim to it. She thinks Mari is just being a silly girl with a crush. It doesn’t occur to her that Mari could actually be good. Max, despite Mari making it totally clear that she was not a noob, still talks to her in a patronizing fashion. As if a girl couldn’t possibly be interested in video games. It seems like a small detail, but it says a lot about how women are treated in our society versus men. If Mari had been a boy and been interested in the gaming competition, there’d have been no naysayers at all. 

My point is this. Mari and Ladybug are not different people, they simply utilize different strategies depending on their situations. They are literally the exact same. Which is why I get so irked by the Marichat trope that says Mari and Chat are the “truer” versions of the characters. This invalidates so much of who they are. I break down how Chat and Adrien are the same in my other analysis, and I’m hoping I’ve done so here with Mari (I guess I’ll tag this as my Mari analysis from now on, haha). Which is another reason why I don’t like reading Marichat, because a lot of it implies that Ladybug and Adrien are somehow lesser than Mari and Chat. I don’t view Ladybug and Adrien as being ideal–Ladybug can be bossy, insensitive, and will abuse her power to satisfy emotional needs. Adrien is reserved and awkward. I think their peers and Paris in general views them as “perfect,” but that is far from the truth. 

And so that’s why I don’t like that idea in Marichat fics, because, to me, it doesn’t do the characters justice. 

(Sorry this got so long, lol. I hadn’t written out my Mari analysis yet and my fingers just kind of ran away with me, haha XD You’re awesome, by the way, and always supporting me, so I hope this didn’t come off as aggressive. Your question was just very opportune ;D).    

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