trick parents

Stop blaming yourself for other people’s shitty doings to you.

They fucked up, not you.

  • X: "I work so hard for you to buy you food and clothes. I spend my money on you and your education and that's how you repay me? Saying no to my every order, being so stupid and immature. Who do you think you are?"
  • Me: "I may be grateful for what you did for me but you, as an adult, chose to have a child and to take care of it. I didn't ask to be born. You chose to take care of it and to provide it woth everything that is necessary. Now you are doing your work which you, yourself, chose. I am saying it again: I didn't ask for anything of these. It is your work to be a parent. I owe you nothing. Don't you even try to guilt trick me into this."
  • Too bad I only replied in my mind..

Upcoming Episodes for 2017

Baby Steps (Airdate: TBD)
Clyde thinks that Howard and Harold are going to have another baby, so Lincoln helps him learn how to be a good big brother

Brawl in the Family (Airdate: TBD)
When Lori and Leni both buy the same dress, a fight breaks out, leading to DEFCON 5 in the Loud House.

Suite and Sour (Airdate: TBD)
The Loud kids promise to behave themselves on a trip to a resort. 

Back in Black (Airdate: TBD)
When Lucy gets a crush on a normal boy, her sisters give her a makeover.

Making the Grade (Airdate: TBD)
When Lisa gets put into Lincoln and Clyde’s fifth-grade class, Lincoln’s social standing is at stake.

Vantastic Voyage (Airdate: TBD)
The Loud kids are sick of their family van always falling apart, so they decide to try and trick their parents into buying a new one.

Also, these that don’t have Synopsis yet:
>Arggh you for real
>Garage Banned
>Change of Heart


He loves it. 😍

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I don't follow n52. But I got to admit the the latest Batman previews since Batburger are giving me a kick. First off, Dick, Jason and Dami were attacked last chapter by Bane. Next chapter shows Bruce has reacted to the threat against his children in a typical parental manner by; taking all three to the fortress of solitude. Putting them in cryostasis. Ordering Superman to both guard and not wake them up (or else they'll go after Bane again) until Batman's taken care of the threat. Superman -

2 all the while has a face that just screams ‘this is weird and disturbing even for you man’. Brilliant *claps* just brilliant parenting B. Just freeze them when your ex assassin baby and two adult babies show a shred of independence in the face of danger. Where was this parenting trick when Dick and Jason used to act up in their Robin days? This is the batfamily peoples!

Same anon: so I was reading the Batman 17 discussion and apparently the issue doesn’t say it was the real Robin’s who got hurt and that they were likely dummies. So… Basically Bruce got even more overprotective after the scare and imprisoned his sons in cryosleep before they could go after Bane. =/ Boy Tim’s missing out on so much family fun right now. Has Batman ever been this overprotective before? Eesh, I’m unsettled too Superman.

Thank you everyone for being so patient while I kept my ask closed. I just kind of needed to step back for a while and just enjoy tumblr as a dumb website to look at things instead of stressing over asks. Box will be open soon I promise thank you all for being awesome.

I have been intrigued to see that Bruce has apparently reacted to Tim’s death in a very not Bruce way. Instead of unhealthily becoming angry and closed off, he’s been pretty even key but is now being over-protective of his other kids, keeping them out of fights and trying to smother them. It’s interesting cause this is NO Bruce’s preferred method of dealing with grief for the past like 50 years. You’re right it’s still not the best, healthy way of dealing with sadness but it’s better than how he dealt with Dami and Jay’s death. I’m not sure how I feel about that as it really goes against pretty established parts of B’s characterization.

Halloween 2016 #6: Halloween on Magnolia Street

Length: Short

You’d think that people living on a street called “Magnolia” would be fairly normal people, right? But the residents of Magnolia Street have always come off as odd. Not just to me, but to anyone who doesn’t live there. The only time the Magnolia Street residents seem somewhat normal is around Halloween, when they fit in the most.

Their Halloween decorations are legendary. Every last house on the street is adorned with the creepiest, most realistic props anyone has ever seen. They’re so creepy, that parents have complained to the homeowners about the decorations making their children piss their pants.That never prevented them from house-dressing, of course, and now you have to be over the age of ten just to be in the general vicinity of the place.

Decorations follow a different theme every year, and I was excited to see what this year’s would be when I was stopped by a horde of parents and trick-or-treaters. Yellow police tape criss-crossed the entrance to the street. There was a constant buzz, an exchanging of nervous murmurs. I felt devastated about the trouble, but I was equally curious to see what had gone wrong.

I wrestled my way to the front, where the flashing lights of a cop car were settled in front of the first house. Two officers were standing around a collapsed figure whose face I couldn’t see. Among the snippets of conversation the only thing I understood was: “It’s real, all right.” 

The police strode over to us and shooed away the crowd, telling us to continue trick-or-treating, but to skip Magnolia Street entirely.

As I backed away from the scene, I got a snippet of this year’s theme: hangman. Looking down the street, there was a prop in every tree.

Credits to:  TeamShadowWind

Facts about Jonghyun from BNR

All facts are from Jonghyun himself from Blue Night Radio


  • His fetal nickname was “Chi Guk”
  • He tried to knit a muffle once in 6th grade
  • He didn’t believe in Santa Claus because his parents never tricked him
  • He listened to Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” a lot during trainee days
  • He claims he didn’t sleep enough during middle and high school (which caused his short height)
  • He used to go to a friend’s house daily and listen to music, especially n*sync
  • He had to cut his hair twice to comply with school rules
  • When he was 3, he lived in front of a marketplace.
  • In his first year of elementary school, he liked a girl in another class. He would run in front of her and look back to a “friend” just to look at her.
  • He used to want to be a police officer then a Korean teacher.
  • His mom took him to piano lessons when he was around 6 but he quit
  • He and his sister lived with their grandparents for some time during elementary school
  • He used to have a husky named Choro
  • His middle school band’s name was Zion because he went to a Christian school
  • His family received welfare support during his middle school years and he didn’t like getting the help
  • He was the class president in primary school


  • His grandfather is still alive but grandmother isn’t (mother’s side)
  • The biggest regret in his life was an argument with his mom
  • His sister, Seodam, works at a cosmetic company
  • His mom sold fish shaped buns and rice cakes and he would ask her for money to play at the arcade.
  • Seodam is a huge fan of Shinhwa
  • His mom and sister have many couple items
  • Both Seodam and his mother go to church
  • His mom entered university at 36
  • His mother studied women’s & child psychology; she worked as principal at a daycare center and now works as a psychosocial therapist
  • Jonghyun often sets his sister’s picture as his phone’s wallpaper
  • His mom calls him a workaholic
  • His mom can use his credit card
  • His mom doesn’t want him to get married until he’s 35
  • He called his father a “thieving guy” because he married his mother at a young age
  • His mother sing in her church choir
  • His mom had to have knee surgery but didn’t tell Jonghyun until after his concert
  • His father is over 180 cm but his mother is 150 cm tall
  • When he enrolled in music school, his father didn’t know and tried to cancel his enrollment
  • When he goes out with his older sister, she often gets mistaken for his girlfriend or younger sister
  • He lived with his grandparents (mother side) in 1st and 2nd grade.


  • He has bad eyesight without glasses/contacts
  • He doesn’t have a religion
  • He can only doggy paddle/can’t swim
  • He can’t draw
  • He never had a cat
  • He loses a lot of things
  • He is camera shy
  • He always tells Roo goodnight
  • He wears glasses at home
  • He wants to make a children’s album someday
  • His bedroom is mostly black
  • When the members all lived in a dorm, Jonghyun was in charge of getting them all together to eat and play
  • He has Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression, usually in winter months)
  • He has bad handwriting
  • He is sensitive to smell


  • Food made with bones like pork bone stew
  • Dogs—especially ones with short legs like a corgi or dachshund
  • Carp bread
  • Candles
  • His career
  • Rain
  • Tea
  • Bunk beds
  • Mangoes


  • Puzzles
  • Heat/summer
  • Comparisons
  • Christmas
  • Being on tv programs

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The Signs At Pride

Aries: Went full pride and died their hair like a rainbow; is super hyped and energetic and talking to everyone and cheering every five seconds

Taurus: Is sitting on the sidelines with their mate, eating sausages and just enjoying the atmosphere

Gemini: Uses the opportunity to meet potential new mates; it’s so much more crowded than the local gay bar

Cancer: Asks their mate to marry them on one of the floats, while waving the gay pride flag and announcing to the world that they are gay and here to stay

Leo: Is front row and center on the very first float, wearing a crown and showing off, while throwing glitter at people

Virgo: Chooses this perfect occasion to trick their parents into coming and then comes out to them there

Libra: Is at the head of the demands for equal rights for the lgbtq+ community and has a booth set up for supporters

Scorpio: Smoking with Sagittarius and making out with them in between puffs, feeling good to be gay

Sagittarius: Celebrating the occasion with a little weed; how lucky are they that weather made the parade rescheduled until 4/20? FUCK YEAH!

Capricorn: Is running the whole parade; they enjoy it from behind the scenes, while they make sure everything runs smoothly and no haters get in

Aquarius: Dressed like an lgbtq+ unicorn; I’m not sure what that is, but they are convinced that it exists

Pisces: Painted their whole body and is going around giving hugs to strangers, saying we are all family

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What meals do you recommend for something that seems high calorie but really isn't (for tricking parents)?

i would search “dinner” or “supper” on my tumblr to find some posts

Halloween Tips for Parents

1. Masks are a great equalizer for children, especially if they’re ugly or unpopular on their streets. Parents handing out candy can and will reward the cutest, and most favorable children with full-sized candy bars and additional treats. While your child may not be able to see much out of the mask, the more important fact is that neighbors will be unable to identify or appraise your children, and will thus be forced to begrudgingly give them their fair share of candy.

2. Always inspect your child’s candy before they eat it. Halloween is not just for children. Many parents on the street are sympathetic to you and your parental struggles, so they put little gifts in your child’s trick or treat bag, such as drugs, narcotics and razor blades. These are treats meant for YOU. If you can identify the houses where each gift came from, be sure to send a thank you note to the parents for their generosity. Parenting is hard, and they’ve got your back.

3. Collecting candy is a game and a competition and it’s never too early to introduce your children to these concepts. Sending a child out alone garners more sympathy and hence, more candy rewards. Parents who are really serious about their child’s candy haul can also consider giving their children a second costume, which they can easily slip into and then cycle around the block again.

4. Your children should always be prepared for anything on their night of trick or treating. Here are some essential items they should bring;
-A flashlight. This allows them to see in the dark, and it can also be used to blind children in rival trick or treat gangs.
-A carton of eggs. These are mostly used to scare and threaten neighbors, but they are also a suitable punishment for houses that are not giving out candy.
-A group of friends. 20-50 children is recommended to travel in a group. There is safety in numbers.
-A cell phone with a camera to take photos of bad decorations.

5. Do not go onto a street you or your child is not familiar with, or to a house they don’t know. Why would those people not know you, unless they’re serial killers. Remind your children to steer clear of Serial Killer Lane.

6. If you are reluctant to send your child trick or treating, there are many other fun Halloween activities you can do with your children. Many communities offer Trunk or Treating instead. It’s a great way to meet the neighbors and teach your children that the trunk of a stranger’s car is often full of candy.