trick drums

Sounds from every drum machine ever made

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|– 505, 707 & 727|– Ace Tone Rhythm Ace|– Akai XR-10|– Alesis HR16|– Boss DR110|– Boss DR220|– Boss DR55|– Boss DR550MK2|– Casio PT30|– Casio RZ1|– Casio SK1|– Casio VL1|– DeepSky Drumbox|– EMU SP12|– Fairlight IIX|– Farfisa Rhythm Maker 16|– Fricke MFB 501|– Fricke MFB 502|– Fricke MFB 512|– Gulbransen|– Hammond Auto-Vari 64|– Hammond Rhythm II|– Jomox Xbase 09|– Kawai R-100|– Kawai R50|– Kawai R50e|– Kawai XD-5|– Kent Rhythm Master|– Ketron SD-5 Percussion|– Korg|– Kurzweil K2000|– Linn 9000|– Linn LM-1|– Linn LM-2|– Linn Linndrum|– Luxor Passat|– MXR Drum Computer 185|– Maestro Rhythm King|– Maestro Rhythm MRQ-1|– Mattel Electronics Synsonics|– Melosonic 350|– MultiMoog|– Nord Rack 2|– Novation Drumstation|– Oberheim DMX|– Oberheim DX|– Oberheim Matrix 1000|– One Shots|– Pearl SC-40 Bassdrums|– Percussion|– Polyvox|– Processed Acoustic|– Producer kits|– Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309|– R8Drums|– RSF DD-30|– RY30|– Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Moog|– Rhodes Polaris|– Rhythm Ace FR-8|– Rhythm King|– Roland|– Ruby Orla|– SC-40 Bassdrums|– SD-5 Percussion|– SP1200 Percussion|– Sakata DPM48|– SequentialCircuits Drumtraks|– SequentialCircuits Tom|– Serge Modular|– Siel MPD-40|– Simmons Clap Trap|– Simmons SDS1000|– Simmons SDS8|– SimmonsSDS5|– Solton Compu Rhythm|– Sonor Mini Mammut|– Sound Master Rhythm 1|– Sound Master SR-88 Memory Rhythm|– Suzuki RPM-40|– Univox_MicroRhytmer12|– VOX DRUMBOX|– Vermona DRM1|– Vermona ER-9|– Virtual MPC Electronics|– Virus TI|– Visco_Space_Drum|– WAV All_Vocals|– WAV Drum & Perc|– WAV drumloops|– WAV hh+filterloops|– Wersi WM 24|– Yamaha|– soundbank|– stopa|– tr606-626
  • *Molly's bedroom*
  • Molly: *holding up a blue jumper* How about this?
  • Rosamund: *tilting her head* I liked the red one.
  • Molly: *bites her lip* I don't know.
  • Rosamund: Or the green dress.
  • Molly: *removes the green dress* Maybe.
  • Rosamund: *nods* We need a second opinion *opens the door* Uncle Sherlock! C'mere.
  • Sherlock: *on his laptop* Busy.
  • Rosamund: *frowns; stamps her foot* Now! It's an emergency.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; enters the bedroom* What?
  • Rosamund: Aunt Molly's going on a date with my teacher *gestures at the clothes* What should she wear?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *awkward* I-it's just a few drinks, really.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Fine. Whatever.
  • Rosamund: *confused* So, which one? *pauses* The dress from my christening?
  • Sherlock: Absolutely not!
  • Molly: *annoyed* What's your problem? She only asked a question!
  • Sherlock: Why are you even going out with him? You barely know him!
  • Molly: *folds her arms* He asked me and I was interested.
  • Rosamund: Well, if you care so much, Uncle Sherlock, why don't you go out with Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *scoffs* Just watch me! *removes his phone; texting as he leaves the bedroom*
  • Molly: *blinks; looks at her niece*
  • Rosamund: *grins* Told ya.
perfect family [ben hardy]
  • summary: you’re roger taylor’s daughter who had been dating ben for a few years and you decide it’s time to reveal your pregnancy
  • words count: 1k
  • requested: by @kellysimagines
  • notes: sorry you had to wait c:

Originally posted by godsweeney

Being Roger Taylor’s daughter was nice and you enjoyed it. But it got a little bit more awkward when your boyfriend was cast to play your father in the Queen biopic.

Ben and you had been dating for nearly three years, so of course he met your father and when he had the opportunity to go to the casting, he didn’t hesitate any seconds. Ben truly wanted to portray your father, to tell Queen’s story to honor your father’s career with his friends.

When Ben told you he got the part, your first reaction was to say “Not weird at all! My boyfriend is playing my father”. You thought it was kind of weird, but your father was really excited about it because he liked Ben and he knew he would nail it. And you saw the chance for them to become closer, and it was very important for you, to have your boyfriend and your father to get along, especially since Ben and you were talking about starting your own family.

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Ya probably shouldn’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet….

OK! So i just saw Ant Man and the Wasp, and lemme tell ya. It was AMAZING. Heres some of the highlights;

  • Scott being an awesome dad, and teaching his daughter how to properly execute a heist (with ants) within the first 2 minutes of the movie
  • Scott used his 2 year house arrest to learn card magic tricks and play drums.
  • The Wasp is so freakin badass. Like wow.
  • Luis is a gem
  • Scott started a security firm called “X Con” and its great
  • They have issues with money though, so buying pastries and under-carriage car washes could potentially put them in the red
  • Scott has a tiny folding table instead of a desk at said firm because, “You weren’t there when we were buying them!” 
  • Hank is super pissed that Scott destroyed his ant man suit
  • and then super pissed when he finds out that scott DIDNT destroy his ant man suit….
  • Ant Man’s probation officer…..
  • Lots of intense eye contact between Hope and Scott–in front of Hank. 
  • on an unrelated note, Hank appears to wants to punch scott. multiple times.
  • and so much more i cant remember rn

If you’re ever doubting what constant hard work & being incredibly motivated can do; this is a prime example. I was lucky enough to film this in Long Island, NY a couple months back & I can safely say I almost dropped my camera because this guy is out of this world talent wise, and even more so on a bro-level. Filmed on my FS700 entirely with the 16-35mm & 50mm 1.2 for the candid shots, with 2x LED lights that I had to borrow from one of Anthony’s friends. Every angle/composition was only one or two takes and that was mostly due to how I was feeling in regards to the steadicam work. This is only the first video.