trick drums

Sounds from every drum machine ever made

Free download of the pack here (677M) :

Drum Machines in sample pack (13838 files in total):

|– 505, 707 & 727|– Ace Tone Rhythm Ace|– Akai XR-10|– Alesis HR16|– Boss DR110|– Boss DR220|– Boss DR55|– Boss DR550MK2|– Casio PT30|– Casio RZ1|– Casio SK1|– Casio VL1|– DeepSky Drumbox|– EMU SP12|– Fairlight IIX|– Farfisa Rhythm Maker 16|– Fricke MFB 501|– Fricke MFB 502|– Fricke MFB 512|– Gulbransen|– Hammond Auto-Vari 64|– Hammond Rhythm II|– Jomox Xbase 09|– Kawai R-100|– Kawai R50|– Kawai R50e|– Kawai XD-5|– Kent Rhythm Master|– Ketron SD-5 Percussion|– Korg|– Kurzweil K2000|– Linn 9000|– Linn LM-1|– Linn LM-2|– Linn Linndrum|– Luxor Passat|– MXR Drum Computer 185|– Maestro Rhythm King|– Maestro Rhythm MRQ-1|– Mattel Electronics Synsonics|– Melosonic 350|– MultiMoog|– Nord Rack 2|– Novation Drumstation|– Oberheim DMX|– Oberheim DX|– Oberheim Matrix 1000|– One Shots|– Pearl SC-40 Bassdrums|– Percussion|– Polyvox|– Processed Acoustic|– Producer kits|– Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309|– R8Drums|– RSF DD-30|– RY30|– Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Moog|– Rhodes Polaris|– Rhythm Ace FR-8|– Rhythm King|– Roland|– Ruby Orla|– SC-40 Bassdrums|– SD-5 Percussion|– SP1200 Percussion|– Sakata DPM48|– SequentialCircuits Drumtraks|– SequentialCircuits Tom|– Serge Modular|– Siel MPD-40|– Simmons Clap Trap|– Simmons SDS1000|– Simmons SDS8|– SimmonsSDS5|– Solton Compu Rhythm|– Sonor Mini Mammut|– Sound Master Rhythm 1|– Sound Master SR-88 Memory Rhythm|– Suzuki RPM-40|– Univox_MicroRhytmer12|– VOX DRUMBOX|– Vermona DRM1|– Vermona ER-9|– Virtual MPC Electronics|– Virus TI|– Visco_Space_Drum|– WAV All_Vocals|– WAV Drum & Perc|– WAV drumloops|– WAV hh+filterloops|– Wersi WM 24|– Yamaha|– soundbank|– stopa|– tr606-626
  • *Molly's bedroom*
  • Molly: *holding up a blue jumper* How about this?
  • Rosamund: *tilting her head* I liked the red one.
  • Molly: *bites her lip* I don't know.
  • Rosamund: Or the green dress.
  • Molly: *removes the green dress* Maybe.
  • Rosamund: *nods* We need a second opinion *opens the door* Uncle Sherlock! C'mere.
  • Sherlock: *on his laptop* Busy.
  • Rosamund: *frowns; stamps her foot* Now! It's an emergency.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; enters the bedroom* What?
  • Rosamund: Aunt Molly's going on a date with my teacher *gestures at the clothes* What should she wear?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *awkward* I-it's just a few drinks, really.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Fine. Whatever.
  • Rosamund: *confused* So, which one? *pauses* The dress from my christening?
  • Sherlock: Absolutely not!
  • Molly: *annoyed* What's your problem? She only asked a question!
  • Sherlock: Why are you even going out with him? You barely know him!
  • Molly: *folds her arms* He asked me and I was interested.
  • Rosamund: Well, if you care so much, Uncle Sherlock, why don't you go out with Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *scoffs* Just watch me! *removes his phone; texting as he leaves the bedroom*
  • Molly: *blinks; looks at her niece*
  • Rosamund: *grins* Told ya.

saras-almanac  asked:

48. For Enjolras/Grantaire? (Good luck with your other stories!)


Grantaire only considers it because Joly asks him.

That’s not an accurate statement. “It’s Joly’s fault” would be the accurate statement, because it’s not that Grantaire considered, it’s that he capitulated without even pretending to argue, and now Joly is impressing their former classmates with the fact that he’s a doctor with a wife and a boyfriend (who’s also his husband according to Grantaire’s internet ordainment but not according to the law) and Grantaire is behind his old high school gym wondering if he should smoke a cigarette for old time’s sake even though he fought his way through that particular addiction years ago.

The gym door still creaks the same way it used to when Grantaire would skip class, and he prepares himself for Joly coming to fetch him or someone stumbling outside drunk on school-spirit-themed jello shots to make out. Instead, it’s Enjolras.

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Stick trick Tuesdayyy.
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this is a part of this ask game but it uh, grew too much 

1. describe what kind of tumblr you would expect the members of your bias group (or a bias group, if you’re multi) to have - bonus points if you can make up a url!

Brian - youngkmusiks/burgerkang

  • no one knows if he’s even active anymore
  • posts like once a month and that’s only if he manages to remember his password
  • blogs about music, snippets of the songs he’s working on at the moment and scattered lyrics he comes up with in the middle of the night
  • playlist posts and the occasional song/album rec
  • his selcas get reblogged a lot, probably the real reason why so many people follow him in the first place
  • the mutual everyone wants to talk to but no one actually dares to
  • gets tagged in so many posts, never responds
  • low-key wants to be a part of the study blog community but is far too lazy to
  • tries hard to be aesthetic™ but sometimes fucks up and reblogs things from his food porn blog where he has been active all. this. time.

Jae - yellowman/jaethebae/chickendude

  • mEMES
  • thinks the tags work like the ones on twitter
  • shamelessly self promotes his youtube channel
  • posts little vids of his covers and tags everyone he knows in them
  • that one blog everyone follows  bc of the witty one-liners and relatable™ text posts
  • starts discourse in the fandom
  • his selcas are always blurry and shaky
  • live blogs every single show he watches
  • bilingual mess 

Sungjin - sungjjn1993

  • made a tumblr bc he needed to keep up with his friends
  • follows 4 people + staff
  • always reblogs and comments on his friends posts
  • doesn’t post anything himself but low-key lurks and judges and keeps receipts 
  • can and will call you out 
  • his icon is still the geometric shape 

Wonpil - wonpili

  • nicest blogger you will ever meet
  • reblogs helpful stuff like studying masterlists and movie links
  • everyone comes to him for advice and he writes manuscripts in response
  • all his anons have names
  • rants about his day and the cute dog he met the other day
  • everyone’s tumblr crush
  • appears on every follow forever you see on your dash
  • fashion blogs low-key hate him for being so weirdly fashionable without even trying
  • jae tags him in every dumb meme and fail video with just ‘you’ as a caption (still likes every single one of his selcas)

Dowoon - dowoon69/xxdowoonxx

  • a mess of a blog
  • dowoon/21/still finding myself
  • what are tags
  • puts comments in everything he reblogs
  • blog ranges from funny memes he reblogs from jae to fake-deep quotes he reposts from facebook and pinterest
  • ‘how to be a cool drummer 101′- by dowoon69
  • his most rebblogged post is a video of him trying to do a trick while drumming and hitting himself in the face with his drumsticks instead
  • brian’s number one fan

this was so much fun!!! come rant with me about this and add stuff if you have any ideas <3


“What you think will happen when you try a new trick vs. what really happens”


@bylvisaker stealing my stick trick thunder

being friends with Ashton would include:
  • riding on the handlebars of his bike
  • him always coming to you for advice when he’s stresseed
  • him trying to get you to eat vegemite
  • “JUST TRY IT, Y/N.”
  • poking his dimples
  • his laugh would make you laugh, which in turn makes him laugh harder
  • begging him to teach you how to do cool tricks with drum sticks
  • begrudgingly going on runs with him
  • “Ashton” *huff* “Please slow down” *gasp* “My legs aren’t as long as yours” *wheeze*
  • getting lost walking around every new city together
  • taking tons of pictures and polaroids whilst getting lost
  • making him a sweet scrapbook of all the cool adventures you two went on together for him to take on tour with him
  • it’d probably make him cry a lil

Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch do magic tricks.


If you’re ever doubting what constant hard work & being incredibly motivated can do; this is a prime example. I was lucky enough to film this in Long Island, NY a couple months back & I can safely say I almost dropped my camera because this guy is out of this world talent wise, and even more so on a bro-level. Filmed on my FS700 entirely with the 16-35mm & 50mm 1.2 for the candid shots, with 2x LED lights that I had to borrow from one of Anthony’s friends. Every angle/composition was only one or two takes and that was mostly due to how I was feeling in regards to the steadicam work. This is only the first video.