trick city

imagine dragons, the killers, owl city: cool friend you don’t talk to much but you both still love each other

fall out boy, panic! at the disco: passionate friend that will fight anyone at anytime for you

coldplay, snow patrol: soft friend that has fallen asleep on you at least once

gorillaz, blur: weird friend you’ve seen trying to eat a soda can

radiohead, the smashing pumpkins: abstract friend who has probably cried in a denny’s before

beyonce, nicki minaj, rihanna: mom friend that teaches you how to get away with murder

cobra starship, the academy is…, gym class heroes: distant friend you see sometimes and when you do they still kick ass

sardonyx and other fusions with wasted potential.

y’know, the sardonyx arc is pretty damn cursed with how garnet was treated, pearl’s shitty apology, etc. but one thing that’s been bothering me a lot is how sardonyx herself is associated with such horrible things. there’s nothing wrong with treating her like that, like yeah obviously she’s gonna give people a bad feeling bc of all the bad stuff in general in her arc surrounding her, but i’m just disappointed that she has such a cool design and personality and everything but she’s pretty much tied in to one of the worst points of bad writing and racism, along with other things probably, in the show. i really wanna like her but all i can think of when i see her now is just “pearl manipulated garnet multiple times, then the show proceeded to make her the victim and frame garnet as the wrong one for being rightfully pissed” like c’mon dude. it also doesn’t help that the other cool fusions are basically in the same spot. sugilite is demonized endlessly and pretty much benched forever bc the crew decided to fucking cast nicki minaj as her VA bc they KNEW they were just gonna pull some racist bullshit with sugilite then kick her out of the cast, and malachite has such a great design but of course she represents an abusive relationship, and a very poorly written one at that! smoky quartz only appeared for two episodes, and one of those episodes was dedicated to totally shitting on them and just making their self-hatred and their “wow how boring” yo-yo seem like their ONLY trait. we’re also supposed to love opal, stevonnie, and garnet, but.

1. opal actually SHOULD be decently unstable due to pearl and amethyst’s relationship at the time, but nope she’s perfect bc pearl’s in there. and she’s also barely spoken, and she has little to no personality besides being forgetful. i feel like she only came back in log date bc apparently the crew has a “characters never appear only once!” policy, and they realized that had to apply to opal too so they gave her a shitty 5 second scene where she moved a giant drill and just sighed, as if they were like “here you go, now stop asking for opal”

2. stevonnie is literally a nonbinary poc being sexualized…while they’re made of two kids. what the fuck. and we’ve seen a male poc hit on them. twice. even after he FOUND OUT that they were two kids, which also enforces the stereotype that male poc are sexual harassers, deceitful (kevin tricked stevonnie in beach city drift into thinking that he had a tragic life), pedophiles (again, beach city drift. kevin knew stevonnie was TWO KIDS), and predators of lighter-skinned people (stevonnie is half white, and her skin is way lighter than it should be, for them being half connie). WHAT THE FUCK. not only that but stevonnie doesn’t even have a personality anyway, or at least not a distinctive one. they just feel so boring and, like smoky quartz, they’re only nonbinary because of the fact that they’re a boy and a girl mashed together. that just makes it feel even less genuine, bc it feels like you’re referring to the people inside instead of the fusion itself.

3. garnet is either now given little to no attention, is completely dumbed down (room for ruby, like wtf was that???), put in the wrong in favor of the skinny white-coded character (sardonyx arc), or is only about fusion and ruby and sapphire’s relationship/feelings now. she’s not even treated like a real person anymore, just ruby and sapphire in a tall, silent trenchcoat.

su please stop making such AMAZING fusions and then completely ruining or wasting them in their debut episodes/every other episode of them, and doing the same thing to fusions that literally already exist as part of the main cast.