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LESTRADE: So the whole thing was a fake.
LESTRADE: Looked so promising.
MOLLY: Why would someone go to all that trouble?
SHERLOCK (offscreen): Why indeed, John?

Fun fact: When Clue was first released movie theaters played different versions so everyone was fighting about what the ending really was. My mom said that people kept on trying to reason their ending and how it made the most sense…
Then it was released on dvd and everyone was finally able to see the TRUE ENDING

- credits to @lowenguth-the-space-boy


“GATISS: One of my favorite things is that amazing Orson Welles film, ‘F for Fake’ […] it’s fantastic, it’s all about the history of con tricks.

And in the beginning, he says, ‘I absolutely swear to you for the next ninety minutes everything I tell you will be absolute and literal truth.’

And then right towards the end of the film, it spirals into this extraordinary story about this con man that you can’t believe – and then he just sort of checks his watch and says, […] ‘My time is up, the last ten minutes I’ve been lying my head off!’ [laughs]

It’s brilliant … it’s really what we sort of do in miniature.

Mark Gatiss, on being asked about plot secrets.

“If we pull this off, it will make television history.” “It’s kind of groundbreaking, they’ve done something that’s never been done before”


“An eminent scientist gets caught up in a highly damaging and compromising lie.”

“A doctor starts an affair with enigmatic stranger and begins to suspect more is at play

However, nothing is ever as it appears, and when she receives an unexpected proposition from an enigmatic stranger, Yvonne is shocked by the passion he awakens in her. But gradually she begins to realise that there is much more to her lover than meets the eye, and she could be playing a very dangerous game indeed.”

like seriously though (I know those are real people and real names, but… just so funny :D)

oh I almost forgot:


(trailer after tfp)

The dialogue included:
“Can be wonderful, can be terrifying.”
“What did you say?”
“Something that drives you in and crushes you to nothing.”
“We are going to have different versions of the same story.”
“Do you want to hear the wildest story of them all?”
“You’re starting to intrigue me.”
“It’s all just one big performance.”
“We are going to be busy, you and I”

One more miracle!

“Of course it’s not a trick, it’s a plan.”


and for all you Johnlockers and any other interested conspiracists, there you go:



thought I’d include this as well


(it’s (almost) all about the wallpaper)


Been a while since I featured a hidden location, so here is Lost Prospect mine. A very small cave with no sign of visible…well…anything interesting at all. Except a journal. A miner’s partner runs out on him….or did he. It’s hell getting up the waterfall but if you do, you will find the poor partner and the motherlode of gold. 

At the pizza shop...

Hey, your pizzas smell and look delicious and I see you sell them at 10$ with 2$ extra for each topping. Well, here’s the thing… I have to make sure that I like your pizzas in order to be able to pay for them so the first pizza has to be for free. If then I like your pizza I am willing to pay a whole 1$25c every topping included. I see that you don’t have pineapple as topping but I’m sure you will enjoy adding pineapple on my pizza for free. By the way, I will have you know that I am not desperate for your pizza. I am not even that hungry and the other pizza shop down the street sells them for 62cents anyway so you have to be thankful that I want to eat your pizza. Oh and since I can’t have the pizza delivered home since I can’t eat it in front of my wife, I will have to deduct 5cents for the cost of me walking there. So, 1$20c. 

WHAT??? You don’t want to offer me a free pizza???? You want me to pay the FULL price? Oh my God, you’re such a filthy pro! I am not that hungry anyway and not like the desperate starving men you serve pizza to!!!!! Anyway, your pizzas doesn’t seem good enough to be deserving 10$!! I would only pay that for an artisanal pizza that’s baked in stone oven and topped with real italian cheese, cold meat and served in a silver platter along with a glass of chianti!!!!!! You need to learn some decency!