Basic Photography Seminar with Tricia Gosingtian.

Last July 20, I had the perfect excuse to meet TRICIA GOSINGTIAN for the second time around. And this time, I made sure she’ll remember me… sort of (lol FC) :))

Guess who’s behind me! :)) I invited her to do a talk on basic photography at DLSU.

The venue was packed! Look at that crowd

Tricia Gosingtian during the question and answer portion.

Tricia making her La Sallian fans happy! :))

I was her assistant for the day :)


Tricia Keeps Going Places: Tricia Gosingtian Style Book Launch

Maybe it’s because Tricia Gosingtian owned “will go places” that the universe conspired and made it happen. This girl went to New York for the NYFW, has been featured in numerous magazines, has been in a Preview Magazine cover, is a brand ambassador for numerous clothing and accessories brand. Now let’s add book author in her ever growing list.

Tricia G, just came out with a book, 150 Styles Essential for Every Girl. Being a follower of her blog and how I look up to her, hair and style wise I had to get the book. And I had to get it during her book launch and book signing.

This was my time to meet and greet her personally because I usually just see her from afar when she’s at her favorite (?) mall with her family.

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Tricia Gosingtian’s hair bun tutorial! She’s so cute! :)

Can you please tell me where can I get the one she used to create that perfect bun? I want it so bad!


Portrait practice. The texture is because of my watercolor paper. I really hope to work on my portraits, partly because I have commissions on them now and also I love capturing emotions in my drawing. 

If there are any interesting models that I can draw, please do leave me a message! Help me out in improving! :)

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