Following the Trichotillomania tag here on Tumblr, I came across a girl ( who posted about a gift she has received a Chanukah gift of a worry ring.

Worry rings consist of one or more bands that can be rotated, fiddled with and twisted to keep your hands busy. And they’re discrete too! They can sometimes be expensive, but if you believe it is the technique/item that will really, really help for you then surely it’s worth the investment. I personally will be hoping to get one for my 18th birthday :)

You can find a place to buy a worry ring here -

For some people, and it’s a completely personal decision, shaving your headhair and starting afresh is just the right thing to kick start your road to pull-free status. If you decide to shave your head because it will help you, stay strong and be positive about your decision - it’s a good thing that will help you in the long run!


Just a little video letting you know about the TEDx conference I will be speaking in on the 16th of June. Watch the video for more info!

If you’d like to submit for my speech, be sure to start your submission with the word “TED”. I hope to hear from you! :)

<3 Stay strong! (P.s. I’m sorry that I look like a ghost! Oh and I had to put this on vimeo as Tumblr wouldnt let me upload)

Beanies and hats in general are a great, comfortable, easy way to prevent yourself from pulling head hair. Be it the notion of putting a physical barrier between your hands and your head, or the peace of mind that any thinning you may have could be covered, a good and comfy hat is one of the best investments that people who pull from their head-hair could ever make.

(I’ve taken to wearing mine whenever I start playing with my hair, just in case xD)