Trichostema dichotomum (Forked Bluecurls) | ©Roy Cohutta   (Chickasawhatchee WMA, Southwest Georgia, US)

Trichostema dichotomum (Lamiales - Lamiaceae) is a species widespread from Texas across the southeastern United States, north to Iowa and Maine, and in Canada in Quebec (historical) and Ontario.

This plant with beautiful blue flowers and hairy stems, occurs in a variety of habitats including sandy fields, prairies, barrens, rock outcrops, open woods, and disturbed areas.

The species is commonly named Forked Bluecurls or Bastard Pennyroyal.


Trichostema lanatum

Wooly Blue Curls

This is it, the plant that first got me interested in California natives. It has a striking blossom, and a scent that is unbelievable. A specimen was collected on the Eagle Rock side of the south slope in 1927, but I can find no mention of it in or around the Canyon since. Trichostema lanatum has a well-deserved reputation for being difficult in cultivation. I failed with several tries when I lived in Silverlake, and finally got one to thrive just before I moved to the Canyon. I took cuttings from it and got them to root, but they did not take here. About a month ago I was able to score three specimens from Rancho Santa Ana. So far they seem happy in their new home, but we’ll see. Photo 2/17/12