I’m taking commissions like this!

Sugar! She was in need of a new reference. 

She’s a Trichobi! (an alien species of my own creation). Her sister, and secondary mouth (not shown) is named Spice. She’s much more apathetic and takes the term “Man eater” quite literally. Sugar has developed a sort of agreement with Spice and only allows her to go after those who engage in acts of sexual assault. By keeping Spice fed, she removes the risk of innocent people being hurt- Spice’s moral compass is nonexistent and she really only cares about her apatite. Sugar combats the extreme, violent,  nature of their existence by trying to protect others.  Aside from that little factoid, Sugar is actually pretty silly and often times is very jovial and loud. Like her sister, She also has quite an appetite- just not a monstrous one.

I realized Ken’s drawn a lot of stuff with their super cool members of my species why haven’t I drawn more of my members of theirs aaa

ANYWAY here’s some doodles this dummy. His name is Skylift, and he’s a Trichobi- a species belonging to Ken as I previously alluded to! His hair is fun.

Honestly I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even hang around ski resorts anymore yet still runs around in snowboard gear most of the time because he’s an idiot.

Updated ref for Smoothie! My lil’ shy, green haired, alien gal. Her last one was abysmal. 
She’s a Trichobi, an alien species that disguises itself as other beings by referencing “desirable” traits from a persons psyche, this is to aid them with reproducing and spreading their species around. The individual that supplied her with the appearance she has, just happened to be a 15 year old boy otaku who was wandering around in the woods. She now lives in a “haunted house" with Mr. Monster, a Bakeneko/Nekomata who has taken to teaching her. Kenny was the one who supplied her with clothes, hence the striped sweater and gloves. She’s shy, sweet, kind, and innocent- albeit very gullible and naive. This works well for the other occupant of her cranium, Thomas. A corrupted and fowl mouth that’s on the back of her head. He’s vicious and snide and controls her hair like slippery appendages unless tied up (hence the pigtails.)

Az Razzmatazz! Quite possibly my favorite Trichobi I’ve ever developed. 
And although I don’t show him all that much (that’s admittedly the case with a majority of characters I really like.) I felt he was in need of a revamped ref sheet- since the last time I showed how he looked was… SHEESH— 2009? 

Anyhow, he’s still an absolute goober, and a super-villain wannabe. He wants to enslave all humans, but is absolute crap at it. He’s extremely gullible and tends to inflate his ego- which just makes him look like an ass. 

He’s loud, obnoxious and often calls people names, then scream like a coward when confronted with danger. 
And unlike his sister, Smoothie, he’s not at all sweet and innocent- though he is pretty stupid.
He can, however, design some pretty swankin’ outfits. (He designed both Sugar’s and his own uniforms.) And when he’s not trying to terrorize people with half-baked schemes, he’s working a desk job for a major corporation- that everyone seems to forget the name of.

A new-ish character of mine, Sugar Free! She’s another Trichobi, only she’s more mutated in colour, physique, and personality.

She’s based more on a carnivorous plant type and ‘plays with her food’ And her name? Extremely accurate.

I pictured her body rather elongated and 'odd’ (juxtapose to usual anatomy) Very long, strong legs- I imagine that she’s an excellent runner (amongst other things.) And her slim upper physic is very 'feline’-like. I hope I got that to come through! I wanted her anatomy to look disproportionate- thus making it more obvious that she is mutated.

She’s not a cannibal since she doesn’t eat other trichobis, But she does eat humans, Not any other meat though.