Today’s Numbers

1998/2080 calories
106/104g proteins
241/260g carbohydrates
70/69g fat
70/100oz water

pretty legit day! just gotta work on water tomorrow :)

10053/10000k steps!

The 1000 Challenge:
Weekly Goals -
Push ups: 108/342 (59 today)
Lunges: 234/817 (117 today)
Tricep Dips: 123/855 (0 today…)
Mt. Climbers: 189/1322 (0 today)
Ski Abs: 191/1337 (0 today)
Calf Raises: 406/1420 (203 today)
Squats: 531/1702 (278 today)

Total Goals -
Push Ups: 266/1000
Lunges: 417/2000
Tricep Dips: 268/2000
Mt. Climbers 367/3000
Ski Abs: 354/3000
Calf Raises: 986/4000
Squats: 794/4000

Slowly but surely getting there! Realized today in the shower that I’m getting flexible again. Gotta keep it up with these lower body exercises, strengthen these thighs and hips, and I’ll be able to touch my toes soon enough!

See you tomorrow :)

Fitness On The Go

Written By: Lani

HIIT/ Full-body Workout:

HIIT Workouts (quick and easy, no equipment needed). Here’s an example of a workout:
  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Squats
  3. Push Ups
  4. High Knees
  5. Mountain Climbers
  6. Crunches

Do each for 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds, and repeat 2-4x for a quick but effective full-body workout :)

Arm Workout:

  1. Arm Circles
  2. Push Ups (mix up variations to get more of a workout in and hit more areas of your upper body- like hands close together, hands wider than normal, etc.)
  3. Tricep Dips
  4. Plank up-downs (start on your elbows in a plank, then raise 1 arm up to a pushup position, then the other, then drop back down 1 arm at a time and repeat)
  5. Inverted row (have something you can grab onto while lying flat on the floor, like a chair; grab both sides of it and pull yourself up, keeping legs straight)

Do 15 reps of each 3x!

Leg Workouts

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Side Lunges
  4. Hip Thrusts (lie down with your legs bent 90*, raise your hips up and down. For more of a booty workout squeeze your butt at the top; more of a challenge do 1 leg at a time!)
  5. Ski lunges
  6. Pulse squats
  7. Calf raises
  8. Donkey Kicks and fire hydrants (for booty)

15 reps of each 3x :)

Ab Workouts

  1. Crunches
  2. Crunches w legs flat on the ground
  3. Toe touches (legs straight in the air)
  4. Bicycles
  5. Russian Twists (hold something with some weight to it to make it work more- something like a milk jug)
  6. Side crunches (both sides)
  7. Planks

Do each 20-30x for 2-4 sets :)


  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. High Knees
  3. Butt Kickers
  4. Jumping jacks
  5. Plank jacks (plank position but you jump your legs in and out, like jumping jacks)
  6. Jump squats

Do each for 45 seconds with a 15-second rest, repeat 3x :)

**these are all great to do first thing in the morning before getting ready, at night before bed, in the gym, if you have a little spare time, or if you’re just bored! They can be done pretty much anywhere- your bedroom, living room, hotel, etc. They are very adjustable!**

Trans Masculine Home Workout - Triceps

Disclaimer: None of us are, or claim to be workout and fitness professionals.

Why triceps?

People will often jump straight into doing bicep curls when trying to build arm muscle, however, your triceps actually make up 75% of the muscle in your arms. This means that to begin with, it is far more productive to work out your triceps, and they will help to make your arms look bigger. Tricep dips are also great for burning fat, and this exercise also helps to work your shoulders, chest and back muscles!

Tricep exercise - bodyweight tricep dip

For this exercise you can just use the floor as your base, however I have found that stable objects that are around 2-3 feet off the floor are great. I use my bed frame, but you could use a chair, table, or step - as long as the item is at least as wide as your shoulders and is completely stable, you’re good! 

As for positioning, the picture shown above is a great example. Make sure that you have got your arms a shoulders width apart, and that you do not feel under strain. Then you should walk your feet away from you, so you are resting on your heels. Be careful that you are not going to slip if you’re on a laminate floor or similar.

You then want to lower your body towards the floor by bending your elbows, creating a right angle with your arm. If you’re new to this, you will need to start lowering slowly, and it might be that you cannot quite create the right angle. The strength in your arms will get better over time, and this will improve!

To finish, straighten your arms and keep your shoulders back and squared to avoid injury. 

As for repetitions, start off slow. If you have not worked your triceps before, they can end up quite sore if you over do it. Perhaps start by aiming to do this exercise two to three times a week, and increase the number of repetitions if it feels easy. 

Hopefully this helps some people out!

- Alex

Even our heroes have to start somewhere…

For those of you that have been following Stephen and the rest of the cast with their workout posts, you’ll know that Stephen has suffered a couple injuries this year, his shoulder while running the American Ninja Warrior course, and then he had some Nerve issues (Ned the nerve) upon coming back to regular training with the start of filming. Since he took a near complete break from working out since about May, he’s feeling a bit weak. Check out his Facebook post today doing kettle bell pushups alernated with tricep dips.
I feel bad for the guy. I too had an injury with my ankle this year and it really stinks when you have to hold back so you don’t injure yourself more. Makes getting back into a fitness routine even harder, and you truly do feel yourself get weaker, which is incredibly evident when you struggle to do what you used to do so easily.
I’m also inspired, because he let us see him struggling. Just like we do.
We all know getting started is the hardest part. The first couple weeks, the first month, are killer. We know that everyone goes through it. But it’s somehow easier for us to push ahead when we see our heroes pushing through those struggles too right?
Super thankful to Stephen for the encouraging post. He recognizes that we can all do this, he’s cheering us on, working through it all with us.
“You’re not alone, and I believe in you.”
All of you.

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Pre T work out (that literally works, check out the link to see a 3 month difference, I literally started with hardly any muscle, never even properly worked out before. I had 3 day rests in between until it stopped making me hurt the day after and now it's two day rests)

See the 22 day difference here:“> 

 3 month difference:

The workout 

*Take 30 second breaks between each two*

  1. Push ups: 4 sets - 10-20 reps 
  2. Decline push ups: 4 sets- 10 reps
  3. Body weight shoulder press: 3 sets-10-12 reps 
  4. Triceps dips: 3 sets - 10-12 reps
  5. Up & Down forearm planks: 2 sets - 30 secs each 
  6. Plank shoulder taps: 2 sets - 10 reps
  7. Close grip push ups: 3 sets - 10 reps 
  8. Clapping push ups: 3 sets 1-5 sets

Drink lotttssss of water and grab yourself a snack.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have been using 5lb weights to do the shoulder presses instead of body weight and I do bicep curls for as many reps as I can instead of the last two work outs.

If you have any questions feel free to message me !

anonymous asked:

hey do you have any tips for perking up the girls😉? I'm only 23 but weight flaxuation and wrong bras have been very bad for them. also gravity --a thousand blessings to whoever invented high-support sports bras cause damn they hurt with the slightest bounce without and I'm only a eur80D. anyway I've made my peace with the stretch marks but it could really help with becoming more comfortable with myself if they perked up even the tiniest little bit. some excercises maybe? or binding or sth?

Hey! Weirdly enough, I got this tip from my Spanish teacher (a woman in her fifties or sixties), but she taught all the girls in my class a really simple exercise that helps to give them a little boost! Basically, you’ll want to position your arms in front of your chest so that you’re holding opposite wrists (left hand holding right wrist, etc). Your hands should only be a few inches from your chest. Then, you’ll want to ‘pull’ your hands in opposite directions without letting go of your wrists, so it’s almost a ‘pulse’. If you do that about twenty times every morning, it will help build the pectorals behind your boobs & firm them up a bit, giving your boobs a ‘lift’! I try to do them every morning as a part of my standard exercise, and it definitely does help!

Some other standard tips are to find a bra that fits really well (I’d recommend Ann Summers if you’re in the UK- they have some great bras with padding that’s removable, so you can find a look/feel that you really like!) and also massaging them- it sounds weird, but even if you do it a little bit while moisturizing in the morning, it can help!!

(There’s also boob contouring, but that’s a whole other post!!)

~ Leandra

Also try out exercises such as: push-ups, elbow squeeze press, plank rotation, triceps dips, standing y raise. 


anonymous asked:

What are some at home arm and core exercises you suggest to build muscle and tone your arms?

11.  I can’t afford/go to a gym, what are some things I can do at home?
If you can’t make it to the gym, I do highly recommend you at the very least invest in a pair of dumbells and possibly a pull up bar! Here are some workouts:
- Push ups                                (chest/triceps)
- Bicep curls                             (biceps)    
- DB lateral raises                    (shoulders)
- DB shoulder press                 (shoulders)
- DB rear delt flys                     (delts)
- DB pec dec flys                     (chest)
- DB tricep extensions             (triceps)
- DB rows                                (back)
- Chair dips                              (triceps)
- Pull ups                                 (back/biceps)
- Leg raises (w/ pull up bar)    (core)
- Squats (can add db)             (legs)
- Wall sits                                 (legs)
- Planks                                    (core)


I think the best part about me is my gym clothes. ✌
My workout today was Batman:
Bicep Curls:
Hammer Curls:
Tricep Extensions:
Seated Dip:

~again, these are just my max’s ! 💕
I’m hoping that when I figure out my pbs on the majority of my favourite moves I can really start working towards bettering myself.
I must also stop being so afraid to do cardio in front of other people!! I dropped my phone on the treadmill and that was it, couldn’t do anymore… luckily it was at the end of the workout or my anxiety would have got the better of me!

Anyway!!!! How was *your* day? 😁💖

-p.s. this doesn’t count as my selfie @oxford-male @remyjr85

anonymous asked:

Im currently unable to go to a gym and i dont have any equipment at home that i can use to work out. Are there any workouts i can do at home without any equipment to help me tone my arms and/or stomach? I do have access to a pool but it can be kind of crowded sometimes. Also, will going for walks/running every day make my legs thinner? Sorry if you already answered similar questions, i couldnt find any in the tags

11.  I can’t afford/go to a gym, what are some things I can do at home?
If you can’t make it to the gym, I do highly recommend you at the very least invest in a pair of dumbells and possibly a pull up bar! Here are some workouts:
- Push ups                                (chest/triceps)
- Bicep curls                             (biceps)    
- DB lateral raises                    (shoulders)
- DB shoulder press                 (shoulders)
- DB rear delt flys                     (delts)
- DB pec dec flys                     (chest)
- DB tricep extensions             (triceps)
- DB rows                                (back)
- Chair dips                              (triceps)
- Pull ups                                 (back/biceps)
- Leg raises (w/ pull up bar)    (core)
- Squats (can add db)             (legs)
- Wall sits                                 (legs)
- Planks                                    (core)

going on walks/runs wont necessarily make your legs thinner but it will definitely strengthen them and build muscle in your legs which will make your legs appear to have more form to it


Yummy peanut butter and jelly protein smoothie for post-workout today 😋

1 frozen banana
1 handful frozen strawberries
1 handful frozen blueberries
1 cup almond milk
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 scoop vanilla Vega protein powder
Top with:
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Coconut flakes

Today the big gym was closed so I went to my apartment gym for arm day (tiny & crowded & hot & limited options). I warmed up for ten minutes on the treadmill (3.8 mph, 10 incline) & then went through some arm exercises. Today I did overhead presses, overhead triceps extensions, bent over rows, tricep dips, push-ups, and lat pull downs. I usually do between 15-20 pound weights, 12 reps, 3 sets. Today my arms were weak though & I was burnt out pretty quickly 😭 I ended with a few ab exercises & now I’m sipping on this delicious protein shake!

anonymous asked:

I've started working out and I have a bit of definition in my legs and upper abs. However I would like to tone the arms and lower abs more. I'm going back to uni soon which means I lose my access to the gym/weights so how can I make a home exercise routine and still reach those goals even without the equipment? (I'm super broke haha) thanks!

11.  I can’t afford/go to a gym, what are some things I can do at home?
If you can’t make it to the gym, I do highly recommend you at the very least invest in a pair of dumbells and possibly a pull up bar! Here are some workouts:
- Push ups                                (chest/triceps)
- Bicep curls                             (biceps)    
- DB lateral raises                    (shoulders)
- DB shoulder press                 (shoulders)
- DB rear delt flys                     (delts)
- DB pec dec flys                     (chest)
- DB tricep extensions             (triceps)
- DB rows                                (back)
- Chair dips                              (triceps)
- Pull ups                                 (back/biceps)
- Leg raises (w/ pull up bar)    (core)
- Squats (can add db)             (legs)
- Wall sits                                 (legs)
- Planks                                    (core)

and for the question about toning your lower abs please check #5 and #6 in faq