Bodyweight Workout for Women

Found this awesome workout on Popsugar and decided to do it as part of my cross training tonight.

Warm up for 3-5 minutes and then do the 3 circuits below:

Circuit 1

  • Elbow Plank with Leg Lifts x 20 reps

Repeat circuit 3x

Circuit 2

  • Curtsy Lunge x 10 reps ea. side
  • Squat to Side Kick x 12 reps ea. side

Repeat circuit 3x

Circuit 3

  • Pilates Roll-up x 10 reps
  • Leaning Lunge x 12 reps ea. side

Repeat circuit 3x

To increase the burn, I used a 15lb kettlebell for the squats, russian twists and lunges.

The entire workout took me about 25 minutes.

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Achievement Hunter workout

Every time someone makes fun of Gavin
10 situps
Geoff Laughs
10 pushups
_____ as dicks
10 side crunches Someone says “Fuck ”
10 triceps dips
Jack complains
10 jumping jacks
Any TV references (besides Always Sunny)
10 squats
Any video game reference
10 lunges
Anytime Michael or Geoff talk about Always Sunny in Philadelphia
10 calf raises
Ryan says something creepy
30 second plank
Gavin says something confusing or makes someone mad
30 second wall sit


Total body trimdown!

1. Cross leg extensions x 10
2. Tricep kick n dip x 12 ea leg
3. Corkscrew x 5 clockwise and 5 counter clockwise
4. Side plank leg lifts x 12 Sa side

This is a fun and quick POP Pilates routine to target your core, your abs, your arms, and your legs!!

Give it a shot! Now tag your victim.

Song is “where are u now” by skillex & diplo.

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I thought I’d illustrate one of my favorite at home tricep builders that requires only a chair to perform. A sturdy chair with minimal
or no seat pudding and without arms and definitely no wheels is ideal. These are simple to perform but will burn out your triceps real quick.

For beginners place your hands on the chair and feet on floor in front of you so your legs are at about a 90 degree angle. The closer your feet to the chair the easier these will be. Now dip yourself down until your upper arms are near parallel to the floor now push yourself back up you should feel your triceps do most of the work. This fully engages the triceps. Now repeat to failure. (see pics 2&3)

For more of a challenge get a second chair and place your heels on the front of it with legs fully extended. Now perform the same dipping motion and repeat to failure. If you want to increase the difficult even more throw some weight on your lap and give it a go.
(see pics 4&5)

I like to adjust hand placement on the chair for each set to more fully engage the different heads of the triceps for a fuller more overall build. (see pics 6-8).

These are one of my favorite at home tricep builders because they really isolate the triceps and require no special equipment to do. I like to include them at the end of an arm workout to squeeze that last bit of strength out of my triceps and really burn them out. Or sometimes I just throw a few sets into my workout for fun. Give them a try they may surprise you how effective they can be.


Hey guys! Want a quick fat burning routine? Try this!

1. Skaters x 12 floor touches
2. Tricep dip n touch x 12 dips
3. Bunny hop air jacks x 12 combos
4. Push-up twist x 12 push-ups
Do this 4x through as quickly as you can without resting! You will be sweating!! Now tag a friend to challenge them for time!

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ITS HERE OMG ITS HERE. The Star Wars fitness challenge is here!

Kylo Ren - Week 01 / Focus: Abdominals 

Video tutorials that are included for this week:

Mountain Climbers / Tricep Dips / Squats + Overhead Press / Eagle Crunches / Leg Raises / Russian Twists / Sit Ups / Plank / Crunches 

If you don’t own weights feel free to use things like books, rocks, or full water bottles. Also instead of sprinting, you can bike sprint if you own a bike! 

Discord Chat: The Dark side  // I have added a rules_please_read channel to the server, please read that. At the end of each week we will be adding up members from each server to see which side of the force is winning!

If you have any questions about anything, message me or @reyloghxst 

See Week 01 - Rey


Get Ripped Fast

Best upper body dumbbell exercises

Do this circuit twice a week with as little rest as possible between the moves; repeat once or twice. You’ll need a pair of 2-5 lb weights.

1. Bear Jumps 40 secs

2. Overhead Triceps Extension With ISO Squat & Heel Raise 15 reps

3. Side Shuffle Russian Lift Jump 40 secs

4. Single Leg Triceps Dip 20 reps

5 Burn-Out Punches Jump Turn 40 secs

6. Put Down Jump Over Overhead Press 10 reps

7. Skip Rope 60 secs

8. Bent Over Rear Fly To Power Sumo Press 10 reps

Doing tricep dips on lil sis @jackelynho today!!! She’s bridging to work her butt thighs and core. Try it with a friend who is fond of getting tortured ;)

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Lean Upper Body Workout!

  • The temp is hot so it’s pratically summer. Which means that your arms will probably be exposed everyday. Make sure they’re strong and toned with this workout. As a bonus your abs and back will get sculpted too:)

Do all the exercises for the prescribed number of reps or hold count:

  • Incline Push-ups - 15 reps. You can use a bench, sturdy chair or sofa
  • Tricep Dips - 15 reps. Do them with straight legs. Your muscles will work more.
  • Push-ups with rotation - 15 reps. Do these on your toes so that your muscles work harder.

Rest 45 seconds

  • Side Plank, Left Side - 45 seconds
  • Side Plank, Right Side - 45 seconds
  • Plank - 1 minute. Try doing this on your forearms to make your stabilizing muscles work harder.


Then repeat the circuit 2 - 3 x.

You can do this workout 3x a week or follow my blog more workouts like this one so you can switch it up.

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Know Your Muscles and How To Train Them: 3 of 12: Triceps

Dips with bench/chair:


Push Ups:


… and Push up variations:


Kickbacks: This exercise is great for stimulating all ares of the triceps muscle. 

Burpees: This is an advanced exercise involving several muscle groups at the same time: the shoulder and arm muscles, chest muscles and leg muscles. The Burpees is therefore one of the exercises most often used by American Marines in their training, as a complete and efficient exercise for improving aerobic capacity.