A little…wavy??? I’ll work on it 😂 but I’ve come a looooong way on my dips #hellyeah #pushday #chestday

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Workout Log 3-14-17

Happy Pi Day! It was one of those mornings where I just didn’t want to leave the gym. Boyfriend’s working from home today so there wasn’t any epic rush back home. The Workweek Hustle I’m in right now is running pretty competitive, so that’s actually motivating me a bit, mwahaha! 

Today was an upper body routine with plenty of running thrown in for good measure. With the dumbbells (15-20 lbs) I did bicep curls, hammer curls, triceps extension, front raises, and lateral side raises. Machines (35-65 lbs) were chest press, overhead press, fly/rear delt, lateral pull down, low row, triceps press. Bodyweight exercises were 67 of my 100 push ups and three sets of 12 triceps dips. Treadmill for warmup, cooldown, and warm cardio fuzzies.

Playlist Picks are Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police” and The Cranberries’ “This is the Day.”

Bring it on, Workweek Hustle Group! 


Forgot to take a picture today. Did 15 minutes on the elliptical as a warm up. First round of circuit 1 - did it twice with 1 additional round of push ups. First round of circuit 2 - did it once with 1 additional round of lay down push ups and straight leg sit ups. This crap is harder than I thought it would be. The hardest thing right now is tricep dips. But half way done right now and I definitely worked up a sweat.
Second round of circuit 1 - was the same as the 1st. Did it twice with an additional round of push ups. Second round of circuit 2 - same as the 1st round. Sweating so much! I don’t even feel it in my abs but I’m sure I will tomorrow. Stretched and then went back on the elliptical to finish getting my steps for the day.


Sunday 3/26

30 secs cardio/50 secs max reps

  1. Bicep Curl R
  2. Bicep Curl L
  3. Pump Handle Abs
  4. Tricep Dips
  5. Superman Heel Tap
  6. Shoulder Push Up
  7. Plank Side Crunch
  8. Tricep KB R
  9. Tricep KB L
  10. Cobra Push Up
  11. Side Plank Reach R
  12. Side Plank Reach L
  13. Slow Leg Extension Circles
  14. Shoulder Press
  15. Isolated Tricep Press R
  16. Isolated Tricep Press L
  17. Bent Over Row
  18. Double Leg Lift
  19. Knee Taps
  20. 1 Minute Plank

My workout was okay. I was stressed and it showed. I kept tripping up and I had a hard time holding the plank exercises. 


anonymous asked:

Do you workout? If so, what's your workout routine?

I used to work out all the time but now that I’m in college I’ve kinda slacked off.

My main two must haves are nice arms and abs. Sometimes I’ll go for runs because I do love running but it’s more or less just to clear my head and be by myself than it is to exercise. If I go to the gym with Hunter I’ll do a half hour on the elliptical and a half hour on the treadmill. I do a ton of arm exercises and ab exercises. I can link them down below because I feel like that’s easier than be describing them. One thing I learned while being in college is that I took being a two sport athlete for granted because I was forced to be in shape and workout and could eat whatever I want. Now I look at a brownie and gain ten pounds.

Arm exercises I love:

Lateral arm raises

Overhead tricep extensions 

Tricep dips 

Lat pulldown 

Ab exercises I love:

Russian twists

Ab exercises with medicine ball 

By now means am I an expert!! Half the time I look like a chicken running around the gym with my head cut off. 

WOD: 100s

Same as yesterday, 100 of each (in sets of 10 or 20)

-calf raises
-side plank L/R
-tricep dips (easy mode)
-inverted row (easy mode)
-one-legged glute bridge L/R

Chest, shoulders, triceps 🔥🏋🏻‍♀️🌶

Overhead press warmup 3x5
Overhead press working sets x5, x3, x1+, 3x3, 3x5+

Incline benchpress x6, x5, x3, x5, x7, x4, x6, x8
Dumbbell shoulder press 3X10

Lateral Raises 3X10
Incline flys 3X12

Arnold press 3X8

Dumbbell shrugs 3X10
Cable flys 3X12
Upright rows 3X10

Reverse grip tricep pushdown
Overhead tricep rope
Tricep dips
V-bar pushdown

Night Vale Workout:

If you hear:
“Night vale/ citizens”- 5 push-ups
“Vague yet menacing government organization/ city council / strexcorp/ sheriffs secret police”- 5 sit ups
“Carlos”- jumping jacks until Cecil changes the subject
“Angels/ hooded figures/ anything about a god”- 5 tricep dips
An intern dies- run in place until you hear one of the other above keywords.

Let’s get fit! 23/2

Thursdays are my day off and I had planned A LOT of things to achieve today 📚📚 And in usual Daniela fashion I underestimated the time it would take to do each task and ended up not completing a lot of them…. when will I learn 🤔 I should also stop spending my little time making such extravagant pancakes.. but I was very hungry after my workout so 🤷🏽‍♀️😏

Lat pulldowns 15 x 2 #20, 10 x 2 #25
Rows 15 x 3 #15
Dumbbell Bicep curls 15 x 3 #3 (I know I’m so weak 😅)
Seated dumbbell bicep curls 15 x 3 #3
Seated Arnold’s 15 x 3 #3
Dumbbell lateral raises 15 x 3 #3
Kneeling push ups 10
Tricep dips 10 x 3



I thought I’d illustrate one of my favorite at home tricep builders that requires only a chair to perform. A sturdy chair with minimal
or no seat pudding and without arms and definitely no wheels is ideal. These are simple to perform but will burn out your triceps real quick.

For beginners place your hands on the chair and feet on floor in front of you so your legs are at about a 90 degree angle. The closer your feet to the chair the easier these will be. Now dip yourself down until your upper arms are near parallel to the floor now push yourself back up you should feel your triceps do most of the work. This fully engages the triceps. Now repeat to failure. (see pics 2&3)

For more of a challenge get a second chair and place your heels on the front of it with legs fully extended. Now perform the same dipping motion and repeat to failure. If you want to increase the difficult even more throw some weight on your lap and give it a go.
(see pics 4&5)

I like to adjust hand placement on the chair for each set to more fully engage the different heads of the triceps for a fuller more overall build. (see pics 6-8).

These are one of my favorite at home tricep builders because they really isolate the triceps and require no special equipment to do. I like to include them at the end of an arm workout to squeeze that last bit of strength out of my triceps and really burn them out. Or sometimes I just throw a few sets into my workout for fun. Give them a try they may surprise you how effective they can be.

Since I’ve been home for break I’ve gotten to use my brother’s kettle bells. I’ve never used one before! So good for the shoulders! I used a 15 lb kettle bell for tricep dips the other day and my arms are still sore. My only complaint is that I’m scared of dropping it or flinging it into the air because the metal is so slick!

Achievement Hunter workout

Every time someone makes fun of Gavin
10 situps
Geoff Laughs
10 pushups
_____ as dicks
10 side crunches Someone says “Fuck ”
10 triceps dips
Jack complains
10 jumping jacks
Any TV references (besides Always Sunny)
10 squats
Any video game reference
10 lunges
Anytime Michael or Geoff talk about Always Sunny in Philadelphia
10 calf raises
Ryan says something creepy
30 second plank
Gavin says something confusing or makes someone mad
30 second wall sit