My first collab video, made together with the oh so talented BleedGirl! :D We wanted to make a tribute for Disney and Studio Ghibli (with a touch of Kingdom Hearts) and this is our little baby! <3

I decided to only include my own manips here, but make sure to go watch the whole video if you wan to see more characters like Belle, Howl, Ariel, Ponyo, Totoro and many more! (^-^)


~ May your salt be your guiding KEY! 🖤🗝✨✨✨👌🏼

That epic feeling when you level up+ and your SaltBae skills are out of control ahaha 😂

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This is an illustration I did for Patrick Ballesteros’ “Sweethearts, BFFs, and Bromances” show at The Perky Nerd in Burbank, CA.

It is my tribute to one of comics’ favorite duos brought to movie life- Rocket Raccoon and Groot! I’ve always liked their polar opposite personalities, and I really want to capture the 80’s-90’s charm of the Guardians of the Galaxy. My thought was, “what could be better than the cheesy photo shoot backdrops?” Nothing, obviously! Hope you all enjoy this!

If it gets a good response, I’ll set aside time to celebrate the soon-to-be new freakin’ Guardians in a similar fashion!

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Queen of the Murphy Universe

Song: Caravan Palace - ‘Wonderland’

…oh yeah

disney patting itself on the back for LGBTQ representation by confirming Lefou gay in canon (when he was already blatantly coded that way as a “butt of the joke”) is the grossest thing and it irritates me so much. And this isn’t gonna be a disney hate post cause as yall know I love disney so much and specifically beauty and the beast means the world to me which gives me 10x more reason to be angry about it. its just so disgustingly disrespectful that theyre acting high and mighty about making a queer-coded comic relief villian character literally named “the fool”“ gay, when keeping in mind that beauty and the beast was so heavily influenced by howard ashman and his experiences and would be not be the gorgeous classic we love if it wasnt for him. howard ashman was the amazing lyricist for the movie (as well as the little mermaid, aladdin…) and was also a gay man who died of AIDS. so it just makes me disgusted to see headlines referencing ashman about disneys ~first openly gay (side character~ like "The Touching Tribute Behind Disneys First Openly Gay Character!” and “Beauty and the Beast has First Openly Gay Character as Director Calls Story ‘a Metaphor for AIDS’. like its so annoying to see disney and others acting like they give a shit about AIDS and gay people like if you really cared why didnt you make the central story gay or at the very least non-villain characters like a gay lady piano or some crap I dont fucking know? my end point is that disney doesnt care about LGBTQ people other than them giving them money and to me its annoying at best and disrespectful to howard ashmans legacy to act like theyre being progressive with this story.

A Little Elisa Maza Appreciation

Since we’re nearing the end of Black History Month, I decided I would like to input my own thoughts about it. Now having seen a lot of other posts about this on Tumblr and other sites, I can’t really add anything much about people who were helpful in the Civil Rights Movement or in establishing equality for black people that hasn’t already been said, and I wouldn’t know how to talk about those types of things, anyway. But there is one thing I do know how to talk about, and that’s cartoons.

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Jessica Henwick as Mulan; Remy Hii as Li Shang; Kevin Hart as Mushu; Chow Yun-Fat as Shan-Yu

Donnie Yen as Fa Zhu; Ming-Na Wen as Fa LiTsai Chin as Grandmother Fa; Lucy Liu as the Matchmaker

Jackie Chan as the Emperor; Jet Li as Chi Fu; B.D. Wong as General Li; Harry Shum Jr. as Ling; Benedict Wong as Yao; Darryl Quon as Chien Po>

A quick little tribute to ol’ Fordsy who appeared a year ago (09/03/15) in NWHS. That episode remained my favourite until the finale rolled around. Not only was it super exciting, but the Twin Theory turned out to be true. Also it was after this episode that I really joined the fandom.

The “Hug Monster” is fanon as you might know XD

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.

Oh boy what is this trash! Sometimes you just gotta draw two of your favorite villain designs, but you can’t decide what so you default to angry unexpected cuddles. Speaking of unexpected, because of the new fabulous brushes, this only took roughly 5 hours to illustrate. It was very therapeutic and enjoyable. Character styles were heavily referenced from their respective movies. Lady Tremaine / Maleficent ⓒ Disney!


A compilation of character eggs for Swing into Spring by ED92 on twitter.

Individual sources:
Mickey & Minnie
Chip & Dale, Donald & Daisy and Pluto
Buzz Lightyear