America Chavez gets a Beyoncé-inspired cover

  • America Chavez is the queer Latina superhero the world sorely needs.
  • And now she has her own series and the cover of issue 2 is a tribute to Beyoncé from comic book artist Joe Quinones
  • Gabby Rivera, the writer behind the new comic, shared the new image on Instagram on Tuesday. 
  • Rivera is tasked with bringing to life Chavez, one of the break out characters of a 2013 superhero team called the Young Avengers. Read more

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I’ve payed homage to the 7 Image Comics founders with a series of sketches. 

Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood

Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon

Jim Valentino’s ShadowHawk

Marc Silvestri’s Cyberforce

Whilce Portacio’s WetWorks


We can’t ever forget about Sylvia and Marsha.

When we talk about The Stonewall Uprising (aka The Stonewall Riots) many of us clamor to stake our claim on who started it all. Why bother? Prejudice started that uprising. In response, our community rose up and fought back against what was, until that night, an unstoppable force. People were beaten, glass broken, doors shattered, and to this day we are still fighting.

Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson  were described as “saints” by the people who knew them. Both struggled with homelessness, abuse, mental breakdowns, powerlessness, and exclusion.

To this day many disregard their role in history. Regardless, both worked tirelessly to improve the lives around them - whether it was housing homeless Trans youth, or simply cheering up friends in need.

We all struggle with things, especially now that events have taken, what looks like, turns for the worse.

But we don’t give up. We don’t retreat. We push forward.

There’s so much going on this month, this Pride. A lot to cry over, be thankful for, and celebrate. But this one is for you, ladies. <3

This is an illustration I did for Patrick Ballesteros’ “Sweethearts, BFFs, and Bromances” show at The Perky Nerd in Burbank, CA.

It is my tribute to one of comics’ favorite duos brought to movie life- Rocket Raccoon and Groot! I’ve always liked their polar opposite personalities, and I really want to capture the 80’s-90’s charm of the Guardians of the Galaxy. My thought was, “what could be better than the cheesy photo shoot backdrops?” Nothing, obviously! Hope you all enjoy this!

If it gets a good response, I’ll set aside time to celebrate the soon-to-be new freakin’ Guardians in a similar fashion!

If you want to follow more of my work (sketches, etc.), look for the links to my social media (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.)

I was able to make the 14th day of Genoary Challenge: -Geno at UVS studio- What does Geno do while he waits for his part to come in Underverse?

Maybe he’s reading the script, also this is my first attempt making a traditional animation, this is almost a practise because I’m thinking on make a traditional animated scene when Geno appears, as a tribute to the original comic Aftertale.
This Is not as the perfect and unique CQ’s style, but I have time at least for improving the animation :)

Geno by @loverofpiggies
Genoary Challenge by @shinydiamondblog

#SaveWOY Recs

@ao3org ’s International Fanworks Day might be over, but #IFDFest continues!

For this rec post, I’ll be deviating from my usual fanfiction recs to instead recommend the entire SaveWOY movement and other Wander Over Yonder fan projects.

It’s amazing all the hard work, time, and dedication people across the board have put into getting Wander Over Yonder a third season and keeping fans hopes up as the months since its cancellation drag out. So without further ado:

@peepsqueak has been absolutely dedicated to saving WOY:

There’s no way for me to know just how much she’s done for the fandom and the movement, but I’m so grateful she’s put all this together, stuck to it for so long, and given fans the chance to #SaveWOY.

@savewoy is one of the main hubs for information on the movement, and all the mods (including Peepsqueak) have done so much to make it work and keep everyone updated and involved, and is the original source of Operation Fanboom.

@woyseason3 is another really great information hub that keeps fans’ posts circulating and on @disneyxd ‘s radar.

@savewoygiftexchange and the mods there are constantly organizing monthly gift exchanges for fans. They’ve done it for four very successful exchanges already, and I hope are able to for months to come. Also, they reblog all the gifts so take a gander through the archives. Here some gifts made for me:

@dontgetusedtoit put together the wonderful #WOYtober prompt list that I had so much fun doing and produced some really amazing works from such talented people. WOYtober was a great event all around, and here are some of my favorite pieces:

And here are still more projects, old and new, complete and ongoing, SaveWOY and just for fun, by other fans throughout Tumblr: @woyvillainleaderboard@woyprompts@thewoychallenge (though currently defunct, I really enjoyed when I was able to contribute to them), @sargentnicole ‘s WOY OC Week that I got half-way through but still want to complete, the #saveWOY Sunday and #season 3 Saturday tags, @zzyzxresorts zine for the crew of WOY, the @galacticbuddies MAP tribute, the @disarmedwander comic, the WOY Ao3 page (ofc), and others.

Fans are pouring their hearts into Wander Over Yonder, a show near and dear to so many of us, and I absolutely and without reservation recommend every fan’s contribution to this fandom. Big or small, complex or simple, art, writing, memes, whatever you post, you are keeping WOY alive. So for anyone reading this: recommend a story, a project, a WOY blog you love, or anyone in this fandom who you think deserves some recognition. Without fans, there wouldn’t be a fandom, and there wouldn’t be #SaveWOY.

Oh, and last but not least: thank you, @crackmccraigen , for creating Wander Over Yonder, and everyone who worked to bring us this wonderful show.