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[[Battlefield Cross]]
I took this picture at the Vietnam Traveling Wall which is on display at Gateway Park in El Mirage today. The little girl in the background just happened to walk into my picture, the moment I snapped it and it couldn’t be any better of a moment. The look on her face, tells it all. Soldiers goes off to war and one way or another, they always come home; either to be greeted by their love ones or in a box carried by their love ones. Either way they lost something, their lives, their sanity, their marriage, their home; they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for us, this country and the flag; it’s reason such as this the reason why I stand during the National Anthem. But this little girl, I don’t know who she is, but does she know what she’s looking at and what it all means, the sacrifice made for her? We can only imagine.


And we both hope there’s something
But we bo-both keep fronting
And it’s a closed discussion
And I’m thinking “damn, if these walls could talk


My shrine… er… wall art tribute to the absolutely gorgeous Sherlock and Johnlock art by the beautifully talented @anotherwellkeptsecret. The waterfall kiss from The Abominable Bride came today, so I rearranged the art a bit so it all fit together.

The first art I bought was the poster for A Finger Slip, then the Valentine’s Day art print, then the tarmac kiss (in the largest size), and finally the waterfall kiss (also in the largest size). Everything Kelley creates is beautiful and awe-inspiring. If you’re a fan of Sherlock, a member of TJLC, and appreciate talented artists, then you should definitely follow Kelley! Not only is she a talented artist, but she is also a wonderful human being and she is so kind and bubbly and she just lights up my dash with her happiness and positive attitude.

Thank you for sharing your talent and art with us, Kelley. You really are a beautiful ray of sunshine and I appreciate everything you do.

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Little Animation tribute to Yuriy Norshteyn in "Over the garden wall"?

All week I have been hooked on the awesome new show “Over the garden wall" 

The show is so wonderfull I wish It could continue forever.

But one of my fave things is what I think might be a little reference to moviehedgehog in the fog by one of my favourite animators ever Yuri Norshteyn in the first few minute of the show.

We have this pan to a tree in OTGW

Wich is almost exactly similar to a scene in ”hedgehog in the fog

Notice how the branches,especially on the right, are pretty much the same!

Maybe its just me but how the two tree turn on different levels and the fact that In both movie the characters are lost in a deep fog just make me want to believe it.:)

SO here have my little fangirling and If you are ever interested in good animation (and old spot-motion/ cut out painting animation) go check out both of the movies and show.:D

A Tribute To The Wall

Rewatching Justice League and JL:Unlimited only reminded me how much I fucking LOVED Dr. Amanda “The Wall” Waller and how absolutely disgusted I am with her Nu52 “makeover”.

I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of her until the Batman/Superman: Public Enemies comic book arc a few years back and even then it was a rather brief stint as Luthor’s Vice President (bad enough as that was) but didn’t fall in love with her until the cartoons. 

Many comic books fans will tell you that DC comics, in the last few years, have made several idiotic missteps in the way they tell their stories and how they run their company and I am sadly inclined to agree. Ok, I lie, I’m not that sad to agree. From lack of female creators to a reboot meant to target a new audience and failing to do so (mostly because they LITERALLY weren’t trying to reach outside the 18-35 male demographic THAT THEY ALREADY HAD), to seriously ruin several of their well-known and beloved characters.

Amanda Waller was one of them.

Many will tell you their reason for hating the new Amanda is because they hate the Nu52 in general. Many will say it’s because they made her far dumber than she should be (getting easily captured by Harley Quinn, having a psychopath fall in love with her, etc.). Many more will tell you it’s because of her redesign and frankly, I am in that latter camp. 

Amanda Waller being a larger woman who was taken seriously because she didn’t take anybody’s shit spoke VOLUMES to me as a large person. Spoke volumes to POC readers as well because The Wall was a large, black woman who didn’t conform to the sassy best friend or mega-“ghetto”-bitch stereotypes. Nobody was stupid enough to make a fat joke at her expense, and even if you did she wouldn’t let it slide without making sure you regretted it. She was smart, she was cunning, she was tough, she was stubborn, and best of all she went face-to-face with Batman himself and made him BLINK. How many non-powered civilian characters can make that claim and not turn out to be a super-villain with plans of world domination or what the fuck ever? She was no girl scout and by God did she stand out. You may not want to admit it but it had EVERYTHING due to her size because it sure as Hell helped her live up to the nickname. She was a tree trunk of a woman among sticks and she wasn’t afraid to assert it when needed.

Of course, the Nu52 changed all that by making her as bland and conforming as possible by redesigning her to look like a young supermodel instead. Because, you know, we don’t have enough thin/slim-bodied representations in comics already OH NO WAIT NO WOMAN IS ALLOWED TO BE BIGGER THAN A SIZE 6 IN SUPERHERO COMICS IS SHE AND WHAT FEW THERE ARE AREN’T AROUND MUCH.

They tore down The Wall and built a Chain-Link Fence instead.

Amanda Waller © DC 


RivaMika Week 2.0 ||Day 7 - Fandom Crossover []

Attack on Hunger Games: They are the tributes sent outside the walls and fight the titans to death. Only this time, the titans will bow down to them as they will be the victors.


What I love about Bones and what makes it so unusual in the television world is the fact that nothing is static in the Bones world.

Interns become doctors and are allowed to come back and work with Brennan. Dr. Edison although a doctor, worked with Brennan as an intern to improve his education and became the head of his own department.

Two of our cast members had babies and the show didn’t try to hide that fact. They wrote it into the show. There has been four pregnancies on the show and the children are occasionally seen on the show. One of these children was given a riveting role last Thursday and we felt the fear we would feel for someone we actually know.

We’ve seen relationships grow and we’ve seen them die and we’ve seen them grow again and really that does happen in real life because love is strong and sometimes it finds a way.

We’ve seen characters die, but that wasn’t the end of their roles. They are mentioned once in a while and Vincent Nigel Murray actually has a tribute plaque on the wall in the Lab to honor him.

Booth has a gambling addiction and we’ve seen the repercussions of that. They used a few episodes to cover the ramifications of his fall. They didn’t just pay token lip service to something that is quite serious.

Hodgins has been seriously hurt and they haven’t waved a magic wand to make him walk again.

This show is as real as a television show can be. It has all the emotions you will find in real life. We don’t see the producers giving us a wink and a nod. They take their story lines seriously.

I’m really going to miss this show when It’s done.