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The Biggest Lie
The Biggest Lie

The Biggest Lie | Felt

Now the problem with the world, the lack of respect
For our earth, for our children, for the future we neglect
For the morals, for the values, for the god that we select
Millions die everyday without a cause to effect

The problem with the revolution, its never gonna happen
Through these marches, through this music, through these motherfuckers rappin

Through these communists, these socialists, or any other faction
Armchair activists, all talk, no action

The problem with sex is self-respect, calibration

The orgasm services your validation
And the problem with love, is that it lives in a book now
The problem with drugs is that their too fucking good now
The problem with logic is there’s too many loopholes
And the problem with truth is that its usually brutal
The problem is I can’t trust most of what I see
So fuck it all the problems of life must be me