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My belated Tribute to my absolutly favorite character TROY OTTO!

 It’s not a sad video, I wanted to show Troy’s badass side! :P

I hope you enjoy it! 

Please share it if you do. Not because it’s my video but because everyone should know how much me like and miss Troy Otto!
Secrets of Season 5 Revealed: Here are just some of the secrets from last season revealed through the extra scenes and commentaries.
A Few Quick Notes:

“We get more insight into those at Grady Memorial Hospital, including a ride between police officers Bob Lamson and Amanda Shepherd as well as a scene in which Dawn has to decide what to do with an elderly patient at the hospital who refuses to be treated for a broken hip. Beth finally persuades Dawn to help the man instead of cutting him off … or worse.”

● There are 7 commentary tracks, including No Sanctuary, Self Help, Them, Remember, and Conquer. Hopefully there will be one for Slabtown, or Coda, or both.

“For the scene in “Them” in which Reedus burns himself with a cigarette, the script originally called for the character to cut himself with a knife instead, but the actor worried that would make it look like the tears that followed were because he was crying due to physical, as opposed to emotional, pain. He convinced the producers to change it. (Reedus also got into the mood for the scene by listening to Mazzy Star. Or J Mascics. One of the two. He can’t remember.)”

(a.k.a. further proof that the actors’ input is important to TPTB, and they do have some say when it comes to their characters. Like when they both reject the idea of a romantic pairing because they feel it’s more of a sibling thing. Just sayin’.)

“Look closely in the “Remember” episode, as Nicotero worked in a tribute zombie to Nick Frost’s character from Shaun of the Dead. The zombie is wearing the same “I got wood” T-shirt Nick wore in the film. Also, the shot where Aaron puts a machete in a walker’s head at the booby-trapped food depot in the finale is an homage to a similar shot from the original Dawn of the Dead.”

(a.k.a. still further proof that the little details matter and TPTB love their Easter eggs).


Glenn’s Song’ - motioncitysoundtrack

In which the band serenades steveyeun with a tribute to his Walking Dead character Glenn Rhee.

Sketch 22: Dale and a wobbly RV

Darren and I started watching The Walking Dead for the first time recently - naturally we think it’s incredibly gripping and are eating through our new Blu Ray boxset with gusto! Last night, the wise and good Dale Horvath had *that* encounter with a walker and we were very upset. He was Darren’s particular favourite so he asked me to do a character tribute :)



Contains footage from season 5, so spoilerwarning for those who haven’t seen it yet. SORRY FOR THIS LONG WAIT FOR A NEW caryl-vid, but this took forever for me to make so i’m thanking you all for the patience (: this video is a tribute to them and their little infinity. *sigh* :3

fandom: The Walking Dead
characters: Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, Rick Grimes, Beth Greene etc.
coloring: mine
song: “Saturn” by Sleeping At Last
clips: The Walking Dead season 1-5
youtube: angelwithnightmares