tribute to bob marley

i think the thing i love about ezra koenig is that part of him is really intellectual and smart like how he is really good at writing meaningful song lyrics and giving good interview answers, then the other part of him writes raps about pizza and makes tributes to bob marley and marley and me and i think thats inspiring 


Bob Marley Tribute at The Grammy’s 2013

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“Alright, right now in this next song… You’re gonna love it! You know Bob took the words of the Most High: JAH RASTAFARI!!! Yeah man! Moving all around the world from nation to nation. To set this music right and to singing it tonight, brothers and sisters, no other than Darius Rucker. Let’s hit it!”

- Rita Marley introducing “War”

The Marleys and Me

Julian ah de singer, Ziggy de musician and Stephen the mastermind,

Ky-mani de actor and Damian ah one of a kind

But a Bob ah de trailblazer, the waymaker, the creator from a tallertime

The architect with the vision, the skill, the talent and intellect

To start a dynasty the world has never seen and an unmatched legacy heleft

Come’en like a mussi dis Martin Luther King did a dream in retrospect

Carrying on their father’s work, bringing much acclaim to the name

Making his lifetime works win Grammys and enter the musical halls of fame

Their music can be so powerful yet edifying like dem want turn me inna rasta

Lyrics dem shot out of this world badda than the Italian mafia

Like how Junior Gong ah de face and the voice of the Marleys we called him the protagonist

But big up Stephen the real unsung instrumentalist and genius perfectionist

Bob was truly blessed with him quiver of full of children like the tribe Judah, that’s quite a long list

To produce a family of Musical activists, professional lyricists and melodical guitarists

Until it’s that hard for the world to do anything else but remember this


no more trouble-erykah badu-tribute bob marley