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Florida Memorial University honors Trayvon Martin with a posthumous pilot’s degree

  • Trayvon Martin once dreamed of becoming a pilot.
  • Florida Memorial University, a historically black college in Miami Gardens, Florida, where Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, received her bachelor’s in English, intends to make that deferred dream a reality. 
  • The university’s aviation school will posthumously confer Trayvon with a pilot’s degree during its commencement exercises on May 13, the college’s president announced.
  • “Of special significance is awarding posthumously the Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation to Trayvon Martin,” Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, president of Florida Memorial University, said in a press release posted to Facebook on Wednesday. “Sybrina, our alum, epitomizes strength and dignity as she uplifts other victims of violence while effecting change for a more equal and just society.” Read more (5/5/17 11:20 AM)

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Adam West (R.I.P 1928-2017)
The legendary man known for playing superheroes like The Fearless Ferret, Catman, Captain Super Captain, and the most iconic hero, Batman (‘66) has passed away at 88.

This guy was one of my favorite actors. He made me laugh many times for playing delusional superhero/ TV actors, showed great drama when playing a serious ‘batman’ character, and was the weirdest mayor in history!

The superhero world will feel a little bit empty without him, and he will never be forgotten by any of us. Rest in Peace and fight on, West. 🙍🙇🌃

“137 years later, Memorial Day remains one of America’s most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed- it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy.” - Doc Hastings

Tribute for Memorial Day 2017 on May 29! When you think of Memorial Day, most people tend to think of the World Wars and the conflicts of today. While all of these events are important and should always be remembered on this solemn day, I feel as if the most forgotten fallen veterans and heroes for our country are those very first heroes who were willing to take up arms to defend their families and their rights against Great Britain, almost 240 years ago. Alas, their graves are rarely visited to this day. Please remember to keep in mind, heart, and prayers all of the heroes who fought and died in the service of their countrymen!


(Top) Someday I’ll See You Again by winterheath
(Bottom) Daddy by Lilak-rain (both from deviantart)

I’ve never seen this version of TMNT, but I just heard last week that in their most recent episodes, Master Splinter was killed off from the show and probably the franchise. How could they do that!? He was an important part of the series! That’s like killing off Optimus Prime (which they’re slowly doing)!

Anyway, I wanted to make a tribute post to Splinter. He was an iconic mentor, Master, and father, and he will be missed by every generation of Turtle fans.
(R.I.P 1985-2017)


Eleanor Guthrie Memorial Week; Sunday - Memorial/Tribute/Free Choice

“I see her as a survivor. In many ways, she does exactly what all other characters on the show do. And quite often she does things that –if she were male– she would be lauded for. So, for me, it’s so refreshing to play a female character that does not have to be likeable. Why does she need to be likeable? Nobody else on this show does. She has to survive. And so she does the things that ensure her survival.”  — Hannah New

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!! I drew this as a tribute to Carrie since she is our Universal Space Mom! And will forever be in our hearts as one…and also as a gift for my own mom who is big Leia fan!! I thought I would share this with my fellow shippers a lot of whom are mother’s and for everyone’s mother….pass on the love!!
Source : Drawdoo ( I drew the Leia outline from there), followed by watercolor and my first ever foray in Procreate. I am not an artist certainly not a digital one but I had to do this because Mother’s are a blessing to be celebrated!


The Sorority

The Corner Witches were not the only magical practitioners on campus.  Located in a vine-covered building on the east side of campus, was one of the Greek Life organizations, ΤΜΠ.  One of the sororities.  Everyone knew, but didn’t talk, about the mysterious sorority with the lovely girls with silver hair who always looked like they had just gotten out of the pool and who threw parties that no one (or no one human) ever went to.  But the members of ΤΜΠ were… different. 

Founded in the early 1900s, as a women’s organization, ΤΜΠ expanded to include people of all genders in the late 1970s, making it the only Greek organization on campus that allowed people of any gender to join.  That being said, no one really knew how people were invited to ΤΜΠ, other than the fact that it happened at the end of your freshman year.  It was whispered, among the people who befriended the sisters (all members, regardless of gender identification or lack thereof, called themselves “sisters” to honor the history of the organization), that people received invitations if they were said to have… unique gifts.  English majors who could paint vivid stories with their words that seemed so real that you could picture what they were saying in your mind’s eye, like you were viewing a movie.  Musicians who could quiet the crows with a strum of their instruments or with a couple of hummed lyrics.  Artists whose art looked like it could almost leap off the page.  Sisters often graduated to be well-known artists, musicians, or writers; one of the lead dancers for the New York ballet is a proud ΤΜΠ alum.

The members where quite popular with the Gentry, because of these gifts.  While many got taken, almost as many came back, often carrying strange items or precious gems in exchange for their art of choice.  The House Mother, it is said, had been Taken eight times total: three times as a student, and five times once she became the official house supervisor after she graduated.  It was rumored that the reason why she kept getting Taken, and coming back, was because certain members of both Courts loved to watch her dance.  Numbers have power, and everyone wonders what will happen if she gets taken a ninth time.

For the most part, the sisters of ΤΜΠ were as normal as any student could be, at Elsewhere University.  They went to their classes, observed the rules and traditions, and interacted with the other students on campus.  But on certain nights, on full or new moons, you could see the sisters lining boundaries of the house with thick lines of salt and placing iron charms, sung into shape by a metallurgy major who graduated back in the 1950s, on the windows and doors.  What happens on those nights no one outside the sorority knows.  Likewise, no one knows how the salt lines and iron charms are taken down almost instantaneously as the sun would rise after those nights.  No one bothers to ask.  It’s safer that way.

As “normal” as the ΤΜΠ sisters could be, it was universally recognized, but not openly acknowledged, that if you needed help with something, ranging from inspiration for a project to needing a tea blend to help with your headaches to crafting a new iron/silver charm because for some reason yours keeps disappearing, you ask a ΤΜΠ.  It would involve a trade of some sort; trades and deals, after all, are the lifeblood of EU.  The sisters tended to be very fair in making deals though, unlike their more preternatural counterparts.  Sometimes they would do something for free, just because.  (Laila, one of the seniors, was particularly fond of just handing out pieces of salt-infused iron jewelry to people, because “I have a feeling that you’ll need it.” – Getting one of their pieces was generally considered to be a mixed omen, because if you were getting something, you probably were going to be in trouble, but people who carried Laila’s jewelry tended to end up alright.  No one wanted to know how or why Laila knew that someone would need their jewelry.  They just did.)  Most times, they would request something simple in return, like a tutoring lesson in math, or even just a cup or two of tea.  For more serious things, they would ask for more important things—your favorite flower, or a necklace that had meaning to you.  Simply because they were human and less whimsical in nature than the Fair Ones didn’t mean that they couldn’t exact a heavy toll for more intense favors – ten years ago, a student known by the moniker “Robin” had to pay for a serious favor by giving up her voice for a month; from what is understood by people who keep in touch with alumni, Robin will still occasionally fall silent on full moons, and not be able to speak until sunrise.  

Ultimately, having a friend who was a ΤΜΠ sister was a pretty fortuitous.  The sisters tended to be ridiculously lucky, perhaps ironically, considering their motto, “Τύχῃ μὴ πίστευε” (“Do not trust fortune”).  Moreover, people who befriended ΤΜΠ sisters tended to not only get random gifts but were almost guaranteed to come back from the Other Reals if taken, usually because the sister would disappear for a day or two after they did, and then come back with the friend in tow.

If push came to shove and you were in a jam, you really wanted a ΤΜΠ sister in your corner.


Wow, this is the first bit of creative writing that I’ve done in months.  It probably shows, tbh.  Most of my writing these days is legal or academic, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for fun and creativity.  

I got inspiration for ΤΜΠ from my own sorority, as we were a co-ed, non-traditional sorority, where all of our members, regardless of gender, would call ourselves “sister.”  Obviously, there’s a supernatural element to this that my sorority doesn’t have (or does it…?), but this was a fun little tribute to the fun memories that I have with my sisters.


the dispersed choral themes throughout come from away are so good

  • WHADDU WE NEED the men singing low and gruff and beautiful
  • in the winter from the water through the wiiiind everyone chiming in and singing over one another
  • WHEREVER WE ARE bc even though there’s a note of incredulity and novelty, they’re all bewildered and confused and bored
  • TO BE A NEWFOUNDLANDER upbeat and welcoming and sweet like the musical
  • 28 hours, over an entire day. there was one aisle in the middle, everyone knew every inch of that plane. it’s rlly soft and gentle in the background but its repetition betrays how they feel - increasingly bored, manic, desperate for answers/something to do
  • WELCOME TO THE WELCOME TO THE ROCK huge and beautiful and the rEPRISE
  • onnnne plane then another, aaaaand then another, building as more planes arrive
  • you are heeeere, at the start of a momenta memorial and a tribute, also an introduction and a conclusion
  • OPEN THE AIRPLANE DOORS crazy catchy, jumpy bc “we’re going insane” and followed by increasing FREAKING THE FUCK OUT symptoms
    (on a side note the little claps alongside kevin’s “freaking the fuck out” are rlly funny bc he’s probably literally clapping in the poor woman’s face)

Imagine Scorpius discovering Muggle plays, and getting obsessed with Shakespeare. 


 Albus: Are you reading that stupid play again? 

Scorpius: *clutching his heart in a dramatic way* It’s romantic, Albus. 

Albus: She just stabbed herself because he’s dead… Would you stab yourself if I died? 

Scorpius: …No offence but maybe not. I’d try to pay tribute to your memory or something. 

Albus: *tuts* But how do I know you truly love me if you wouldn’t kill yourself at my tragic demise? 

Scorpius: *hits him in the face with a pillow* If you’re not going to be nice you should leave me alone with my cultured literature and go and do your Transfiguration homework. 

 Albus: *snorts as he leaves Scorpius to it* Cultured literature. 

Scorpius: *throws the pillow at the back of his head*