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We are pleased to invite you to participate in the ZeLink Week, also hosted in spanish. The main point is to spread the love of our favorite pairing, all kind of works are allowed. 

  • Date: October 23th - 29th.
  • Extra days: Octuber 30, 31 and November 1st .

You are free to draw all ZeLinK incarnations, OoT, SS, TP, BOTW, etc… All of them! as longs as It´s Link and Princess Zelda: HyLink, TeLink, Link x Sheik

Use the Tag ◊  #zelink 2017 ◊ so we can see your work, and share!

♦◊♦ PROMPTS ♦◊♦

  1. ◊♦ Awakening
  2. ◊♦ Daily life
  3. ◊♦ Perfume
  4. ◊♦ Dark Side
  5. ◊♦ Pain
  6. ◊♦ Make out
  7. ◊♦ Dreams

♦♥♦ EXTRA DAYS ♦♥♦

  • ♥♦ First Time
  • ♥♦ Costumes
  • ♥♦ Tribute to the fallen hero // Día de los Muertos

Even though for the extra days we have prompts, those are just recommendations. If you have any other idea, let your Imagination flow! ♪

Also, keep in mind that:

  • If a prompt doesn’t inspire you enough, you can use your own ideas and combine them. If you want to participate just one day, that’s totally fine. 
  • Mature content, smut, lemon, erotic art is allowed, but remember to tag properly!

And of course, don´t forget that the most important thing is to have fun, and enjoy the loveliness of ZeLink!  ♥♪

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Got quite a few requests for sketches last week, and what can I say: it was sooo hilarious to work on this sketch dump :D Some things I’d never imagined myself and so probably wouldn’t have drawn, so this was quite refreshing to test out some new stuff!

Still got a lot of stuff on my list to do for the next sketch dump - but if you got any ideas, feel free to share it ;)


Leonard Nimoy, the actor immortalized as Spock in the original Star Trek TV series, died Feb. 27 at age 83. His son, Adam Nimoy, told the Associated Press that the elder Nimoy had died in his Los Angeles home, surrounded by his family; the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Although he was best known for the pointed ears and arched brows he wore as the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock in the TV show and Star Trek films, he also wore a variety of make-ups in other programs, particularly Mission: Impossible. We asked artists and performers to share their thoughts on the man and his make-up.

Joel Harlow

I met Leonard on the 2009 Star Trek: He was a gentle, kind man and a consummate professional. Like I’ve said many times, even if you don’t know Star Trek, people know Spock. To make Leonard up as Spock was truly an honor—it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

He was a professional and a perfectionist. He’s lived with those ears his whole life, so he knew how they should be. I did the ears six different times; we did tests and we had fun doing them. At the end, he paid me probably the biggest compliment of my life: He said these were the best ears he’d ever had.

It’s a sad day, especially since we’re working on the third installment of the Star Trek reboot. I pulled everyone together in the shop and we had a moment of silence for him. We wish him a good voyage.

Craig Reardon

I remember being excited and pleased to see a nice photo collage published in TV Guide magazine back during the show’s original run, showing Nimoy being made up as Spock. Not as many photos as I might have preferred, but at least three, I’d say. Fred Phillips was doing it, of course. Nimoy had consented to shave off half his eyebrows for that, and I believe the upward ends were penciled in, though I’m not certain.

Fred was of another generation: his dad was one of the founders of the make-up union, and Fred worked in silents as a kid. I got to talk with him, or basically listen to him talk, for well over an hour, years ago. … What I love about that generation is that they’d show up with the ubiquitous hardwood box and manage to pull out of it just about any kind of make-up required by any kind of script. By the time the ’60s rolled around, there was a gradually increasing call for prosthetic reinforcement, though Fred was adept at using painted effects. Some of his efforts in this regard have been criticized, even ridiculed. I don’t think that’s always fair. In fact, I think if many of today’s make-up artists were similarly limited to only graying hair with cosmetics and face painting for age, they’d immediately realize that it ain’t so easy.  But there were also what I call theatrical conventions for depicting age which were acceptable even by the ’60s.

… What I love about Spock between the lines, as it were, is that older world of make-up it evokes, as a single job. For instance, the base color was Max Factor’s Chinese! Actually a quite yellow ochre. And if you were going to try to recreate a classic Mr. Spock, the indispensable element of his totally non-realistic eye shadow was good old Factor Blue Grey, one of Factor’s limited range of lining colors, as they were called, which came in little brass-colored tins. … The old Factor lining colors were somewhat stiff and waxy, hard to get going at times, but they lasted well.

… I did see the actual, original dental stone mold for Nimoy’s ears, over at Fox when John Chambers generously and kindly invited me, as a 14-year-old kid, to come visit there in September 1967. It was very simply labeled in black marker, “Nemoy [sic] Ears.” Imagine that! That’d be a prize mold, if anyone has it today. (And if it survives.)

Steve Buscaino

It was great working on the first film with him and making his ears. What’s more iconic than those ears? I was proud that he made a comment to Joel that those were his best ears. I thought it was interesting, too, doing that make-up and thinking about Fred Phillips doing the original ears and John Chambers making the molds. [Doing the ears] was a great homage to heroes, John Chambers and Fred Phillips—I felt like I was stepping into their shoes a little bit. Fred gave me the original ears years ago.

Daniel Roebuck

Daniel RoebuckHaving grown up a fan of Star Trek, when l learned that I would be on Next Generation, I was so excited. Then to find out [that] in the episodes I would be standing next to Leonard Nimoy as Spock, I was euphoric. Mr. Nimoy was one of the greatest character actors our industry has ever borne. To lay claim to the creation of an American—albeit Vulcan—icon is something an actor couldn’t even dare to dream possible. His passing simply reminds us that television will never be the same again.Michael KeyIt feels strange to not have Leonard Nimoy with us. I’ve been watching him all my life. Star Trek was my favorite TV show in the ’60s when it first aired. When I was a teenager working in a convenience store, I sold Leonard a pack of cigarettes. He had a cool, confident vibe about him that day. Nimoy was our executive producer on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. I remember him on that film as having a quietly commanding presence, with nothing to prove. There was a naughty story being told then about Kim Cattrall, who played Valeris. Supposedly, she was so taken with her Vulcan make-up, she hired a photographer to shoot nude photos of her. As the story goes, Leonard caught wind of it and sent word to Kim to be in his office in one hour with the photographer and the negatives. I can’t say for certain that it happened but it’s a great tale. Leonard occasionally was involved in the Star Trek television shows in the ’90s. It was always special when we had Spock on the set. An important part of Star Trek has passed with him.Nimoy Make-ups Over Time

In Memoriam: Barbara Cook

Barbara Cook (1927-2017)

This one hurts, and it’s why I’m taking a moment to post a tribute on a costume blog. I logged on this morning to find out the sad news that Barbara Cook, one of the greatest lyric sopranos of the 20th century, had passed away at the age of 89. As I have blogged out before, my grandmother introduced me to Broadway, and one of the ways she did was with her beloved cast albums from The Music Man and Candide. I remember being captivated by Barbara Cook’s voice, and I credit it in many ways with sparking the first inklings of my Broadway interest.

Ms Cook was someone who struggled with many challenges in her life, including mental illness (depression) and addiction, but overcame these challenges to become and remain one of Broadway’s greatest and most talented singers. A multi-time Tony nominee and one-time Tony Award winner (for 1958′s The Music Man), she became best known to younger generations of theatre-goers as the defining interpreter of Stephen Sondheim’s compositions for the female voice. Her voice was one of the few which did not deteriorate with age, and in 2006, she was the first non-operatic female singer to be featured by New York’s prestigious Metropolitan Opera. In 2011, and in recognition of her numerous contributions to musical theatre and American music generally, she was the recipient of a Kennedy Center Honor, one of the United States’ most prestigious artistic awards.

I hope that Ms Cook rests in peace, and I thank her for sharing her voice and her talent with us her entire life. I know I will listen to her recordings and cherish them with fondness. If I had house lights to dim, they’d be dimmed tonight.

your colorguard photos brought back great memories! i was in drumline when i still lived on the west coast and it was probably the source of the best times of my life. one year my director decided our theme for the season was Funky Tunes TM, and so he wrote a mashup of all his favorite oldies and we kept building on it as the competitions progressed. 

well, we wanted to make a splash at the second to last show, the one right before championships, so we brainstormed, and someone came up with the brilliant idea to conceal a simplified tribute to Prince’s famous costume, the one with a big white jabot collar and a purple coat, under our normal “tuxedo” uniforms. we spent three days practicing tearing off the black tops without messing up the music. it got down to the wire, man, the director almost decided we weren’t gonna do it, but we managed it eventually.

and. when we actually did it in competition. holy shit, man. the crowd lost their goddamn MINDS. (we won every show that year it was amazing)

anonymous asked:

AU where young Dean and Cas are both strangers to each other and at a a wrestling match that features Gunnar Lawless. Dean really wants to get Gunnar's glove before the match, but Gunnar ends up giving it to Cas instead. After the match is over, Dean tries to buy the glove off of Cas with his allowance and Cas says he'll trade the glove for a kiss.

A/N: Again I had this posted on Ao3 months ago but forgot to post in here somehow. I’m so sorry nonnie! I hope you like it x

Kiss With A Fist

Dean was beyond excited. Not only had he and his father successfully taken care of a ravenous werewolf, but his favourite wrestler Gunner Lawless had a match in town that night and John had promised Dean that they could go as a reward for how well he had been doing with his hunters training. 

Dean had hidden himself between the beds in the abandoned house they were currently squatting in so that he could secretly admire his signed poster of Lawless; they did not have the privilege of owning many precious items, but that poster was certainly one of Dean’s. 

“I’m going to get one of those gloves” he said determinedly as he traced his finger across the image. 

He knew that Gunner often gave one of his fans an item of his wrestling gear before the match to symbolise his reciprocated admiration. That was one of the many things Dean liked about him; he could kick ass but he was kind too.

When he heard the heavy footsteps of his father coming up the stairs Dean quickly rolled up the poster and stuffed it back into his duffle.


“In here, dad” Dean called as he stood up and tried not to look suspicious. 

“I just heard a report on the radio about another attack. It seems that that werewolf had a missus” John informed him.

Dean’s heart sank. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow?“ 

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animefanchick  asked:

Hello lovely I'm back! Can I please request momo, Mina, and ochako who has a fem s/o (if that's okay) that knows how to belly dance. Like the s/o gets volunteered to perform for intermission at the sports festival including a costume and intergrading their quirks to show off to the pro heroes. Thank you again and you and your blog deserve so much love <3

Homie this is adorable and I love it


Yaoyorozu Momo 

-she would be so proud

-would 1000% want to help her gal pal

-and need to learn how she makes those moves happen

-like genius year of the rooster icon can’t wrap her brain around it 

-if her s/o wants to teach her, Momo would so call her sensei in a serious way

-but after it would be flirty, oh so flirty

-would help her s/o plan the dance and get people to join the show

-honestly Momo if gf goals

-would know the best way to accent the quirks of others

-her strategy abilities are off the charts, so I’m sure with her s/o’s help, choreography would be amaze

-i need this to be a thing

Uraraka Ochako 

-would be amazed at her girlfriends skill

-most likely would want to feel her stomach as she does it

-giggles like a noob

-when she hears that her gf was selected to organize the intermission show she gets so excited for her

-and then nervous because of the stress it’d cause her gal pal

-immediately volunteers as tribute

-she helps with costumes and getting other volunteers

-helps her s/o come up with plans for the best ways to showcase quirks

-struggles to learn the dance


-still is in the dance with her s/o, just in a different part

-is such a proud gal pal

Ashido Mina

-this girl hits an octave that President Mic would be proud of when she sees her s/o belly dance

-like a squeal that could stop a war

-she loves it and needs it in her life

-demands that her gf teaches her right this second

-is so cute while trying to learn the dance

-is such a proud little marshmallow when she finally does it

-gives all of the credit to her s/o

-practices all the time and shows off to anyone with eyes

-”my girlfriend taught me this! Isn’t she so cool?”

-when she hears about the intermission performance, she is so excited

-literally runs to her s/o at max speed

-needs to be in the dance with her

-so everyone can see her super cool s/o who is an amazing dancer

-and also her girlfriend

-also a proud gal pal

-would probably incorporate glitter into the routine because why not


Let me know what you think ♥


A great submission from Allison who sent in these images of her cosplaying as #babyfirefly from #houseof1000corpses - extra kudos for scoring a photo with #sidhaig and #billmoseley - LOVE THIS! Who’s your #cosplay for Halloween going to be? I can’t wait to see all your tribute costumes to the characters I have played. Share your #halloweencostumes here:
I want to see these pictures. Just make sure they are your pics and if I like, I’ll share!
#cosplay #sherimoonzombie #fansubmission 

10 costumes for Marvel Future Fight

I’m a pretty big fan of Marvel Future Fight, it’s a fun beat um up with Marvel characters that’s free. I’ve personally never had to spend money but I’ve been playing from day one so I am pretty sure people who haven’t will have to spend money to progress eventually. I want to give an honorable mention Angela’s Queen of Hel Outfits, as of writing this she just has a lot so I don’t know what one I would want to be made into a costume, I imagine the queen one works but we’ll see.

Virginia: Virginia is Visions wife in the new Vision comic and she or either of his kids could make an awesome alternate costume for the not so human hero. The comic is very popular with it’s readers making many people’s favorite book at Marvel. It’s so strange and it be a cool way to promote it.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Wasp: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes ended far too early but the stand out from that show to me was Wasp. Seeing the version from the show get a costume would be best.    

Black Suite Daredevil: I am shocked this one didn’t get added in with  it being the main costume of the Daredevil Netflix show. I think it could raise doge rates or something for the character and I think it’s one of the few costumes that totally need to happen for the character.

Mayday for Spider-Gwen: Mayday Parker will likely never be worth a slot in future fight given she likely will never have her own series or movie again. Still she is the female character with the longest running solo series. So it’s a great idea to take the new hotness and give her a throwback to the coolest Spider-woman of the past.

Mania for Venom: I can’t think of many other cool versions of Venom but it’s never a bad idea to expand the number of female characters in a game so why not give Mania a go in this. She is from the Flash Tompson venom and would never get to be playable given the sort of low level hype this character has. Still she is really bad ass and I think she could work well inside the normal venom moveset but then again I’ve hardly read anything with her in it. 

ANAD Mockingbird: Mockingbird’s new outfit is really cool and with it adding wings it could add a cool extra feature to Mockingbird as well. I mean look at the cool design with her getting her own book finally she should be able to slip into that outfit.

Classic Luke Cage: Classic Luke is just way too Iconic to not be in the game. Plus he doesn’t really have very many other choices given his normal wear is just normal clothing. I really like this costume plus it’s what he wears in that iconic I’m already rock hard baby panel XD. 

Hoggie Jessica Jones: This would be a really funny costume paying tribute to the netflix series. Jessica Like Luke doesn’t really wear any “Iconic” costumes but she did have this funny number and it be a really cool shout out.

Lawyer She Hulk: She Hulk doing law has happened in many series now. She needs a lawyer outfit to bring the law down on this game. It’s a really cool look for her and it will let people who don’t know much about her understand one of the biggest parts of the character.

Loki Agent of Asgard/ Goddess of stories: Okay so this one is hard because I adore Loki and I would love to see every look that the Agent of Asgard Series had for them added into the game. Goddess of stories look though is the coolest one of them all. Awesome genderless costume design that  really pops and marks Loki freeing herself from his fate.