tribute art

the fact that vincent van gogh was deeply sad and yet he still found the courage to paint the most beautiful, richly colored paintings never fails to amaze me. it reminds me that despite the sadness in our hearts and the weight of the world, there is beauty and life too.


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done




I learned that Christine Cavanaugh, the woman who did the voice of Dexter’s Laboratory’s Dexter (among others) passed away a couple of weeks ago.

I felt quite sad because Dexter’s Lab has been one of my favourite cartoons as a kid (I still remember a lot of lines from numerous episodes) and probably the one that helped me a lot to learn english (I’m French and when I was growing up, Cartoon Network used to be only in English, even when broadcasting in France).

So this little comic strip is my humble way to pay a tribute to the woman who made me learn a little and laugh a lot.

Rest in peace, Christine.