On May 30, 2016, the EAC convicted Hissène Habré, Chad’s former president and the only person the EAC tried, of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, torture, rape, and sexual slavery.
—  Zachary D. Kaufman on  International Criminal Justice Day, the creation of the International Criminal Court and its impact and significance on the world. 

Some of my favourite Tribunes of the late Roman Republic: Tiberius Gracchus, Lucius Appuleius Saturninus, Gaius Gacchus, and Clodius Pulcher.

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According to a major story by This American Life, news companies have outsourced local news production to Journatic, a company that hires underpaid workers in the Philippines, and uses fake bylines to create local news for communities in the United States.

You shouldn’t need a world map to find out where your local news is being produced.

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Dear Sam Zell and the Tribune Company:

Don’t sell out local journalism. Stop outsourcing local news and put out-of-work local journalists back on local beats.

September 7, 2011


Today we set out on a mission to clean the trap. 

It didn’t happen.

For those of you who don’t know, the trap is our rehearsal space. Its a small room that 7 of us can barely fit in, and with everyone’s equipment (and random shit) its really fucking crowded.

Lane, JP, and I threw out all the trash that was laying around…but theres still random records, and an extra drum set, and clothing…. I don’t even know. 

Then we drove to the Tribune Tower to do an interview for The Mash which is the teen version of the Chicago Tribune (I think…) Their offices are in the basement of the Tribune Tower and it looks awesome. They have glass flooring/paneling, and out their window is a view of downtown Chicago…wouldn’t mind working there if I had to have a desk job. 

Lane, JP, and I went to Chipotle.

That was our day in a tiny tiny blog update.

I wish Greg’s wrist would get better.