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Illustration by Steph Laberis.

Boat restrictions are ramping up in Florida to protect “the state’s favorite sea mammal.” Warm weather means more boat traffic, which is a potential hazard for the approximately 5,000 manatees starting to migrate to open waters from their hibernation spots in warmer, inland waters. 

Eight hundred and thirty manatees died in Florida last year, according to the state and the Save the Manatee Club. That’s the highest number of manatee deaths recorded since the state started keeping records. Boat-collision injuries caused 72 of those deaths

As the seasonal laws go into effect, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers are out to enforce the restrictions that run until the middle of November. 

“We like to call them manatee protection zones, not speed zones,” commission Capt. Gary Klein told The Tampa Tribune. "They are moving through or starting to occupy those areas for the summer.“

– Lauren (via Keith Morelli/The Tampa Tribune)